Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a STAR!!

hehehehehe.... At least I was treated like one!
Yep, that's me - behind American Craft TV personality Terri O during a shoot for an hour long Making Memories Slice infomercial. Too Fun!

I received a phone call yesterday morning from Kelly Ehrlich - as lovely gal whom I met at outside the show Tuesday Morning. We had a nice chat in which she asked if I would be intersted in being on camera for an informercial spot... ummm... Heeeellllooooo? Let me think about this.... SURE! She took my card and cell number and said she'd call me later that day when she knew more about their schedule. I didn't hear from her Tuesday and thought oh well, I guess she didn't need me -- then, at 8:30 the next morning the phone rang. "We're starting to film in the hour. you still interested?" Absolutely! I was excited!

I showed up at the MM Booth and Roxie (the ever talented make up guru hired for the shoot) sat me in her chair and touched me up! What a fun experience.... and, considering the humidity... I'd love to know her no shine secret .... I digress.

A group of 5 of us were asked to be her "audience" and watch her do a demo. We were just asked to be "reactive" hehehehe... wrong thing to tell me!! :) I really had to tone it down .. my expressiveness that is ;) Talk about fun. Helen (one of the girls I posted about in an earlier blog) was one of the 5 too. What luck! It was great talking to her again -- between takes that is :)

Later that day I was called back (touched up again... hair too :) ) to do a 15 minute one on one on-camera interview for the show. I am sure they'll take bits and pieces from what I said and edit it in appropriately. I did get asked a lot of questions about what I did so Go Scrapping Studio and Retreats got a lot of plugs -- I just hope they don't edit all that out. If hey do, oh well.... I had a blast and would do that again any day!

Kelly said she wanted to stay in touch and that she may have something in mind. I hope so. I'm there if she needs me! ...with bells on! Thanks for the opportunity, Kelly!! I really appreciate it!

Lots and lots more to tell you..... I will blog again soon.
That's a wrap!! :)


Tracey said...

Please tell me you will remember us little people now that you are a star!! ;) Fabulous news Karen! Let us know where can see the video! I'm glad you are having a blast at the show.

Rosanne said...

How fun Karen!can't wait to see your debut!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see it either!! It sounds like you are having a great time!!!

Jo said...

Wow a star and Tim Holtz all in the same week!!! Can't wait to see it.

cottagerca said...

wow, we know a movie star!!! such fun for you