Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello Blog Readers!!
I am sitting in the Ballroom of the Mariott Hotel in Brampton .... and just heard Stacy Julian speak at the OPW Retailer event. How lovely... its been a fabulous day so far. Seen lots of my Go Scrapping Retail Sponsors, met some fabulous other retailers and have had the opportunity to see and play with some new products from lots of great companies!! Gotta Love it.

I really enjoy going to these events. They are an opportunity to rejuvenate and be inspired!! Got lots of ideas to bring to the crops and retreat and the studio too!! Stacy talked, conveniently enough about creativity, inspiration and the like - how timely, huh??

Anyway.. I better go, lots more to see and do. I will post some pictures later.

Happy Creating!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barrie Crop Classes and a work in progress.....

Hello "Go Peeps"!

Just thought I would post a couple of pictures... pictures of the two classes being offered at the Barrie Crop this Saturday!! (Only a few tickets remain.... let us know asap if you would like to join us!!)

Here is the Full View of the Composition Book that I will be doing with 5 lucky ladies at the crop. (yes, the space is limited to 5 people as we will be sharing one pot of Beeswax, sorry ladies... first come, first serve.... )

So, as you might have gathered, we will be using melted Beeswax to "finish" this project... and we will be stamping with foam and acrylic stamps, and using perfect pearls .... fun fun fun. Class fee: $15 ... Here's the book:

and Diana from Scraps of Joy will be offering this beautiful single page layout - The Cost of this class in which you will learn and do some great paper layering and stamping is $12.00

Looking forward to the crop!! Scraps of Joy and In A Pinch Designs will be there selling their product and kits and I will be there with "bells" on hosting this fabulous group of ladies! Can't wait!!

Now...for the Work in Progress......

I am currently doing a little spring tidy and re-organising in the Studio! I can't tell you how satisfying that is!! :)

Anyway, as part of my "spring thing", I am creating new Window Canvases to replace the ones I have had hanging in my windows since I opened last fall. This , as the title suggests, is a work in progress....but.... I thought I would share it with you. So you could "see" my creative "process" to speak :) Here goes nothing :)
I purchased four 18"x24" canvases from my local art store (cause I don't sell these yet :) ) and gave them a good colour wash. (blue and yellow wash to get various shades of green, blue and yellow throughout) Then I wrote - yes, wrote - messages all over them with a black pastel and then gave it a good white wash to "tone it down". love "washing" ... with paint anyway! hehe
After I painted the background... I went online to my favourite stock photo site where a had a few credits to use :) There I downloaded some fabulous silhouettes. I printed them off my computer in pieces as I wanted silhouettes that were bigger then 12" and I didn't have any poster paper here at the time. This worked well though. I cut the silhouette shapes out and now they are ready to use..... Stay tuned for some masking ..... I will post pictures when that is done.
I will be attending a wholesalers Retailer Event Thursday and Friday and will be going to the BARRIE DAY CROP Saturday...of course!! Sorry for any inconvenience this holds. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and again next week. I will blog about the event... I promise :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Sneak Peek

As promised... here are a couple of sneak peeks of my classes that will be offered in Stratford at the Go Scrapping Weekend Retreat May 1-3.

I will be offering a mini album class (an album for your spring garden) using handmade papers, & sticky back canvas embellishments....
And I will also be offering a Beeswax-finished canvas - we will be finishing the canvas and adhering embellishments with melted beeswax... so much fun!!!

I will post full images of these classes when they are announced on April 1!!
As always -- for you ladies who are unable to attend the retreat but would like to take these classes, the classes will be available to take in the studio until May 31, 2009. Please contact me at the studio so we can arrange a time at your leisure... (519 954 6620)

Looking forward to the RETREAT!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Creative Blog Tagging...

Hi everyone... I can't believe how fast March Break is flying by!!!
Thanks to everyone who came into the studio this week. It was fun "playing" with you!! Wow.. I got a lot of creative work done!! Sooooo satisfying!! Watch for Stratford class sneek peaks tomorrow ..... !!! *hint hint*

I do have a creative endevour I need to post.

I was tagged by Rosanne to post the 4th picture in my 4th picture file (fun blog tag, Rosanne) BUT instead of simply posting it here, I wanted to create something with it.

Here is the 4th picture in the 4th picture file on my computer - A picture taken outside the arena at Police Officer Rob Plunkett's funeral (YRPD) My dad and sister knew and worked with Rob and my dad, at the time, was the drum major for the YRPD Pipe Band.
And here is what I did with it :)

A Mixed Media Collage on Chipboard.

Thanks for the tag, Rosanne.
This picture is now hanging at the Studio. Feel free to drop by anytime to take an IRL peek!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waxy Work for the Barrie Crop!

Yep.. I know there are a couple of gals from the Barrie area that have been asking about using wax as a finishing agent on canvas and things... so... I made up a class to teach at the Barrie Crop. I only have room for 5 -- so I hope there's enough. We will be covering a composition book -- using inks, wax, perfect pearls, stamps (foam and acrylic), graphite and wax pencils... its all good!!!

Here's a sneak peek....
I know that Diana from Scraps of Joy will also be offering a class at the crop. I will post that image when I have it.
Should be a FUN DAY!! I am looking forward to it. Tickets are still available at Scraps of Joy or by contacting me directly at the studio or by email. See you there!! Crop Information

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crop Free and "In A Pinch"

Hello blog readers!

I just wanted to extend the invitation to come to the studio during regular studio hours Tuesday - Saturday next week - March Break - and crop for free* with the purchase of an In A Pinch Design Kit!

I have kits in the studio that range in price from $7 - $18, are pre-cut and ready to assemble!! A perfect activity for you and your scrapping kid over the holiday! Check out the kits online and if there is one in particuar you hope I have, give me a call and I will reserve it for you (519 954 6620). Just bring your adhesive! I have scissors and inks here in the studio that you will be able to use while you are here!

(*3 hour maximum, $2/hour thereafter)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking forward to Saturday's Studio Crop!

I have been busy getting emails out for the upcoming Stratford Retreat, doing some studio "spring cleaning", prepping for the next card cookout... Now I just want to CREATE!! :)

I'm looking forward to scrapping on Saturday!!

I have a couple of people joining me in the studio this Saturday -- let me know if you would like to join us too! Cost is $10 for the day... The Studio will open at 11am and, if we are all up for it, we can stay later than the 5:30pm closing! We'll see where the inspiration takes us :) Pack a lunch or we can order in... I'm pretty flexible. Hope you can make it!!

RSVP: 519 954 6620

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Heelllllllooooooooooooooo blog readers!!

I hope you are enjoying the day today! The sun in shining here and I am drinking it in through the big studio windows. Can't wait until I can bathe in it this summer!!

Those who are "my friends" on Facebook or read the Go Scrapping message board know that I have been thinking a lot about inspiration lately so.... I decided I'd blog about it.

My art (and yes, I include my scrapbooking in this), has made made me realize that I am inspired by a plethora of things (plethora. I love that word -- it made it into every single essay I wrote in University! ....kind of my trademark *smile*) I think Joanne described my thoughts well on the message board today so I will copy it here for you:

When I became a scrapbooker I started to look at life in general with a
different "eye" little things that I never noticed or appreciated before
inspired me - like a field of corn - a fall thunderstorm - our dogs just
relaxing on the carpet. So I guess my answer is that life inspires me and my
friends and peers help me along the way.

Thanks for that Joanne -- hope you don't mind me copying that on here :) I am inspired by what I see in magazines, in movies, what I read, and yes, even language --I think you can see that reflected in what I create. Some of my favourite pieces contain words or quotes that I have begged borrowed and stole from everyday language, famous people or literary works. -- Remember my tea tray with the Henry James quote, or the Inspiration Collage that I created for our trailer? Or my word of the year... a layout I create every January?

Inspiration is all around us.

I was at Ikea on Monday... that was inspiring enough :) but -- on my way home I decided to go a different way - through Waterdown. As I waved to my Go Scrapping buds who live in Waterdown, I came up on a fabulous waterfall lookout -- where the old mill was. I didn't know this existed. How beautiful!!! I drove into the parking area beside the look-out grabbed my camera and started snapping pics. The sounds were deafening but how pretty. I can only imagine how stunning this area is in the summer time -- or even the spring!! oo oo... how about the fall with all those golden colours?? :) Yes, I think it is safe to say I was inspired. I can so see me doing something with these pics... perhaps a couple of winter image transfers for a seasonal display -- but as inspired as I was with this "scene" please forgive me if I wait to use these images in the fall ... it has been a long winter after all and I would love to get onto some more cheery images :) hehe For now I will take my inspiration from the settling of the old bricks in the image to your left... and the "scaling" ice formations you can see on the top right image. so pretty... Yes, I know, I am such a geek! :)
It is great to take inspiration from magazines and other artists and scrapbookers alike... but also remember to take the time to "smell the roses" and appreciate those fabulous things around you.... If you have a hard time doing that on your own -- let your kids help you! They have a way of seeing things for what they are ... and let's face it... they're the biggest inspiration of them all!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Yes, the Creative Card Cookout is BACK at the Studio..... Sorry for the dry spell but it's back and READY TO GO!!

The Cookout will be held in the Studio on Saturday April 4 from noon - 2:30.

Here is a peek at the cards you will have the opportunity to create.

They are kids Birthday Cards, a Gift Bag, and even a "Congrats on the New Baby" Card -- 'cause I don't know about you, but I hate it when friends and "the GO peeps" have children and I don't have a card handy to send them in congratulations. AND its something I don't always have the supplies to make a card for either.... This solves that issue. :)

I had so much fun creating these... I hope you do too!
Reservations are open! Seating is limited so please let me know at the Studio if you would like to join us. The Card Cookout costs $19 (plus tax) -- This class involves lots of ink, lacquer effects, stamping, embossing with the cuttlebug, and adding luster with perfect pearls and stickles too! The bag is super cute and you are welcome to take the template home with you. How many cards you leave with is up to you.... but I am sure you will get them all completed plus some extra for good measure! mmm mmm good!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Getting Creative...


I started preparing for the Studio's Booth at Scrapfest today!! The Studio booth will not only showcase Go Scrapping's Events and Studio Programs, it will also have product demos and samples.

This is a sneak peek of a layout I created using chipboard squares, glossy accents, some store bought and handmade papers, and a little Prima Bling :)

To see more, drop by the Go Scrapping Studio Booth at Scrapfest.... or come see it in person at the Studio anytime!!

I will be creating in the Studio ALL DAY TOMORROW... feel free to drop by and say Hi!

CROP ALL DAY NEXT SATURDAY (MARCH 14) for $10. Crop from 11am - 5:30 (or maybe a little longer .... ;) ) Pack a lunch or we can order in ... the coffee will be on :) Just let me know if you would like to join us!!

Pictures are Up!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I updated the Photo Gallery to include pictures from the Waterloo Region Day Crop held last Saturday.

Be sure to pop by to see them.
View Photo Gallery

Thanks again for a great day -- and a special THANK YOU to In A Pinch Designs and Simply Scrapping for being on site vendors for the day! Love your product and I know that the ladies enjoyed those fabulous Make N Takes!!

I confirmed this hall for another crop NOVEMBER 28, 2009 MARK YOUR CALENDARS ... as not to book any pre Christmas Celebrations that day! Love to see you all there!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Inagural Meeting of the Go Studio Dollar Store Club

Last night 7 of us girls got together (most of us) with completed Dollar Store items in hand and had a GREAT time at the studio!! This was the first in a series of monthly "Dollar Store Club" meetings where I was excited to see the gals "GO Beyond Scrapbooking" - some for the first time! :) Way to go GALS!!

This month's Dollar Store item was a Small Wooden Tray. 5 of us had trays to share... Here they are!! Look how different a simple wooden tray can become with a little inspiration!

Rosanne's Decorated Tray for her Scrap Room:

Kelly's Tray "Frame" - a gift for her Grandma :)

Denise's Bracelet and Watch holder for her Dresser Drawer I think I know what to make the kid for Christmas -- she'd love it (as long as I don't have to sew "pillows" hehe)

Sheri's Portrait Frame of her Great Grandmother - complete with old photos of Waterloo. This will be part of a larger project. Can't wait to see it completely finished.....

And here is my "Family Theatre" - As our friend Mindy would say, "Complete with floating heads" :) I have been playing a lots with "floating heads" and had so much fun creating this project!!

Amber started playing with her tray and we all made her promise to bring it with her next month -- She is making her tray into a clock!! Very Cool.

Leanne also joined our group last night and I know is super excited to play with next month's project!!! Which, by the way, is a HAND HELD MIRROR!! ooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh! :)

I will be teaching a technique that people may use in future projects at every Dollar Store Club Meeting. Last night we played with Alcohol Inks by Ranger. I showed them how to create this spring-inspired card using the inks and the blending solution. I even (without giving too much away) showed them how to use their inks in some new fun ways that no one in the group thought of before!! *Big SMILE* Let's just say everything will be all matchie poo and bling will never be the same again!!
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THE GO STUDIO DOLLAR STORE CLUB -- just give me a shout and let me know!! Love to have you join us too!! Our Next Meeting will be APRIL 1 - show and tell begins at 7 but you are welcome to come anytime after 6 for some munchies and a little social time!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Great Crop Had By All.....

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Waterloo Region Day Crop on Saturday.
I had a GREAT time hosting you at the Hespeler Community Hall. Love that facility!! Nice and spacious and bright!!

I am planning another crop there in the fall -- Watch for dates soon (confirming with the City of Cambridge this week).

I will post pictures soon. I didn't have my memory card with me *shock*, so Judy from IN A PINCH DESIGNS let me use her camera -- as soon as I get those pictures I will post them for you all to see!!

Happy Scrapping All!!!