Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some "kumihimo" makin'

It's here!  The latest issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

In this issue, my article is all about things you can create by upcycling old tshirts!  Perfect for Earth Day, don't you think? *smile*   With tshirt I rag quilted a layout, made a cover to a mini album, created a scarf and ...drumroll please...  designed a necklace featuring a Kumihimo Braid.  This is what the following video is all about -- how to create the Kumihimo Braid.

Kumihimo means braid in Japanese.  In the video, I will be showing you the classic 8 strand braiding technique using old tshirt.  You can adapt this to use any fibre, yarn, hemp, ribbon, etc etc etc....    This one is going to eventually showcase a mixed media pendent (you'll have to stay tuned for that in a future post *smile*)  Enjoy the video!!   And don't forget to pick up your copy of the magazine next time you're at the studio!

Have a creative day!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Art Journal Night

Thank you to all who came out to our drop in journal night last night (Thursday).  I had a wonderful evening creating with you all.   Some people "sprayed" away.  Others collaged and a couple of us worked in our faces journals.  Here is my "offering" from last night.

Created on white pastel paper with Pan Pastels, Sofft tools and Pastel Pencil by Faber Castell.  I did you a reference photo and I'm getting there.  An eye tweak here and a nose tweak there....   But that's what these journals are for, right?  To practice and play in....  Next Journal night is in two weeks.

Tonight is my USTREAM BROADCAST!!  I'll be using acrylics and doing something completely different compared to this project ...  it's all good!!  Good for my creative ADHD. *smile*

Have a creative day!!   "see you online tonight!"

Joanne's Art House

Wow -- time flies when you're having fun!
Sorry it's been a while since I've blogged.   We had a great weekend with Joanne Sharpe and this week I've been busy designing classes, filming and getting lots of stuff ordered to share with you!  So fun!

I didn't want another minute to go by without showing you Joanne's finished "Art House" that she started with me on USTREAM last Friday.   Isn't it sweet?

Pictures from our weekend are posted and can be found on our Facebook Page.   Hope you check them out.  ...off to post some more that I saw on my camera *smile*

Today is Art Journal day ..  looking forward to creating in my journal tonight with some talented ladies - I love journal days!!!   And tomorrow (Friday) I will be broadcasting again.   Mark your calendars!

Have a creative day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some lettering love with Joanne Sharpe

So excited to have the artful letter'er herself - Joanne Sharpe come to the Art House Studio to teach some classes.   YAY!!  Welcome Joanne!

Joanne came in last night in time for my Ustream Broadcast so we decided to do a little "dog and pony show"  ...  here it is.   Do you think we had fun?? *smile*

I will post the finished Art House Canvas when it's finished......

We have a full class today --  and having fun!!

Looking forward to tonight's class...  and tomorrow's too!  
I'll post more pics on our Facebook Page.

Hope you're having a creative day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspired - Pan Pastel with Donna Downey

I'm back from a fabulous week away in NC playing with paints and 4 days of Pan Pastel at Donna Downey's Inspired Pan Pastel Workshop.

What an absolutely wonderful experience.   So happy I took the time to go and be "inspired". Great hosts and met bunch of wonderful new friends too!!THAT is always fabulous!

I have used and loved Pan Pastels as a background or accent medium but this workshop gave me the confidence to paint with it as, truth be told, it was designed to do.

As a class, we made bird images, added colour to transfers and did a forest motif to get the techniques "going" and then we were on our own to create.  I made 2 pieces I'd love to share with you here that were based on a couple of paintings that inspire me.  The first one is of an image that Kathryn Trotter created in oil on canvas - "Fashion Illustration 2".  Here is the original
And this is what I created with the pastels with my own "touch"

Made me smile...
But not as much as this one....
This is my version of a Fabulous Painting one of the gals (Judy) brought with her for inspiration,
This is a 16x20 Pan Pastel (with soft pastel accents) painting created on green pastel board
Since I used a print image of a painting provided by someone else, I don't know who the original artist is but I am looking into that as we speak ... cause I want to show you and credit such a wonderful image.  As soon as I know, I will put the link here.  If you know - PLEASE email me!!

I still can't believe I painted these!
Gotta love Pan Pastel!  Donna will be in the studio this September.  I would like her to teach a Pan Pastel class at the studio too...  so stay tuned for more info on that!

These two paintings I created are now framed and hanging in the studio for you all to enjoy!  I hope you come in to see them "in real life" soon

Hope you had a creative week!!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hello from North Carolina

I am at Donna Downey's Studio in NC this week painting and starting today...  learning lots about Pan Pastels!  YAY!!

Here's a photo taken of me last night painting up a storm (Thanks for sending me the photo Deb!)

Jen is at the studio taking care of things and finalizing registrations for Joanne Sharpe's classes next week...   so thankful for that!

...watch for pics here and on Facebook of my artful adventures!   See you soon!!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Love my Work In Progress - USTREAM

Okay - this is just making me happy!!
I really wanted to create something bright organically....   and here it is.  My little work in progress *smile*.   It's not that little - it's 2.5'x2.5' square stretched canvas and I love it!

it is a "work in progress".  I am seeing more things I'd like to do with it.  I'll keep you posted.  
Until then, here is the video of me creating it...  Part 1
Video streaming by Ustream Here is Part 2 -  (got booted by a shockwave crash)

Video streaming by Ustream