Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy October 31 -- I had plans to create something Halloweenie for you all today but that didn't work out BUT, if you come back tomorrow you'll see the new card workshop and later this week another getting ready for Christmas project. So... I hope you forgive the lack of Halloween goodness and have a treat out of the kiddie's bag tonight instead *wink*

I did want to share something that I saw this morning with you. I hope Eileen doesn't mind but I thought this was FABULOUS!!!! And completely share worthy.

Eileen writes a creative blog that I follow. She's incredibly talented and has wonderful ideas to share. Today's entry Things to do with a Rosette Die on a Chilly Day is especially inspiring. Just look at what she's created using the Tim Holtz Sizzix Rosette Die (Yes, I did get a few back in to the studio). A decorative pin:
A funky bird embellishment:
A Paper Umbrella?

See.... told you it was totally share worthy!!
I hope you like my Halloween gift to you. THANKS Eileen!
Have a creative day everyone!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Mask now...

Okay... I had FUN doing this.

I played and played and I could really play some more but - I'll stop *smile*

I slathered the plaster cast mask in some of Golden's Light Molding paste once it was dry and stamped some of Claudine's Creative Layers Foam Stamps in it to give it texture and then went to town with the Studio Paints, Viva Decor Rubs, Pearl Pens, Perfect Pearl Mists.... Let's just say I was in my glory!! Added a few feathers, some ribbons and trims, a little birdie and Voila!! C'est finis!

Have a creative weekend everyone!! I'm going to play in the studio tonight with some girls. Gotta make a new Card Workshop -- Some new product (the items I've been waiting on) came in today so I can do it now. I'll post about the new arrivals tomorrow!! GO PLAY!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One mask finished!

Emily came by the studio again today (as I thought she would) to finish her Halloween Mask. Here it is... a little different than first planned but she's very happy with it!

We stopped by Value Village and waited in the Halloween Crazed check out line to get the rest of her costume (45 mins to pay! Wowsers!!). She's all set for tomorrow's festivities in school-- my little Mardi Gras Child. She asked me this evening if we could make this a new tradition: the making masks thing. I'll take it as a raving review and astounding success! Fabu!

Mine needs a little more tweaking. I hope to get it finished tomorrow -- we shall see... tomorrow is a busy day at the studio. Card makers are coming in!! Last chance if you'd like to join us at 5:30. Just contact me at the studio.

Have a creative day everyone!!

Claudine Hellmuth and Prima Online

Did you see Claudine on the Live Show (brought to us by Prima) last night? What a treat!
If you missed it, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

After a couple of technical difficulties... the show starts around the 3 minute mark.

CLICK HERE to view the recorded video. I will take you to the site

I do have all these products for sale in the studio... very exciting!!
I do ship (for those who are out of town -- over $100 is free shipping, under is exact shipping)

The Products featured in this video (and our prices in CDN dollars)

  • 6x12 Canvas Album by Donna Downey - $30
  • Ranger Craft Mats - $22.99
  • Claudine's Studio Paints (all colours) - $6.99
  • Claudine's Studio Matte Multimedium - $7.99 (I have gloss and Slow Dry too)
  • Claudine's Studio Paint Brushes - $8.50
  • Prima Stencils - Sm - $5.99 (the circle scallop one she uses) ... Large one also available (at the beginning of the tutorial) $9.60
  • Ranger Inksentials Blending Tool - $5.99 (re-fill foams 10pk- $5.99)
  • Rub It Scrub It - $4.99
  • Sticky Back Canvas 5pk (Natural and White) 8.5x11- $13.50 12x12 $15.50
  • Claudine's Creative Layers Stamps - Clear $17.99 Complimentary Foam Stamps - $5.99
Just send me an email if you'd like me to send you some of these products.
HAVE FUN!!! You're going to LOVE IT!!

Thanks for the fun tutorial Claudine and Prima!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guess what we're doing?

Back in the studio for another week of creating ART!

With Halloween coming, the Kid and I are in the creating masks frame of mind.
Stay tuned tomorrow when they're finished (hopefully). Soooooo excited ...and a little itchy *smile*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little Birdie told me.....

that I needed to buy a torch - lol - yes, after my fun yesterday with Leanne's, torch..... I went out and got one too! Let the fun begin!!! Wait!! I forgot the glue! Oh well ... soon.
That's okay though. That same little birdie wanted me to create something for it! hehe.... I spent the day creating in the studio with Sheri and welcoming a few visitors. It was fabulous. The picture above is what I created using the new shadow box ornaments from Darcies. I simply decorated it with some 7 Gypsies "Conservatory" paper and hung it from a chain decorated with some strung beads and twigs. I think it's cute! Love these ornaments! I'll be putting a class together soon so be on the look out!
I took the family to see Evita tonight in Stratford. What a wonderful performance! We're heading back there tomorrow to see Kiss Me, Kate. I love having such a first class theatre festival in our own "back yard".
Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

1 2 3... New Canvases for me!

YES!! I got creative today. OH My!! I had a few girls come in to play and one, the lovely Leanne, brought a torch to play with. She had told me about a glue burning technique that she tried and thought I'd like. Well.... 4 Canvas pieces later -- hummm... yes... me thinky me likey!~ hehe!! (I did say 4 canvas - one is a gift..... I'll show you when you're in the studio if you'd like)

I went leaf collecting outside the studio to gather enough leaves for my pieces and embedded them into beeswax that I coated the burnt glue with. Some stamping, some postage stamps and a little dusting of Perfect Pearls and zippity doo da... we have some art!! I had so much fun! Thanks for bringing the torch Leanne. I know what I'm purchasing tomorrow morning!!

I also had a couple of people in for classes today too. THANKS GIRLS. LOVE HAVING PEOPLE IN THE STUDIO! You're all so inspiring!

Have a creative weekend everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classes, Classes, Classes

It was quite a day in the studio.

I had a couple of fabulous ladies in this afternoon to create the Isabella Canvas. What fun -- just gotta contain the crackle :) hehe. I love having people in the studio creating. It's completely inspiring!

Tonight I had 13 Pathfinders (and leaders) in the studio to create the Bird's Nest Jewelry Set that I did with the Technique of the Month Club last month. What a thrill and a fabulous group of kids!!

I understand that they will be doing some collage next week as part of their regular meeting. Have fun girls!! And enjoy getting creative! I hope I gave you some ideas!!

Tomorrow I have lots of people in the studio too! Some girls bringing their own projects in to use the space, another Isabella Canvas and someone coming in to do the Card Workshop too!! How exciting!!! A paper and glue extravaganza!! The Studio is OPEN!! I hope to see you soon too!!

Have a creative day everyone!!

Some "Creative Layers"

Hellloooo all!
Last night was our re-scheduled Technique of the Month Club (thanks again girls for being so generous and allowing me to move this month's date - much appreciated).

I showed the girls how to use Claudine Hellmuth's Creative Layers Stamp Sets and WOW!! ... did they play! So much fun! Take a look at some of the girls in action!!

For those who don't know -- Claudine's stamps are designed to use together and inspired by offset colour printing popular in catalogues in the 50s (Click here to see on the Ranger Blog). Use the Foam and Acrylic Stamps on their own or combine them to create the offset look.
As you know, I LOVE to mix colours to add dimension when I'm using inks and paints. The same holds true when using paint and foam stamps. Last night I showed the girls to dab out some paint on the Ranger Craft Sheet and tap the Creative Layers foam stamps in it to create a gorgeous (and even) colour blend. You can see the varying colour in the girl's work above. Easy to do - Fun to create!!
Thanks girls for a wonderful evening. See you again in a couple of weeks when we're back to our "First Wednesday of the Month" time slot.
Have fun, PLAY, and be creative everyone!! See you in the studio!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


On behalf of Melanie, Leanne, Jen and myself, I'd like to thank everyone who participated in ScrapFest Oshawa this weekend. We had a blast showing you our "stuff" and chatting about the Art House Studio AND YOUR ART PASSIONS. We were able to connect with some old friends and meet many new ones - thank you for all your kinds words and support. I've always said creative people are the friendliest people!!

If you are new to this site and found as a result of ScrapFest - WELCOME! So glad you're here. I like to try to show you what's happening at the studio AND, as my blog followers know, anything you see here is fair game. *smile* If you're interested in an event, a product or to learn how to create something I've shared with you .... please let me know. I'd love to welcome you into the studio for a class. Our regular retail hours are posted on the side bar. Hope to see you at "Our House" soon!!

THANK YOU LISA (owner of ScrapFest). You and your show team of family and friends are UNBELIEVABLE!! You always put on a first class show and are extremely welcoming to vendors and guests alike .. you dot your "I"s and cross your "T"s and we all appreciate the little details. THANK YOU Lisa, Brad, Sandra, Gary, Lorna, Kirsten, Lea.... everybody!!! You're the best!

Hope you all had a creative weekend!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hellllloooooo from Scrapfest

Yep. that's silly ol' me in front of our ScrapFest booth in Oshawa. We had a GREAT evening chatting with people and demoing product. LOVE ScrapFest. I hope you take the time to come to Oshawa and see us -- its supposed to be a great day!! Perfect for driving!!

After the marketplace closed I went into the crop area to do one of my group make n takes with the croppers. Just over 100 people were in the crop and they did a great job group make n taking with me. Thanks for participating everyone!
BUT... how come I always get these goofy pictures taken of me?
I think Jen (my photographer here) likes taking my picture in mid-talk --
just to get the "priceless' expressions. hehehe..... Anyway.. off to bed. It will be a busy day tomorrow. I hope to see you!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's all coming together!!

I can't believe how fast things creep up! ScrapFest is this weekend and I've been busy sorting, packing and prepping. I hope to see you at the Oshawa Event!!

THE BEST NEWS!! All the new items I ordered for the show arrived in time! HURRAY!!!

......Including Claudine Hellmuth's Creative Layers Stamp Sets!!

I played with these a bit today with some people who came into the studio and I AM IN LOVE!!!! Wait until you see them in action! (there are 6 fabulous sets!!!)

Speaking of Claudine, If you love her stuff you'll be THRILLED as I am when I tell you that she's coming here in MAY!!

YES!! You read that correctly!! Claudine Hellmuth will be joining some other fabulous artists in Kitchener at The Art House Studio's "MIXED MINDED" mixed media event to be held at the Holiday Inn Kitchener Waterloo Conference Center (on Fairway Rd) May 27-29, 2011.

Here is the website/blog I've set up for the event.....

I am finalizing the teachers this month, getting workshops arranged and posted next month and registration will begin in December. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Yes, there IS always something going on at THE ART HOUSE STUDIO!!!
Have a creative day!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oh Marie!!

I had soooo much fun with Marie -- one of the Character Constructions stamps I have here in the studio. Talk about wearable art -- if' you're so inclined *wink* She's pretty funky and right up my alley!

YES!!! It was a dangerous day to be in the studio .. I was Soldering!! Muhaha... Not bad for my first soldering attempt if I do say so myself! *wink* Although the girls watching me fumble with it might disagree!! On the other hand -- I see more soldering in my future!!!

Hope you're doing something creative this long weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, October 08, 2010

If you've driven past the studio this week you may have seen something "festive" in the window. Yes, Amy and I have been busy getting into the Halloween Spirit. I love how the window turned out - Creative People Play Here, Creative People Shop Here.

And no, that's not bloody hands on the windows... I prefer to think of them as ink stained and painty hands! :) hehe

And, not to be out done my my own window display, some of you knew that I got some Hot Pink Extensions put in my hair in honour of ScrapFest. Here's how they turned out :) I think they're fun!!

Have a Creative Day!!!!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Card Workshop

I went cutsie :)
You have seen these cards on the blog before if you are a regular reader. I thought they's make a good grouping for the workshop.

Learn to make new paper flowers, a scratch and sniff card, stamp with sizzix dies, and add a little paint too. It'll be fun!!

The card workshop is $20 (plus HST) - most people will leave with 6-8 cards as you are welcome to created as many cards as you like in the 2.5 hour workshop. Contact me in the studio if you'd like to create the cards and I'll let you know when people booked time if you'd like to join us. The studio number is 519 954 6620

Have a creative day everyone!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

2011... already?

Well, not quite. But no one ever accused me of being unprepared ( least not lately *smile*)

I created this canvas calendar on the weekend and just love it. It will be hanging in our ScrapFest booth in case you'd like to take a closer look.... and yes, it's up in the studio too! Recognise the colours? Look like any apron you've seen lately? *hehe*

The canvas calendars are new to the studio and I just love them. As are the Donna Downey flower stamps .... and at only $8.75 they are a must have! LOVE THEM.

Have a great day everyone. And... be sure to do something creative!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Scratch and Sniff Anyone?

I hope you all had a wonderful National Card Making Day!
We had a fabulous day in the studio creating cards and other pieces of art. Thank you to all the girls who joined me - what a wonderful group of women to spend the day with. I can't wait to show you all that I created but that will be for future posts.

As you know, our card making day theme was "For the Sweet Love of Card Making". I chose this theme after deciding to teach the girls a fun little "Scratch and Sniff" technique as a make n take. Yes, Scratch and Sniff -- what will they think of next? Right?

The above card is the cute little cupcake card that the girls made. This one smells like Cherry. How do you do it? Just add some Koolaid to your clear fine embossing powder, shake it up well and emboss away. The 'flavour crystals" embedded in the powder can be sniffed once scratched :) hehe. Very fun! Hope you try it too.

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for a lovely day girls. I love witnessing your creativity!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Vintage Slippers Anyone?

I created these two paper slippers using some Graphic 45 Papers and the new pearl embellishments that arrived by Tim Holtz. So sweet. Love how they turned out!
I got the idea to create them after seeing samples in the current issue of Stamper's Sampler. See..... *smile* I envision them with a gift card tucked in it for the holidays or perhaps as a fun tree ornament. There will be a template posted on the Stampington Site soon (here's the link to their template page). I encourage you all to make one for yourself and PLEASE drop me a line so I can see what you created! I love sharing art ideas!!
TODAY IS NATION CARDMAKING DAY!! We are having a celebration in the studio today and hope you do something creative (like making cards) to celebrate too!! I'll post about our activities soon.
Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Do I look like a Freakin' People Person?

LOL.... Couldn't resist playing with the new stamps from Stampotique! Told you I'd post soon! *wink*. This gal is called "Relaxin" and I LOVE her. She just spoke to me. All the stamps are so darn cute and I'm loving every single one of them.

I've had a couple of calls and emails about these stamps since I posted they arrived yesterday. To answer your questions.. Yes, they will be at ScrapFest and they are around $14.45 each CDN (a couple are more, a couple are less but that gives you a round about idea) BUT... if you see one you like, let me know. I can't promise they'll still be there in a couple of weeks. Just sayin :)

Hope you have a GREAT creative day -- and that you're a people person *smile*