Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cleaning up....

Well, I am cleaning up the trailer and getting all the final preparations done before I "sail away" to the Caribbean on a week holiday with my dad. I am sooo looking forward to having some father/daughter bonding time with him. Yippee.....

So, I got to thinking -- cleaning up.....
I didn't share something new I got in the studio with you this summer. A couple of people tried the barrier cream at the Dollar Store Club but I did get 2 different things in the studio to help avoid getting too dirty when I play with my 'messy bits'. And I love them

Marvelous Mariannes Hand & Brush Cleaner and Skin Safer Barrier Cream.

I am brutal with my brushes, I will admit it. And I will also admit, with hesitation, that I have tossed a few brushes away because I couldn't get them clean. Frustrating. Not anymore!

I recently made the mistake of leaving gel medium on my favourite brush and yes, it hardened like glue. I freaked. Then I took a breath and thought "Well, what's the worst thing that could happen? I'd have to toss this brush too? Might as well try the Marvelous Mariannes...." To my surprise, it came clean and is ready to paint with another day. YAY!! How's that for a testimonial? Even Karen's brushes come clean with Marvelous Mariannes! LOL Seriously, if you are looking for a good brush cleaner... this may be your answer. It even cleaned my messy hands. Gotta love that.

We have 2oz bottles in the studio for $4.50 and worth every penny! It saved my $11 brush :) and there's lots left. 'nough said :)

The Barrier Cream works like an invisible glove and smells minty fresh! It feels a little different when you put it on (because it feels like you are wearing gloves) but you get used to it and quite frankly it saved my hands from a few messy nights at the studio. Come on in and try it. We have some to sample in the studio. It sells in a fabulous jar for $10.25. I wonder where else I will use it? I hear its good for gardening.... lord knows I have a lot of weeds to pull in my gardens when I return.

Take care all... I will blog again when I return from the Caribbean.
Have fun and Create!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm so excited!!

There are so many reasons for me to be excited.

Personally, I am days away from my first cruise! FABULOUS! I can't wait to "set sail" on a ship of wonders with .... my daddy! :) hehe. Yes, I am going on a romantic 7 day cruise of the Caribbean with my dad! :) Well, a romantic cruise for some - father/daughter bonding time for me! It's all good!! Can't wait to spend some quality time with my dad.

I am also excited about things that are arriving from CHA! Yes, the orders are all starting to come in. First to arrive.... Some Graphic 45 Papers!
Aren't these papers yummy!? They are PERFECT for all the vintage and collage work we do in the studio. In fact, I will be using the Communique line for a class at the Peterborough Retreat and the Botanical Line for a class at the London Retreat. **Double "in fact", I just completed the Peterborough Retreat Class!! - Reason number 3 to be excited!! I simply need to add a couple of finishing touches before posting it. Peterborough Classes will be posted here (on the blog) Wednesday September 9 by 4pm so you can all see them!

ALSO -- I will be using these Graphic 45 papers in the NEXT CARD COOKOUT (Saturday September 19, 11:30 - 2pm)!! I finished one card in the studio last Friday night and will be finishing the rest this week. I LOVE working with these papers. If you stop into the studio to see Sheri this Saturday be sure to ask her to see the card. It's soooooo purdy :) ...if I do say so myself. All are welcome to join us at the Cookout -- this is a Card Making Workshop. I prepare 4-5 different cards every month for you to create. These cards are "all you can create" during the workshop and I do make sure there is at least one "technique" involved in making them so you learn as you create and have fun! Hope you can join us in September.

Reason #4 for excitement: Also in -- (and on the shelf when I return in September) .... NEW Crafter's Workshop templates!! Awesome!!
I brought in the following templates (and a couple more) in an assortment of 12x12 and 6x6 sizes. They are so great to use with our mists and inks. Can't wait to play. You'll be seeing more of these -- FOR SURE! ..... Cause I love playing with them. hummm... ideas are swirling as we speak!

Now, I bet you're asking: "Is there a reason #5?"
Yes, there is!!! But, I am going to keep that under my hat for a while. Let's just say I spoke to some people today and have something VERY SPECIAL for the retreats & day crops shipping tomorrow. You'll have to join us at an event to find out what they are. I know, cruel... I am so cruel. *big grin*

Hope you're crafting today! Blog again soon....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dollar Store Bonanza

We had another fantastic meeting of the dollar store club last week -- and I promised I would show you pictures! 8 Ladies join us this month..... The task?? To choose something from the dollar store and make something with it. Wanna see what they made?
Sheri took a pre-made Scrapbook layout that she purchased at the Dollar Store (far left of picture) and took it "apart" to make her own creation (right of picture) by adding a few additional scraps and elements. So pretty -- who would have thought!

Kelly altered a wooden box to store her clothes pins. Very cute! -- LOVE the little clothes! You go girl!

Leanne created this beautiful sea glass frame. complete with shells from the dollar store and some glass bead gel too!! So pretty, Leanne. Yes, we have some talented ladies in this group!!!!

We also have women who have been inspired to step so far out of their boxes it's inspiring!!
Just take a look at these!
Donna's bikini wonder .... and....

Barb's butterfly beach bag complete with attached drinking apparatus :) hehe.... These two ladies had FUN creating these!! I loved how they mixed sand and glitter and lots of found objects to create something fun! YAY!!! Can't wait to see what you play with next month!

Next month the ladies will be playing with shadow boxes. We meet on September 9 for fun and projects. Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello Again!!

Wow... I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged -- but I have been reminded :)

I took the kid and the hubby to the airport on Saturday. They are in Nova Scotia for Kev's family reunion. ... and having a GREAT time! They went deep sea fishing and are having a great time with the rellies. I'm so glad they were able to go.

I am at the studio this week for the YMCA Day Camp. I have another FABULOUS bunch of kids and I am LOVING their creativity -- I have said it before and I will say it again, we can lean a lot from kids when it comes to creating art - they just "go for it". Truly inspiring. Thanks gang. Hope you're having as much fun as me.

Last night I had a group of ladies in the studio playing with their Silhouette Machines. For those who have this machine -- check out they have some great FREE GDS files that you can download and use on your machine. Yep -- I said free. Gotta like that! *wink*

Tonight is the Dollar Store Club. 8 lovelies will be here soon for "show and tell" and I have a fun little project for them tonight where they can make those sticky-back canvas roses I made in an earlier post. Looking forward to it. I WILL post tomorrow -- with pictures!!!

Until then, stay cool and CREATE!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cards, as promised.....

Here they are as promised :)
You might have to click on the image to see them properly (because of the re-sizing) but here they are nonetheless!!
I had fun with these. They're cheery! hehe ...

We'll be doing these (and others) in upcoming Card Cookouts. Hope you can join us.

Stay cool this week. It's supposed to be a hot one here in Ontario. After you've been out and about and enjoyed the day, come inside, find some air conditioning, and create something special! Let me know what you've created! Part of the fun of creating something is sharing it with others.

Have a happy day!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE the artwork of Kelly Rae Roberts and Sharon Tomlinson. I find their art whimsically inspirational.

Well, Kelly recently posted some ADORABLE necklaces featuring her fun "ladies" and inspirational messages. Lovely! And yes, I oogled.

I came home from CHA with a Necklace created with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints and Sticky-Back Canvas -- very sweet on its own but I wanted to "Karen it up". Out came more paints and a black pen and with a brain channelling Kelly and Sharon -- this is what I did.

See, I have been practicing my faces. I am finding the smaller they are, the more difficult... but I like this little gal... She's supposed me - Is there a resemblance? hehe The butterfly is something I cut out of a napkin and adhered with Matte Medium. The letters that spell the word "create" where cut out of an old catalogue. Reuse and Recycle when you can my friends. I did ink the edges and adhered them with Matte Medium as well. It's all good -- at least I think so :)

Can't wait to wear this when I am at the studio!

I am loving the Ranger Memory Frames (which is what I framed this in *as part of the original CHA make n take*) I am SURE you will see more creations using them. Got the whole line coming in... Memory frames in different sizes, frosted and clear glass, memory capsules that fit them, yep the whole line. Play Play Play!


A Side Note: Check back tomorrow. I have been creating some fun cards for the next couple of cookouts... I'll post some tomorrow for you to see!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A little Sticky-Back flower action

Thanks Wendy Vecchi... your blog entry inspired me.

Wendy created super cute roses with her stamps and Grunge Board for the Ranger Booth at CHA. Yesterday she posted how to create the roses...... and that got me thinking. I have a project (a top secret project) on the go right now that would really benefit from some super cute 3D roses -- but I thought the grunge board (although a FABULOUS idea) might be too "heavy" for it. So my thinker thought, and thought some more and almost like a bolt of lightening it thought -- STICKY-BACK CANVAS! That would work! It's sticky - eliminating the need for glue. It's textured - blending inks on it provides a nice soft texture. It's moldable - giving me flexibility that will be needed... yep I'm trying it.

I love it!

These little things are super addicting.

If you haven't taken a peek at the tutorial on her blog yet, please do. She describes the process really well. I didn't use stamps, I hand drew the flowers but that's okay. It provided the opportunity the create different sizes which is cool. I did use three different background stamps to embellish the flowers though :) Love how that turned out.

I did go one step further -- my artistic license *wink*. I wanted a wet/frosted look for said top secret project so I brushed on some Distress Stickles for that sugary look and then brushed some pearl Perfect Pearls on them to achieve my desired effect.

Whatcha think??
I can't get over how often my creating takes me back to the sticky-back canvas! It's becoming quite the staple in my studio. I will be in the studio the week of August 15 - 21. I'll bring these home with me... cause I think the dollar store club might just be trying this! *nudge nudge, wink wink* give me a shout and come by and see for yourself!
I have a card idea buzzing around my head... I think tomorrow I will make a Card Cookout Card using these too ...
The Next Card Cookout is SATURDAY AUGUST 15th 11:30 - 2. contact the studio (519) 954 6620) or send me a quick email to let me know if you are coming. Space is limited. I will be cropping after so the studio will be OPEN UNTIL (at least) 9PM on Saturday the 15th. Love to see you!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Ranger, Tim Holtz, Ranger....

I am here at my trailer feeling "pooped" after a full week of excitement and product ogling :) I thought I would take stock of what's to come so you can get as excited as I am!! Yippee.
Why not start at Ranger and Tim Holtz. Seems like a logical place to start for me since we love them so much at the Go Studio. Check this out!! Ranger is releasing Tim's CLEAR Distress Crackle Paint.

This is not the Crackle Accents - it is a paint that can go in the line you may already be familiar with (shown in Peeled Paint here). It is different -- and not just because you can get it in fun colours... This crackle sits "on top" of your projects like a paint and dries in about 15 mins (not hours like most Accent applications) *of course, this depends on your application*. We used it in Tims class last week and let me tell you, the crackle is amazing. Totally cool stuff. We are getting the CLEAR "ROCK CANDY" Distress Crackle Paint in the Studio!

Guess what else is coming in CLEAR!?
Yep, Distress Stickles "ROCK CANDY" was also launched last week. OMG, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Shown here in Lavender - the clear Distress Stickles will be a MUST HAVE this fall ... oh the possibilities!!

A few of you might be wondering what the difference between Regular Stickles and Distress Stickles is. Well, I had this confirmed for me this week too. And no, it's not more expensive because it has Tim's name on it -- It has Mica Bits in it. Mica! -- I knew it was special. Regular Stickles has glitter, Distress Stickles has Mica bits and therefore looks different when it is dry and well, really should be applied differently too (best to thinly tap it on with your finger. Don't rub it and don't apply it thick as it will affect it's shine. Come into the studio for a tutorial when it comes in... I'll be sure to let you all know when it comes in so you can try it too! Can you see the difference?? YES!!!) The best way to describe these stickles when they dry is "sugary". Yes, sugary -- are you getting holiday crafting ideas when I say that?? I certainly am! Can't wait until it comes in!!! We used this in our Grunge Book Class last week and well.... I suppose I will Break the news officially.....

Tim's Distressing the Holidays Class will be taught at the November Retreat in London this Fall (November 6-8). I was able to order the product. Here's to hoping it all comes in on time! Yippee!! Thanks for letting us teach this great class Tim!!

But WAIT! I'm not done yet!!
The Go Studio is also getting in the new Alcohol Ink Colours. Yep -- the lights and brights. We will also be getting the New Alcohol Ink Pen Applicator. Collective oooohs and ahhhhh :) Yes, we are going to have fun at the studio this fall!

At looooooong last.... I re-ordered lots and lots of Distress Ink Re-inkers.! Re-inkers in fun colours for spritzing and doing some other cool ink effects with.

What else is coming?? For all my Mixed Media Junkies out there......
The Go Studio will be carrying the ENTIRE TIM HOLTZ IDEA-OLOGY LINE!

Yep... everything from decorative plates, to games spinners to fasteners, to chains... we will have it all. What can you do with a little "Idea-ology"?

Have I got you excited yet??
Can't WAIT to play with even more Ranger and Tim Holtz products in the studio!!

Keep your eyes out for when these come in (hopefully by September) -- there may be something fun coming down the pipe to celebrate!!

Happy Creating!! Blog soon..... more things seen and heard at CHA!