Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sharing what others are doing with Crafter's Workshop Stencils

I found myself on Lillian's blog this week -- and take a look at what I saw...
She posted a canvas that she create at the studio last month. Love it!!
Note all the Crafter's Workshop goodness ... and my personal favourite: my Whimsical Vines template! hehehehehe
I really wanted to show you these -- for two reasons. ONE - what a wonderful way to use stencils (to decorate crafting shirts). Here's one with my 6x6 Whimsical Vines stencil ... AND....
TWO -- because she used the Leaf Frame Template - one of the featured stencils in yesterday's Stencil Hop. Very "fitting"! *wink*
How fabulous is that?? Can't you picture yourself wearing one of these while you create? I'm thinking I might have to make one for myself -- might save on the clothing bills

And if you get the chance, pop on by Lillian's bog today and say HI from me!

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE for the lovely comments posted on my site an Julie's about my Blog Hop Projects. They literally took my breath away. I hope that you were inspired by all of the art posted yesterday (I know I was!!) and that you take that inspiration and have fun with stencils too!! Thank you for hopping and I hope that you drop on by again soon!

Have a creative day everyone!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's a very special day....

Balzer Designs Blog Hop

I'm honoured to be a part of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's Stencil Hop 2011. If you are getting here from one of the other participant's blogs, WELCOME! If you are starting with me, here is the list of the other participating artists:
Super exciting, isn't it? *smile*

Over the course of the last few weeks, many fabulous artists have shared their art and their love of Julie's wonderful stencils produced by Crafter's Workshop.
Those of us "hopping" this week were asked to create something with the LEAF FRAME and FLOWER FRAME - two stencils in Julie's 2011 release (click here to view the other stencils created by her).
Here's what I created.
A Mixed Media Quilted Shrine -- A framed gift for my mother this Christmas. (sure hope she doesn't decide to check out my blog today *smile*)

This piece will be very special as it includes some very personal things with special meaning -- and the leaf frame offered the perfect motif to tie it all together. Can you see all the places I used it? The background fabric (sprayed with Denim Colorwash Spray) , on some Graphic 45 paper (also with the spray) to frame the dancer, and for the nest--this time I inked the pattern onto a scrap piece of muslin with Coffee Archival Ink, coloured it with Weathered Wood Distress Ink and then quilted it. Makes me smile

This is my first shrine -- I've seen so many fabulous ones in books and magazines over the years and always wanted to do one. I thought I'd do my first for my mother representing the two people she loved the most but who are no longer with us - my father and my grandmother.
Here's how it will be special for her: The dancer in the shrine is my grandmother. The picture was taken in 1920. I scanned it, printed it on TAP (Transfer Artist Paper), ironed it on a piece of linen (an old hanke found in my grandmother's sewing box) and quilted it before attaching to the paper background. The lace and tatted doilies in the piece are also from my Nana's stash. And yes, my mom will recognize it!
The blue material is from one of my dad's old denim shirts. (he passed in January and I swear it still smells like him. So loved using it here.) The Eagle also represents him -- he loved Eagles and the strength they represent and has been a reoccurring image in our family's life.

"When the music changes, so does the dance". This will be our first Christmas without my dad -- we will definitely be dancing differently.... but that's okay, we'll still be dancing together! I hope she likes it.... and that you do too!!

On a completely different note... I took this opportunity to make something for my daughter -- Yes, every teenager needs an "all knowing" picture of her fabulous mother beside her bed! LOL
I recently had some new "head shots" done and jokingly told "the kid" that I was going to frame one for her for Christmas. After she rolled her eyes, she said "Sure mom, just make it fancy." Well, won't she be surprised!

I loved using this template to make texture on this canvas. I pressed some Light Molding Paste through the Flower Frame template and then let it dry before painting it with fluid acrylics and some glitter and pearl pens.

DID YOU NOTICE THE LEAVES? Yes, I created those using the Leaf Frame template. Some leaves I inked (with Archival Ink) and some I painted onto Shrink Plastic, cut and heated until they shrunk to size -- LOVE that! I'll be doing it again soon -- There are so many leaf making possibilities!

THANK YOU, JULIE for having me participate in this hop celebrating your fabulous designs!

Have a creative day! Happy hopping and drop by again soon. xoxo

Friday, November 25, 2011

What to do... What to do...

When I broadcast live from the studio tonight at 6:30 via USTREAM

I have a swap I need to prepare for AND I want to play around with some Crafter's Workshop Stenceils too.... especially as I will be participating as a guest artist in Julie Balzer's STENCIL HOP next week! How awesome is that?
I also took advantage of this GORGEOUS day to FINALLY spray paint an old piece of luggage to alter. Remember I signed up for Brenda Figueroa's Luggage Project Course... Well, I am finally doing something!! YAY!!! ...yes, I think I'll play with that.*smile*

Hard life, eh? So many crafty opportunities!!
Hope you're having a creative day! See you tonight!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Envelope Love

Okay ... Here's the story.
I was designing a little something for publication (eekk... I still can't believe I'm saying that! *wink*) and some fabulous, crafty people came in the studio and saw the finished product and wanted me to create a class based on it. Soooooooooooooooooooo... Here's the class:

Envelope Love - 2 hours
This class will be offered in the studio until the end of the year (or until I sell out of canvas envelopes). $20 - when you have your own Kanzashi Flower Template, $25 without (that's a discount to purchase the template reg $6.75). All other supplies are included.

Learn how to paint canvas products, create a resist with acrylic paint & water with your favourite Crafter's Workshop Template, create a Kanzashi Flower fabric embellishment and your own crocheted trim from Twinery Baker's Twine. YES, I said crochet ... and trust me - if I can, you can! Beginners are welcome. There are only two rows of crochet in this. It can be done and you'll love yourself for the accomplishment!
The envelope is 5"x7" - perfect size for gifting photos and even gift certificates this holiday season. ..just sayin *smile* . See you in the studio soon.

Have a creative day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my... I'm in love with the new Graphic 45 Paper

Tropical Travelogue
I'm not sure if it's the richness of the colours like in this one --
Garden Isle
or this fabulous colour and pattern....
Or even these little fishies that...OMG, are ...STUNNING!
You have to check them all out online or in person at the studio.
What a FABULOUS line to scrap your holiday photos.... and the backs -- can scrap anything! YUM!
Have a creative day

It's Here! My Article is here!

So exciting to see my work in print! THANK YOU again, Canadian Scrapbooker!
The Magazine is officially here and available online too.

I hope you enjoy the magazine, my article AND the video too!
Have a creative day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

UStream Follow Up - 18Nov11

Well, I had a fabulous night last night streaming live on . Thank you to all the ladies who joined me for the broadcast with an extra special thank you to those who signed in to the chat and "played" with me too!

You never know what I'm going to do on a Friday night in the studio. Last night I created this canvas using the toilet paper molds from last week's broadcast to create texture on the piece. I like how it turned out in the end. THANKS GIRLS..... I'm off to make something else with the image. and play a little more -- okay .... after I get some work done. *smile*

Friday, November 18, 2011

drop on by tonight at 6:30- 8 EST ... I'm playing in the studio and streaming live!

Canadian Scrapbooker Winter 2011 - Feature Video

I am thrilled to say that the Winter Issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker has shipped and stores and subscribers will be receiving their issues shortly.

I hope you enjoy my first ever article with them - A Scrapbooker's Gift!
I won't say to much more about the article yet ... at least until I have it in my hot little hands -- BUT I will say that every issue will also include a link to a special project video based on the technique that I share in the magazine. I think that's pretty cool.

This is the first video. SO, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy. We'll be taking the "Create your own Styrofoam Stamp" technique (that is stepped out in the magazine) a little farther for you ladies and gents who are interested in mixing media. In this video I will show you how to stamp with your styrofoam stamp on muslin and then embellish it with needle felting and free-form stitching to create a fabulous applique image to place on a custom fabric book cover. Phew! That's a lot but I think you'll like!

Without further ado.... "Quiet on the set....... ACTION!"

The Jean Fabric used in this project is one of my father's old denim shirts!

Products used in this video:
Styrofoam Plate - you can get free at your Grocer's
Jacquard Dye-na-Flow
Batting (Quilt, Cotton or Fleece)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mona, Mona, Mona .. how festive you look!

I had a WONDERFUL evening last night with the "journaling girls"!
We had so much fun playing with gelatos and watercolours and paints and inks.... well.... lets just say - WE HAD FUN CREATING!

I did step outside my journal for a bit last night and created this "tag - sized" Christmas Mona Lisa. You like? It's layers of paints and ink with a little bit of Perfect Pearl Mist. I LOVE IT! The Mona stamp is one of the La Blanche collage stamps. I used green painters tape to mask off the areas of the stamp I did't want to use. Love doing that! And the Christmas Tree on her head? That was one of Leanne's great ideas..... I made a triangle stencil and stamped snowflakes in it, removed the stencil and stamped outside the edges to make it look a little less perfectly triangled. How'd I do? *smile*

Hope you're having a creative day!
Be sure to pop by tomorrow -- I have a special post to share!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Christmas Ready...

In the ever popular traditional Christmas colours of Turquoise and Plum! hehe At least it's popular in my world *smile*

I made new valances.....
hung some turquoise mirror snowflakes in the window....
(and note the purple tree!!!)
made some table centerpieces .....

And added a few more little touches around the studio too.
Whatcha think? *smile*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

UStream Follow Up

Hi everyone... THANK YOU to those who came online yesterday to join my USTREAM feed. So fun to "play" with you and I hope you enjoyed it! I hope you come back and join me next Friday Night at 6:30 and LOG IN to chat so we can "talk" as we play -- you can ask questions, make commennts, etc etc :)

I played with a couple of ideas from Pam Carriker's Book - Art at the Speed of Life. I really liked the two small canvases that I created using her "Care Free Paint-Over Technique". Not so sure of the "paint under" technique though -- might not be for me -- just another "floportunity" use my gesso! *wink* LOL
I did love our Toilet Paper Mold experiment... Here are the results I promised.
Using Pam's directions (details found in her book) I mixed some matte medium and water into a spray bottle and made toilet paper molds by layering sheets of TP over a rubber stamps and spraying the mixture as I went..... we tried this VERY SUCCESSFULLY with the TP but then also got inspired to try it with other fine papers.... Paper Towel and Dress Pattern Tissue. Here are the results:

Love the TP one. You can see the detail and I can't wait to use it on a future project. The Paper Towel one (which I also spritzed blue to see how it would come through) was too thick to really get into the crevasses of the stamp but you can sort of see the effect. And the Pattern Tissue -- NOPE! But it's cute *wink*
Here are the other TP ones we did. Sorry for the photo but I'm sure you can see that they all look great! THANKS PAM!! hehe

Have a creative day everyone!!! And enjoy this fabulous weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Live Stream Tonight at 6:30

going to stream live tonight on uStream. Hope you can drop by and say HI!!!!

11.11.11 at 11

Today is a day to remember and to honour and I hope you all take a minute to do just that!

I mentioned a little while ago on our facebook page that I created a little something to post today. Well, here it is: "Lest We Forget" a mixed media painting that I created with the image of my daughter (Sea Cadet, MS Ellis -- yes, that's her wearing the "white top" in the middle) standing vigil at the Waterloo Cenotaph on Nov 11, 2010. She was back there last night and today standing vigil with her fellow cadets and had the honour of being the Sea Cadet representative that escorted the wreath bearers during the service. How wonderful. I'm so proud of her.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Products used:
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints and Matte Multi Medium
Faber-Castell PITT Pens (Big Brush and Journaling Sizes)
Perfect Pearl Mist (Pearl)
Charcoal Pencil

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Congratulations Donna

I heard some fabulous news today and I had to share.
Donna Funnell, Mixed Minded 2011 instructor and artist from the Milton area, found one of her creations of the cover of the current issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors! Congratulations Donna! I was so happy to hear that from some of your fans today!

Can you see her HOUSE? (be still my beating heart).....
perhaps this image found on page 78 will help -- Donna's is the one the arrow is pointing to.
How fabulous is that?
I was THRILLED to see so many Canadian pieces in this article. Go Canada!!

To celebrate I have ALL ISSUES of CLOTH, PAPER, SCISSORS on sale at the studio and online for $7.99 (that's 20% off). Get them while they're here!!

IF YOU GET SOMETHING PUBLISHED in a magazine, let me know -- I'm happy to spread the word!! Congratulations again, Donna.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

they're here!!

Seasonal Distress WINTER 2011 Ink Pads
they are limited edition inks - I have 24 sets and 24 only. Get them while you can!
Here's a great video with Tim Holtz showing you what they're all about.

They are available in the ONLINE STORE HERE
Pretty Cool!! Enjoy!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Please note: the studio will be closed tomorrow (Saturday) as I will be in Toronto at the Made by Hand Show ( It will re-open Tuesday for our regular hours.
Sorry for any inconvenience

Looky Looky

what went to print today....!!
See anything on the cover I may find exciting?
I'm doing a little jig over here! Yep, that's right .. I have a cover article. Hope you love it!

I'm taking Jackie Ludlage (co-founder and editor of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine) the samples for my Spring article tomorrow (weird thinking spring when there was frost on my window this morning). Loving how they turned out! I wish I could show you ... but you'll see soon enough!

COME MEET JACKIE AND I at the Made by Hand Show at the International Centre, Toronto TOMORROW.
yes, tomorrow... The studio will be closed while I am there. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gorgeous Card, Regan!

Regan, our little "Stampy McStamperson", *smile* created this card for a Moxie Fab challenge and sent me the link to show me. WHY? Well, because she used a stamp that she purchased at the Studio:
Susanne Carillo for "Art Gone Wild"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this card! Thanks so much for sharing, Regan!!
I love it when people share what they've done with the product in the studio or a technique that they've learned from me .... so PLEASE share your work. I'd love to see!!
Have a creative day!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

OMG... It's Magic!

and this time I'm not talking about a stencil!

My Pilot Pen Rep was in here today and she showed me something that I think will make your heart sing! .... a ball type pen that will write on fabric (and canvas ... I tried) that will disappear when you heat it with an iron or even a heat gun!!

Take a look:

See! Told you!! and the best part? It's only $2.99!!
I can't wait to play with it! I so see myself designing something on a piece of canvas and painting (or whatever) over it and then taking the heat gun to it to remove any lines I didn't go over. OMG!! Yahoo!!!

It will be available in the studio Friday or Tuesday at the latest. I already added it to the online store. It will ship as soon as it arrives! YAY!!
Off to play! Have a creative day!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Movember!

For those of you who don't know...
Movember (a portmanteau of the slang word "mo" for moustache and "November") is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November. - wikipedia

Many groups and organizations run Movember Charity events in support of Men's health issues. Google (the company that my husband works for is one, and I happen to know the male teachers at my daughter's high school do too. What a wonderful thing!!

In support of their efforts, in addition to donating to the charities, I encourage you to "spread the word" and "MUSTACHIFY YOURSELF" Change your profile pics and just HAVE FUN! To Mustachify your pictures. Go to and follow the directions. Have fun and thanks for supporting Men's Health Issues! Happy Movember!
Karen xoxo