Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th

Yes, Happy 4th to our American friends....

and hurray - a nice day here! Probably because Mother Nature knows I have to leave tomorrow :)... Oh well. We took big advantage of the great weather today...
We took Mozart to the Beach!

He was a little unsure of the whole water thing... but loved sniffing and "prancing" his way down the beach saying hi to the other dogs and looking so proud!

The waves were coming in and Em got right in them. Mozart's reaction was priceless. I have the BEST video of his first time in the water -- totally didn't think he would go in but he did. I caught a lucky break and was recording cause he didn't do it again! LOL. We don't want to freak the poor thing out. I will upload the video tomorrow when I am at the studio and have access to high speed internet... I think you'll love it.

While at the Beach I collected some items to use for my Dollar Store Club creation... I have more ideas churning in this little brain of mine. I wonder what I will settle on!!

I have GREAT NEWS! While I was away this week the Dog Groomers next door accepted a shipment from one of my suppliers!! MY CANVAS is in!!! Wait until you see what I got!! I'll post pictures this week.... cause I'll be drooling! Simple pleasures... I know *wink*

Have a great Saturday night! I was just "begged" to take the kid and two of her friends to see Transformers at the Drive in ....again.... I am such a sucker! A sucker for the movies at least!

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