Friday, July 03, 2009

It's gonna be a Dog Gone Good Summer....

How do I know this??
Just take a look at my pooch! Yep. That's my hubby and Mo sunning themselves on the deck earlier today. Yes, proof the sun came out a little bit this week! LOL

I think I will be seeing Mo sprawled out like this most of the summer.

I got busy around the trailer today. I dug trenches to make steps out of old railway ties leading up to our trailer. I mowed the "tufts" of grass on our lot and scrubbed and cleaned our gazebo area too. Phew... no wonder I am tired this evening! I did all that and ... well... you see what the hubby was up to today! lol. At least he helped me move the rail ties when I needed him too.

I am craving something creative. I think I might "play" tomorrow -- with what? I'm not sure. We'll see. :) I may simply prep the Card Cookout for next weekend... or get the final preparations together for the Y Summer Camp this week at the studio.

Ooooo I know what else I did today!! I went shopping in a fabulous little re-sale store that has everything from gaudy trinkets to furniture and antiques, jewelry, books and old papers. Well... I found three fabulous vintage Royal Conservatory of Music sheet music books. I started to salivate. I love music sheets in my collages!! Now I have a fresh supply of some amazing works! I even picked up a couple of frames that I think I will hang in the studio to showcase some cards. I'll show you later as I didn't take a picture of my finds today.

Speaking of the Studio.....
Tomorrow (SATURDAY), Sheri will be in the studio from 11-3. Drop by and say HI. I'll see you next week! Thanks for minding the store, Sher! I appreciate it!

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