Thursday, May 31, 2012


What a great week!!  I'm so sorry for my "lack of posting"..  time is flying!!

We had a FABULOUS weekend at Mixed Minded -- here is one of the photos taken in Donna Downey's class - PanPastel From the Heart.    So much fun!  I'll be going through more photos and posting here and the Mixed Minded site so you can see.  (if you'd like on one of your photos shared, please send it my way and I'll be sure to add it!!)

Jessica and I have been busy getting the studio put back together after the event, making orders and just getting organized for things to come.  Hope to see you all there soon.

Most of the orders will be arriving next week....but one came in yesterday afternoon ....  from UNITY STAMP!  NEW Christy Tomlinson stamps.   And they are Yummy.   Here's what just arrived.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Off to Mixed Minded!

Yes, that's right!  Mixed Minded is this weekend and we are packing up to move over to the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre tonight.

The Studio will be CLOSED this weekend while we are at the event -- but come visit us at the Hotel!  Love to see you and the store will be open!  Friday evening 5:30 - 9:30,  Saturday 8am -9:30pm & Sunday 11am - 2pm

For Directions to the Hotel where all the classes will be held, please visit the Mixed Minded Website

Have a GREAT weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting up a Storm ....

of circle flowers? *smile*  Nothing like a little paint on the hands to start the week off right!

E came into the studio yesterday for a canvas class and I was thrilled to have her.  Love teaching canvas making.  So fun!  Especially when you get to paint with your fingers!!! *wink*

Here's what we did...
The "In Progress"
E's final creation -- LOVE IT!!  Makes me want to make one with Orange fleurs!!  ... love the "Art Is" template added with Light Molding Paste too! (Size 12x16)
Here's Mine....   in all it's "purply" goodness *smile*  (Size 12x24)
If you'd like to come in to do one too....  let me know!  Love to create some more and share the fun with you all!!  Classes are booking now.  519 954 6620

Have a creative day everyone!
T minus 2 days until Mixed Minded at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre and me having to pick up Donna Downey... ! Can you tell I'm excited? *smile*

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Journaling and the Canadian Scrapbooker

Did you see this on the Canadian Scrapbooker Blog today?
Love my art Journal.

My article in the summer issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine steps out how you can create your own Art Journal.  ....something that I LOVE!!

As many of you know, I like to provide a video that corresponds with my article in the magazine -- so here is this issue's video - How to Create a Signature and Sew a 3 Hole Binding.
The Magazine shows 4 different books -- all the covers are created in different ways -- BUT ..  here is another one:  Using a child's artwork!  I hope you enjoy the video and try making some books on your own.  Let me know if you do -- I'd love to see!

The next video showcases how I created stamped journal covers seen in the magazine. We did this on USTREAM last Friday night. I broadcast live from the studio most Friday nights so I hope you join us one day soon!

 Have a creative day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Continuing with the Inbox love...

 ...although this time it's really Facebook Love!
Christine posted this image of her canvas she created after watching last week's Ustream broadcast.  Love it!  Thanks for giving me permission to post this here Christine!   Love to share!

I plan to broadcast tonight...   hope to see you there at 6:30 EST

And thank you for emailing Stephanie Ackerman and I about last week's broadcast.  We loved and were honoured to hear from you all.  Glad you liked the technique so much.
See you online soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art Journaling Night

LOVE IT!  So much fun!  Thanks to the gals who were here creating :)  You really got my mojo running
I snagged this off of E's Facebook (hope you don't mind *wink*)

And here's one I started (need to add a quote I like) -- loved the journal page Birgit Bernstein posted recently - had to try one like it ...  love Art Journals for the try me-s *smile*  - I try things I see that inspire me and then take what I like and learned and make it my own on canvas' and other pages.  Who inspires you?

Monday, May 14, 2012

From my Inbox - ...some Birds in Paradise

I received an email this week from Athala...   she wanted to share what she created inspired by my USTREAM broadcast on May 4.  Look at what she did!  Love it!!
She wrote:  
"I hid my journaling behind one of the leaves.  (that's why two photos, to show you).  I didn't want to mess up the picture with the  writing... I thought it was clever. =) "
LOL..  that made me chuckle.  Yes, Athala -- VERY clever!
Hope you had a creative weekend!  I saw a photo posted on Facebook inspired by last Friday's Ustream broadcast...  I'll see if I can share it here for you too!

Love these!!  Thanks for the emails!!  I love it when you guys share what you're doing!

If you are in the area Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon-- pop on by.  I have some people coming in to create and have a canvas class.   Let me know if you'd like to join us!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Do More of What Makes You Happy - USTREAM

Okay -- I loved creating this canvas inspired by the lovely and talented Stephanie Ackerman  who very graciously joined us on USTREAM tonight!  Thank you, Stephanie.  So glad you could join us!!
So here's the story - I saw a canvas that Stephanie posted on facebook that truely inspired me, so I commented and asked her if I could create my own version of it on my USTREAM broadcast tonight.  She said yes and voila...  this is what I created!  A canvas within a canvas.....

I wrote a quote out on watercolour paper and then used my watercolours to "rainbow" colour it.  Painted a 12x24 canvas with a couple of little textural elements in gesso and molding paste and then cut up and adhered the watercolour painting.  Add some PanPastel shading and there you have it!  A canvas that does make me happy!

My internet did cut out on me tonight so there are two vids here.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!!

Have a creative day!

Do More of What Makes You Happy - Part 1

Do More of What Makes You Happy - Part 2

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anna Dabrowska is coming for a Prima Workshop

Friday July 20, 2012
12pm - 5pm

Anna Dawbrowska, an incredibly talented mixed media artist from Poland, is coming to the U.S and Canada in July 2012---she is only teaching in TEN Stores and we are incredibly excited to be her stop in Ontario. Anna will be teaching this gorgeous mixed media journal cover complete with 6 pages on the inside.  

Known for her collage style that uses rich layers and detail, Anna will show you many techniques that will inspire you to use your products in new and innovative ways. Don't miss out on this creative opportunity to learn from this amazing artist. 
CLICK HERE to register for this fabulous class!

New window display

Had some fun putting up some tissue paper flowers in the Studio Window :)   So pretty....  Come on by to see them in person! *smile*

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A New Class at Mixed Minded... and one sold out!

I was so excited to see some Fabric Sculpture work at the show I was at on the weekend and even more excited to be able to offer it to you as a class at Mixed Minded cause I think it will be a lot of fun and you'll really enjoy it
These Sculptures are made with Powertex ..  a textile hardener that will allow you to create beautiful sculpture using only a wire armature and an old t-shirt, some gauze, lace, doilies, and more.  So much fun!

Karen Christensen will be joining us at Mixed Minded to teach how to get the most of this wonderful medium.  

Please CLICK HERE for class particulars.

I can't wait to get Powertex into the studio!!   I see lots of sculpture in my future.  The company website has a gallery...  be sure to check out some of the things being done with this product for a little inspiration.

On a separate note -- Donna Downey's The BIG 40 class is now SOLD OUT!!   Be sure to register for your classes soon so you're not disappointed.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Stencil Inbox Love

And just in time for National Scrapbook Day.
I love getting emails!!!!!
Just take a peek at how Katharina used my Whimsical Houses template with photographs.  Love Love Love it!  

Hope you're doing something special today.
I loved being a part of the Cropathon...  thanks to all who watched and congrats to my winners!!
Stay creative!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Are you ready for a CROPATHON?

Happy National Scrapbook Day (Saturday)!

I am so happy to be participating in "Creative EdVentures" 2nd Annual National Scrapbooking Day Crop-a -thon.

the online event will be taking place from 10am - 8pm EST.  Here's the link:

If you are new to Linqto ...  you will find this post VERY Helpful  and please note...  Do not use Chrome  *wink*...  I can't believe I am saying that.    There is a hitch with the sound on that.  Gotta get Hubby "on it" *smile*

Any way ..  here is the exciting line up ...  all times are EST

The basic line-up of Crafting Demonstrations for the day:

10:00 am – Rebecca Parsons –

1045 am – Marlo Letterle –

11:15am – Lee Brehon –

Noon – Kelly Donovan –

1:00 pm – Lisa Fulmer –

1:30 pm – Karen Ellis –

2:00 pm – Dale Anne Potter –

3:00 pm – Suzi Blu –

3:30 pm – Jessica Griffin –

4:30 pm – Kelly Donovan –

5:15 pm – Kiki Halbert –

6:00 pm – Roberta Birnbaum –

6:30 pm – Edie Cournoyer –

7:15 pm – Margarita Ibbott –

Oh...and did I mention there are LOTS of give a ways?  :)

See you online at 1:30 ...  I'll be broadcasting LIVE from the Coast to Coast Show at the Delta Meadowvale, Mississauga.
*yes, a reminder that that studio is closed.....*
See you soon!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A little "resist"

Had a wonderful evening with the girls tonight (technique of the month class) ...  resisting! *smile*
Loved how the girl's things turned out -- should've snaped a pic.  But here's my example:
Love stencils, paints, sprays and Vaseline...  Vaseline?  Why yes...  it's all good.  hummm...  it's giving me ideas!

I'm off to the Coast to Coast show Thursday afternoon.   PLEASE REMEMBER the studio will be closed while we are there and will re-open on Tuesday at 11am.  If you are in Mississauga -- pop by the Delta Meadowvale (Mississauga Rd and 401) to check out the show.  Here's the show site for more information.

I will be broadcasting live from the show this weekend so watch for notices and click on our channel site to see if I'm on or have recorded a video.

More from my inbox

I am so lucky to get these emails!!  THANK YOU all for sharing!

Here is one using my "Lovely Houses" Stamp Set with myStamp Box.  Candace wrote:
Hi Karen,

I got your "Houses" stamp (along with other things) and I just love it. I thought I'd show you one of the things I did with this. Just love these houses!
 It's a postcard that she created for a recent postcard swap.   *smile*   Thanks, Candace!  So glad you liked the stamp set!!  THANK YOU so much for your email!

Speaking of the stamp set....

I was on the myStamp Box Blog today and saw this fun mini album/card tutorial that also uses the Lovely Houses (and the Stripey Stems) stamp sets.  Thought that there's never too much inspiration so...enjoy!

CLICK HERE to go to their site and see the tutorial.
....created by Jaine - myStamp Box Design Team

Have a creative day!