Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a week??

Wow! I can't believe I let my blogging exploits go for a whole week!!
Many apologies! I was a busy busy girl.

First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the kids from the YMCA Day Camp. They were a FABULOUS group of kids!! Every one very creative. I love watching children create. They are fearless -- they commit to what they are doing without hesitation. Really inspiring! I have to admit that a couple of those kids did some things in their books I never would have thought of and, if the truth be told, you will see them in my future creations! :) I LOVED how one of the kids plucked the petals from a flower to create a line border, and I loved how free another one of the kids was with the roller stamps. She created some fun and funky designs. There was a crimped quilt page, some pop out elements.... wow! Such fun. Thanks guys!! I know I will be seeing 3 of those kids again at next month's camp and I hope to see the other kids at other events soon too. I'm really looking forward to August!

The Dollar Store Club met last Wednesday evening. Sheri and I shared what we had done with our dollar store item (cause the other members were either new to us or didn't get theirs completed. shame shame *wink* ...yes, mine was only started as well.... hehe) and then we got right down to business -- I taught them the basics of Image Transferring.

Kelly brought a picture of her own but the rest of us chose an image from a 1954 magazine that I had laying around the studio. There are some VERY fun pictures in old periodicals that work wonderfully for transferring. Take a look at what you have around the house -- you never know what you may find.
What do you need for image transferring??
  • An image that is "toner" based. Essentially anything from a magazine or newspaper or laser printer can be used. Ink Jet images won't work -- just a tip.
  • Matte Medium (I have some on sale at the studio if you are in need. A 4 oz jar is just over $5 and a 16oz jar s $11.75.... just sayin' :) )
  • A paint brush to apply the medium
  • Something to apply the medium to - canvas, paper, paper mache box, prepped wood.... (we used canvas)
  • A little water -- I love spritzing it with my mini misters
that's it...
Here's how it works: Apply a generous amount of Matte Medium to your project base. I like to apply it with a brush - brushing it on in one direction and then the other to ensure a nice coating. Then, place your image face down into the wet Matte Medium and use your finger to secure it to the project base. Let dry. Once the medium is dry, spritz it was a little bit of water and gingerly remove the pulp of the paper with your finger in a circular motion. Be careful with it -- You will have to play with the pressure you use. Too hard and you risk removing the image with the pulp and we don't want that!. You will have to spritz and rub numerous times before the image is completely exposed BUT.... you will love the result!
We used acrylic paints and perfect pearls to embellish our canvas..... Look at the girls first image transferring projects!! Aren't they great??!!

WARNING... this is addicting! And, like all things, practice makes perfect. Enjoy the process ladies!! Have fun! If you ave any questions -- feel free to email me or come see Sheri or I in the Studio on Saturdays this summer. Love to see you! (Sue, Amber, Rosanne: We missed you this month. Let me know if you would like to do this with me later -- you missed a fun project!! *wink*)

Next month's item: Flip Flops... or your choice!! Create your art and bring it to the next meeting AUGUST 19. Show and tell starts at 7pm. New members are always welcome. We will go back to meeting on the first Wednesday of the month in the Fall....

If you or another group of ladies are interested in the Dollar Store Club but can't make the Wednesday night group, feel free to contact me. I have had a lot of interest in this club and would love to start up another club night. Just let me know! Meeting dues are $10/month (plus tax, unfortunately) I hope you join us! We have a blast.

I will post more about my week tomorrow.... :) And hopefully I will find a picture of Sheri's Dollar Store project. It's amazing!!!

For the girls who saw the start of mine... I was altering a book to hold my glasses... I finished part of it. It's pretty funky -- but I had fun! I'll post more when it is completely finished! Consider it my labour of love :)

Enjoy today... it's beautiful out!!

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Rosanne said...

What a very cool technique Karen!Your instructions make it seem easy. I can't wait to see Sheri's project and your finished one too!