Friday, June 19, 2015

New for the ScanNCut

For those of you who like to have the cut files all set to go....
Brother has introduced a new USB filled with 75 different home decor inspired cut files for you to use.   Very cool.....  

List price $64.99  .... less than a dollar/image!
Contact me at the studio if you'd like to add this to your ScanNCut library.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Let the Games Begin!

Tomorrow the PanAm Games Torch Run comes through town on it's way to the opening ceremonies in Toronto next month!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to experiment with a new product introduced to me last weekend at the Designer Retreat from DecoArt - FABRIC Decou-Page Glue

I LOVE to experiment and test a product before I use it in my arty projects.  Sometimes that testing takes place in my art journal, other times on simple one time projects like this one - a flag to hang in my store for the duration of the games!

I was super impressed with this glue!   The adhesive fused the fabric extremely well without discolouring it or making it feel hard or crunchy.  FABULOUS.   I am told it holds up well to washing too.   How glorious!  I'll be using this again tonight on my ustream broadcast - I just may have been inspired! *wink*

For those of you interested...  Yes, I did create this using the Brother ScanNCut machine!!

I took the Toronto 2015 logo off the games website and uploaded it into ScanNCut Canvas to create the cut file.  Here's how that was done*.

1)  Login to  Select NEW  (and marvel at all the new pre-programmed projects now available for you to use on the home page *smile*)

2)  Select the Image Tracing "leaf" to import your image.
 3)  Choose file and select "colour" so that the program will locate all cut lines (not just the outside line around the image)

4)  Select Preview to see what line the program found.   Select OKAY to approve.

5)  Select the numbers and drag and drop them away from the logo.   We only need one cut line for this project.

6)  Select and delete all the numbers once removed.

7)  Select the logo and GROUP

8)  Enlarge the logo to desired size.  I recommend un-grouping the image once it's sized to facilitate more drag and drop options on the ScanNCut machine later.

9)  You're ready to save your file.   Select Download for ScanNCut

10)  Right click on the "Untitled fcm" and save to a USB stick

Once your file is saved, take it to your machine and cut your material.   Have fun!!!

*please remember - FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  This and many images found on the internet are copyrighted.  Please play fair in the sandbox, the river, the track, the velodrome, and the pool.  *wink*

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CHA Canada DECP Retreat Weekend

This weekend I was honoured to represent Brother Canada at this year's CHA DECP (Designer, Educator, Creative Professional) Retreat at the Kempenfelt Center in Barrie.

It was very exciting to see a group of industry professionals (designers, media people, educators) play with the ScanNCut machine -- see how it can really compliment the work they're doing in their own studios!!  THANK YOU Brother Canada for the opportunity to share and inspire this great group of people!!

In addition to some great creative sessions, I also had the privilege on sitting in on 3 VERY valuable accreditation seminars.  These were wonderful continuing education  sessions that will help in our businesses:   Emerging Trends - blending technology, arts & crafting (with Sarah Hodsdon), Boothmanship (with Wendy Russel) and Copyright and Licensing (Kelly and Mario Panacci, Kelly Panacci Inc).   Fantastic!!  So happy I could attend!

If you're in the industry -- be sure to attend next year's retreat.   You'll come out refreshed and with tools and inspiration for you to enhance your business.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Updates for the ScanNCut just announced

Brother has offered another free update to it's ScanNCut users.

In addition to some small fixes, TWO NEW FONTS have been added to both Canadian models AND the ability to convert PES embroidery files into cut files is now available on the CM550DX!  But wait, there's more!! The Brother engineers heard us -- UNDO buttons have now been added to every page!  Yahoo!!!!   Can't wait to load this update on my own machine!

The current update is v1.32  Here's how to update your machine software:
  • Visit
  • Select "DOWNLOADS" (make sure you are in the Canada site.  Change country or language by selecting the link if required)
  • Enter the Model Number of your ScanNCut Machine (CM550DX or CM100DM)
  • Select your operating system - then press "search"
  • Select "update software"
  • move downloaded file to a USB stick
  • follow the directions on the website (shown below)
How to check the software version of your machine
  1. Press button_01 (Power Button) in the operation panel to turn on the machine.

  2. When the opening screen appears, touch anywhere on the display.

  3. When the message for moving to the initial position appears, touch the "OK" key.

  4. To display the settings screen, press button_02 (Settings Button) in the operation panel.

  5. The settings screen appears.

  6. Touch key_03 (Page Down Key) in the LCD panel to display Page 5.

  7. The version information of the software in the machine is displayed.

  8. If the version is already 1.32 or later, it is not necessary to update your machine with the program on this page.

How to update your machine's software

You can update the machine's software using a USB flash drive.
After downloading the file, update the machine's software according to the following procedure.

  1. Insert the USB Flash drive into the USB port on the computer.

  2. The "Removable Disk" icon appears in "Computer (My computer)" on the computer.

  3. Copy the update file to "Removable Disk" on the computer.
    The USB Flash drive should contain only this update file.
    If the USB flash drive contains other files at the same time, the software update may work incorrectly.

  4. Safely remove the USB Flash drive from the USB port on the computer.

  5. While holding down button_11 (Feed Button) in the operation panel, press button_12 (Power Button) to turn on the machine.

  6. The upgrade mode screen appears.

  7. Plug the USB flash drive containing the update file into the USB port on the machine.

  8. Touch key_13 (Update key) to start the update.

  9. When updating is finished, the completion message appears.

  10. Unplug the USB flash drive from the USB port.

  11. Turn the machine off, then on again.

  12. The machine's software has been updated.

For more information, or to purchase your own ScanNCut machine, please contact us at the studio.  We'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Fabric HOUSE Coin Purse (Ustream)

Inspired by Isabel Wagner's article in the Summer 2015 issue of Sew Somerset , this little cutie was created on my ustream broadcast last Thursday night.   LOVE these little coin purses!!

I think they'd be a great project for a sewing class here at the studio for those interested in fabric collage and accessory making using the Brother Machines - look for that soon.

Supplies Used:
Assorted Fabric
Pellon Fusible Adhesive - Easy Steam II
Fabric Scissors
Assorted Trims and Buttons
Sewing Machine