Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alcohol Inks and Yupo - USTREAM

Enjoyed streaming last night on USTREAM...  the last of my Friday broadcasts - I'm moving to Thursday nights in JULY!!! (no broadcast next week because of my daughter's graduation that I forgot about last night when I said I would broadcast next Thursday -- oops! *wink*)

Last night's cards were inspired by Maria McGuire's blog hop post this week. LOVED what she created with alcohol inks and stencils!  Loved is an understatement -- it rocked my world so I had to play too!

For last night's broadcast I used:
Alcohol Inks (by Ranger)
Stencils (by everyone *wink*)
and 5x7 Yupo Paper (cut in half for the cards. Perfect A2 card size that way)

Note the picture of all the cards above -- I cut the "birds" one down to card size and mounted it on a card back -- I know I wasn't happy with it when creating it BUT I think it's now one of my favourites.  Who knew?  *wink* Now, if I can only stamp straight!  LOL

Enjoy the broadcast and see you on ustream again in a couple weeks!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Join me at the Cambridge Arts Festival

I will have a booth right in front of the band area beside the entrance to Cambridge City Hall!
Come by, say HI, and help us create a fun Community Mosaic that I will hang in our shop window after the event!   Make your mark and have some fun doing it!!  

Lots will be happening at Civic Square...   this event is being held in conjunction with the Mayor's Celebration of the Arts (Starting tonight at City Hall) so there will be lots of art to see, things to do and bands to hear!

See you there!!   I will be there tomorrow from 10am until at least 9pm....  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Landscape Sketching with Sharyn Seibert

Landscape Sketching is an en plein air workshop what will be held alongside of the Grand River just a block from the studio.  For this reason, please plan for the weather,  bring sun screen and be prepared to have a relaxing sketch workshop in an inspiring setting.

We will be meeting in the studio where you will be introduced to Sharyn and learn about what the day will hold.  In case of poor weather, we will invoke the picture techniques from Sharyn's Architectural/Travel Sketching Class and return to the studio to paint.

The Landscape Class will involve various watercolour techniques on watercolour paper - a more traditional way of approaching the subject.   Please BRING YOUR LUNCH, small refreshments will be provided.

Supply List
• IN CASE OF POOR WEATHER: Camera, laptop and patch cord for downloading photos OR  Ipad, tablet or device for taking and viewing photos on a screen (cameras alone will not work for this project)

The following items are available for sale at the studio if required:
• Small watercolour set 
• White and fine black Sharpie permanent markers
• White acrylic
• Painters masking tape (green)
• Paint brushes acrylic: size 6 flat, size 6 round, size 2 round
• White crayon
• Pencil
• Paper towels
• Water container
• Stool, camp chair
• Sun hat and a hard surface to work on. *Ask Karen about the Artist Tote Boards available at the studio... they are surprisingly inexpensive and perfect for this!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Architectural/Travel Sketching Workshop with Sharyn Seibert

I am SUPER excited to have Sharyn Seibert join us in the studio this summer for two exciting sketching workshops. Beginning and seasoned sketchers will love Sharyn's approach to both architectural and landscape sketching. 

On Saturday July 19, the Architectural/Travel Sketching class will be done on glossy papers with techniques PERFECT for the traveller ... yes, this particular technique will be using your camera! *wink*    Because this class is not en plein air and will be using photographic assistance, no previous knowledge of perspective or urban sketching is required. 

You will be using watercolour pencils and mediums along with pen work on GLOSSY photo paper to create an extremely fun and artistic images.  The day will begin with a walk around historic Downtown Galt. You will be taking photos of areas in the downtown that you wish to sketch later when you return to the studio. Please feel free to BRING YOUR LUNCH.  Some light refreshments will be served and time for lunch will be provided.

Supply List
• Camera, laptop and patch cord for downloading photos OR  Ipad, tablet or device for taking and viewing photos on a screen - Karen likes her Chromebook *wink* (phones alone will not work for this project)
• Glossy  4” x 6” photo paper (4-6) for printing your photos

The Art House Studio has items listed below for sale in the store if required.
• Acetate sheet 4” x 6” (two) if you have
• Watercolour pencils
• Inktense pencils (optional)
• Markers 
• White and fine black Sharpie permanent markers
• White acrylic paint
• Painters masking tape (green)
• Paint brushes acrylic: size 6 flat, size 6 round, size 2 round
• Small container Purel hand sanitizer
• Paper towels
• Water container


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mosaic "Faux" Stained Glass Workshop with Stephanie Howe

11am-4pm  Saturday July 5, 2014
Class Fee: $90

I love the look of mosaics and making them into a "faux" stained glass window really strikes my fancy!

This is a "faux" stained glass class. You will not be soldering the glass, you will choose and snip glass pieces to form a Tree, Sun or Floral pattern provided and attaching them to an actual old window (approx 12"x14") ready to display!  Black grout will be applied instead of the solder to "finish" the mosaic and give it that authentic look.  

...but if you have your own safety glasses, please feel free to bring them with you.

Please bring a lunch.  Light refreshments will be provided.
Parking for Saturday classes is available AT THE BACK of the Canada Post Parking Lot. Contact the studio for details



Tuesday, June 10, 2014