Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doodle myself a patch? Why not??

So, today I had a little play time with my Brother Sewing machine and some Inktense Blocks from Derwent.   I thought I'd try my hand at making a patch using some of my own doodles!

I do LOVE the Brother Dream Machine -- if the sewing wasn't enough, the scanning feature for embroidery puts it over the top with FUN!  I started my day by doodling on a plain piece of paper then I scanned that doodle into the sewing machine to create an embroidery file!!   Don't you just LOVE technology?
Embroidering my Doodle with the Dream Machine - Brother 8500D
I made my file into a patch with the press of a button and then when it was done (14 minutes start to finish embroidery, BTW) I used some Fray Stop along the patch border and painted the flowers with Inktense while it dried.   When the Fray Stop dried, I cut it out with some sharp fabric scissors - isn't it cute??

Instead of adding some Heat N Bond to the back of the patch to make it into an iron on...   I thought I'd stitch a couple strands of tarn to it and make it a bib necklace for me to wear in the studio and at the shows.  I'm still giggling!

Fun day experimenting with some of the stuff here in the studio!   Bring on the patches.....!!

and come into the studio to check out the Brother 8500D!
Hope you had a creative day!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday "Toots" - SolarFast Dyes by Jacquard

It's time for some Tuesday "Toots"
Today I thought I'd feature SolarFast Dye by Jacquard.

So much fun!!   Simple to use...    Great to experiment with!!
Here's the demo video provided by Jaquard....    :)

Don't you just LOVE how they Comic Book the name - SOLARFast! ?   Giggles!!

I have been EAGER to play with this product all year and had a few projects sketched out before I left for my trip out west.  But then I stumbled upon an Esty artist at the Stampede selling the most glorious sunprinted pillow cases, table runners, and more -- Well...  She got me salivating! And guess what?  She uses SolarFast too! Check this out! (Jack & Cyan on Etsy)

So lush!   Of course, I had to buy one!   I love what she did and her style ...  notice the little surprises she embeds in her work?
Yes, I bicycle in the botanicals (which she cut out using her electric die cutting machine!!  Attn: ScanNCut users!! *Wink*)

So, when I got home, I took out the dye and created a set of placemats for us to use at our trailer.   Our umbrella is burnt orange so it seemed appropriate to print a set of placemats in the colour too.

I took a tip from the artist and instead of painting on the medium, I diluted it a bit, soaked the material and then gently rung it out.  This created the different intensities of dye.  Well, that and the maple leaves I placed on the fabric under a clear acrylic sheet.  

Once the placemats were sewn together, I free motion quilted around the leaves to accentuate them using Brother 85e sewing machine and SA129 Quilting foot.

Love these..   I'll try to remember to instagram our set table next time I'm at the trailer for you!!

Have you ever tried sun printing????
I did try this on paper on the weekend without success BUT...   after watching this video I think I know why!!   Stay tuned for that!

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Have a creative day everyone!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

My "Wee Flakes" are making me laugh!

 Good Morning everyone!
I had a great evening last night broadcasting live on USTREAM.

In case you missed it (the broadcast was not recorded...) I had lots of fun with the gals creating some CROCHET SNOWFLAKES for the Crochet Crowd's display for the CreativFestival this October.   The Crochet Crowd always creates an elaborate and inspirational booth - this year it's Christmas themed....   These snowflakes?  They are for an igloo they're creating.   Can't wait to see it.   So happy to participate!

If you follow the Crochet Crowd or me on Facebook you may have seen this live video posted on Tuesday when I went to the Spinrite Tent Sale in Listowel to pick up some white yarn so I could make these babies.

Posted by The Crochet Crowd on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gotta have fun, right??
On that note -- and with the girl's encouragement (twisting my rubber arm) I created some smaller pieces with thinner cotton and a smaller hook.   Snowflakes that I can wear at the show.  The issue??  I only had yellow variegated yarn -- Solution...  yes, you guessed it.  Yellow. Snow. Flakes....    Bwahhahahahah...   "wee" flakes.   I'm going to make a wearable with these and add a dog charm to them.  Let's see how long it takes people to spot them at the show!!   *wink*   Best yet -- we'll see who has the courage to say something!   HAHA.

Thanks for a great broadcast and for those wanting the pattern.   Here is the link to the free pattern "Simple Snowflake" courtesy of the Crochet Crowd.

Link to FREE SNOWFLAKE pattern and video tutorial by the Crochet Crowd.

Be sure to do something Creative today,...   and have a little FUN!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fabric collage with DecoArt Decou-Page Fabric Medium

I had almost as much fun on vacation as I did creating this little art quilt commemorating it!

Some of you may recall that I collaged the mountain scene on ustream using the new Decou-Page medium for FABRIC from DecoArt.   Love it!   This medium dries soft and flexible and I had no trouble sewing through it at all!

I took the time to practice some free motion writing using my Brother Sewing Machine and Quilting Foot (Brother 85e Machine and SA129 Foot) and wrote out all the places my husband and I visited on our trip up north last month.  Loving how this turned out -- can't wait to mount it!

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Hope you're having a creative day!

Monday, August 10, 2015

From Oven to Table

Yes, come create your own unique textural Stoneware Platter with Susan Gervais  at the studio on Saturday August 22.

You will mold and manipulate the clay to create something FUNCTIONAL and truly one of a kind!!

Your piece will be dried and fired by Susan and then we welcome you to come back to the studio on September 19th to glaze your platter.   After a second firing, your platter will be ready to use!!!  Pampered Chef has nothing on us *wink*

Hope you can join us.
Saturday August 22, 1-4pm
the Saturday Sept 19, 11 - 12:30pm.

All materials included but please bring a shoebox and a old hand towel to use in class.

Contact the studio for more information!