Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been tagged!!


A=Available - Nope.. got my hubby and he would kill me if I said yes! :)
B=Best Friend - Oh dear.. this could be trouble :) I'd say Sheri
C=Cake or pie - Depends on the flavour! Both!
D=Drink of choice - right now... Cranberry and Orange Juice Mix
E=Essential item you use everyday - My toothbrush -- Oh yeah
F=Favourite color - teals and greens
G=Gummy bears or worms - Bears, definately
H=Hometown - Barrie, ON
I= Indulgences - Anything scrapbook related... and "chippies"!
J= January or February - January. I so get the Feb Blahs
K=Kids and names - Rather not post name but I have one :)
L=Life is incomplete without - Family, for sure!
M=Marriage date - In August - Hopefully I will remember!
N=Number of siblings - 1 younger
O=Oranges or apples - Apples!
P=Phobias or Fears - Failure
Q=Favourite Quote - Marjorie wrote about one she liked when she was a teen -- It made me smile and think "I Must, I Must, I must increase my bust!" - Judy Bloom (Are you there God it's me Margaret)
R=Reason to smile - My kid!
S=Season - Summer! The trailer, warm weather and the beach
T=Tag 3 or 4 people - Sheri,Judy, Jenn
U=Unknown fact about me - One eye is bigger than the other
V=Vegetable you don't like - Brussel sprouts -- Here! Here!
W= Worst habit - Cancer Sticks... yep I admit it - must quit
X=X-rays - Of my thick skull :) My middle finger :)
Y=Your favorite food - Anything I do not have to make!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Libra

Monday, January 22, 2007

Scrapping this Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend scrapping and spending time with friends.

On Saturday I was invited to an informal crop with a few Go Scrapping friends where I took the opportunity to create the 10 6x6 recipe swap layouts that are due next month! Whoo Hoo! I can't believe I am ahead of the game :) I have posted it here to share with you all. It is for a delicious Asian Style Beef and Noodle Soup (the swap theme is soups and apps). Hope they like it!

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I also took the crop opportunity to create 3 of the 4 cards for my next card class at Simply Scrapping!! The samples are at the store now and I hope my students love them. I did a couple of "love" themed cards for Valentines Day and an All Occasion Card as well. Now... What to create to finish the class... ?? I guess you will all have to wait and see! :)

Sunday was another fabulous day! The Scrapping Turtle in St Jacobs celebrated their one year anniversary with an in-store auction. Participants were asked to keep their receipts dating back to Dec 1 and the total of those receipts equaled the amount of money that you could use to bid on some fabulous prizes!! It was a hoot! I did get a Memories Complete Prize Pack to take home and got to see many familiar faces!! Fabulous! Congratulations on your Anniversary Scrapping Turtle.

Sunday night Sheri and I went out to dinner at the new Thai place in Waterloo. Yummy! We were supposed to meet A Scrapbookers Dream store owner (Bolton) for dinner as well but she was unable to make it due to weather and a traffic stoppage on the 401. Bummer!! But Sheri and I had a fabulous dinner! I encourage everyone from this are to "check it out". You won't be disappointed!! Love Thai Food!! :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Message Board Laughs

I love the ladies on the Go Scrapping Message Board!! They are too funny.
The January 17 QOTD was posted by savvyshare and it put a smile on my face all day so... I had to Scrap it.

The Question read: Welcome to Sesame Street! For some bizarre reason you have just moved into the neighbourhood -- you need a roommate though. Which resident of Sesame Street do you shack up with and why?

The responses were out of this world!! Here are a few:
- Cookie Monster would be cool, but the crumbs! And - does he share??? "
- "GROVER rocks my world....and he's a superhero. Sweeeeet."
- "Well, since I already live with "Oscar the Grouch", i would like someone happier like "Big Bird"!!!"

... Then there was my response:
"I guess I will say "The Count". Why?? What can I say? I am into math geeks!!"

I enjoyed this QOTD so much I called my Math Geek at work to make his day.
Thanks for the Layout Inspiration Guys! ... you and CK Mag. :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

WE are back from our trip now :)
It seems like we did nothing but drive for days... Oh, we did :)
This trip marked the first time that I have driven through the Virginias - WOW. I didn't realize they had mountain terrain. I guess if I actually took a moment to think about it, of course they do! I am well aware that the mountain range runs from the states up through Quebec and the Maritimes. I am such a goof. :) Anyway. It was nice to drive but, for as much as I dislike driving through Ohio, I don't think I will take that way again any time soon. I-79 is like a rollercoaster - Up, down, around, through.. My car needs stability and traction system repair (that message is blinking at me now) Glad I did it at least once though.

We drove up to Barrie before coming home to see my folks. My mom's birthday was when we were away so we took the opportunity to visit. They (my mom and dad) went on a cruise Sunday (yesterday) so it was nice to see them before they left.

Well... Here we are back home. Lots of mail to go through, emails to answer, tickets to mail :) Glad to be home (trying to ignore the piled laundry as much as possible.... Not working)

Happy New Year Everyone!! Thank you so much for reading this trip blog. Glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!! (Been hearing from many of you about it)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 13

Charleston, South Carolina
We spent the entire day in and around Charleston. How fabulous!
We started the day off by going to Boone Hall Plantation. I found it on the internet a while back and am I ever glad I did. I mentioned in another post that I used to have dreams about this area spurred on by books and yes, even movies. I think that I have seen every Civil War movie out there. Back in the 80s I loved a "little" 12 part Mini Series called North and South starring (among many) Patrick Swayze. I must have seen this mini series 6 times if I have seen it once because I used to always rent it too. Well... As it turns out, Boone Hall Plantation was the backdrop of the movie -- Ory Main's home (Patrick Swayze's Character). I recognized it as soon as I pulled up to it. I got goose bumps.. And when my suspicions were confirmed I practically giggled with glee! Who knew?!!

The Boone Hall is the oldest working plantation in the State. They have guided tours of the site, the main house and of "Slave street". There are 9 original brick slave "cabins" dating from 1790-1810 on site (there had previously been 27). These cabins housed the slaves working in the main house, kitchen areas and as drivers. They were not for field hands. Still, so tiny and housed approximately 12 people in each one (approximately two families in each cabin). 4 of the remaining buildings housed displays about Gullah culture and its history. The people working at Boone Hall were extremely knowledgeable about the history of the plantation (good and bad), some wore period clothing and they truly made it a wonderful experience to visit.

The house you see in pictures was built in 1936. Yes 1936. Apparently two Canadians came down to Charleston, bought the Plantation and didn't like the house that sat on it. They tore it down and re-built a new home in early colonial style (Adams Style). Go Figure. We were told however, that they spared no expense and even brought electricity to the area. They were the first home in the area to have it. They harnessed hydroelectric power from the river running adjacent to the property -- interesting. I could go on but I won't bore you here. Be sure to ask me sometime :) I will say that this was a fabulous experience, breathtaking and very educational. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area.

Now, Downtown Charleston -- what can I say? WOW! Pictures do not do it justice. We took a Carriage Tour of the historic district. Our Tour Guide, Myron, was fabulous. He pointed out things I never would have noticed walking around on my own. So glad we did this. DD & DH thoroughly enjoyed it as well although DH got more out of it. Our guide talked about the architecture, the history of the people who developed the area, talked about the effects of the earthquake and fires of the past as well as Hugo -- a what is here now and why kind of thing. Very cool. There are a couple of Carriage Companies in Charleston so I asked a few locals their opinion on the best one and every person I asked said the same tour company -- Palmetto Carriage (in the Red Barn. We certainly weren't disappointed!

Enjoy the pics.

...And the adventure continues...

Days 11 & 12

Happy New Year!!
Day 11 (New Years Day) - The three of us got up "fairly" early in the morning and went to breakfast at the resort. We used up the last of our meal plan options and had a good start to our leisurely trek back home. First Stop: Kennedy Space Center.

We arrived at Kennedy's Visitor's Center around 11:30AM, paid for our tickets (ouch), went through security (holy cow) and entered NASA Heaven (at least that is what I call it :) ) I got pins and needles just driving out to it! We purchased "NASA Up Close" tickets that included a tour of the launch pads (extreme close up), landing sites and more. It also included a two day entry and passes to the astronaut museum located down the road (still on property).

Since our two hour tour didn't leave until 1:10, we browsed the Rocket Garden and took in a Mad Science Show about going to Mars. DD was chosen from the crowd to help out and be a part of the show. She had to wear a NASA Flight Suit and ride a small simulator (I'll call it the "rocket chair" for lack of a better description). She had a lot of fun and was very proud to wear the uniform! The show itself was very fast paced, fun for all, and yes, even educational!

The tour was great. I've seen the sites in movies and pictures but nothing can compare to seeing them in person. It's hard to believe people actually were sent into space from there and some died trying. ....Again goose bumps!! I suppose I am a geek at heart -- I love this stuff! Can't wait to see what the program brings us in the future!

As there was just too much to see and do in one day, we decided to get a room at a near by hotel and visit again. On Day 12 we arrived around 10:30AM and went directly to the IMAX Theatre where we saw a movie narrated by Tom Hanks called Magnificent Desolation (A movie about the Apollo Missions and Walking on the Moon) It was fabulous and in 3D.

After the show we hopped back in the car and traveled a few miles to the Astronaut Museum. It is an interactive Museum that has simulation rides and games for people of all ages to experience. DD and DH tried the G Force Simulator that "spun" you so that you can experience what 4 Gs feels like... Not for me :). We all went in the Mars Rover Simulator that simulated what it might be like to ride a vehicle on the surface of the planet Mars - very cool. DD strapped herself into the Moon Walk Simulator - a contraption that is supposed to let you feel like you are 1/6th your weight and walking on the moon. There were other interactive games and such there too but DH and I also really liked the tributes to the astronauts and seeing some actual pieces of the missions to space. In particular, there was an actual Apollo Command Module there - one that went through re-entry. You could see the burn marks created from the heat of re-entry. You could even see where the glass bubbled on the Hatch windows - Unbelievable! It is hard to imagine anyone surviving in there. All in all, a great place to visit. I won't watch another space mission in the same way again, for sure!

We headed back out on the highway around 2:30/3PM and headed North. We did make a couple of quick stops but nothing too major - just dinner and a little shopping :) We are now in Charleston, SC and are looking forward to a day of exploring the area!

...And the adventure continues...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 10 - New Years Eve

It is New Years Eve and our last full day at Disney. It certainly has been a fun filled trip so far!!

DD asked to have a down day hanging out at the resort. We had seen what we wanted to see at the parks and it was a gorgeous day to hang out at the "beach"!! The sun was out and the temp was approximate 85 degrees!! Fabulous!

The Resort had some kids activities this afternoon. Some Pool and Beach Games that DD wanted to participate in. They played pool tag, Marco Polo Disney Style: Finding Nemo, had Cannon Ball competitions (DD won for best style) then went to the beach for water balloons and beach volleyball!! Very fun. DD and I also had fun in the pool while DH watched on. They have a water slide here too and as DD says, "It's not big, Mama. But it sure is fast!"

The big dilemma: Go to Epcot as planned for Fireworks or watch them from the resort. Our resort (the Caribbean Beach Resort) is situated with great views to watch not only the Epcot Fireworks but also MGM's. We heard the parks were all pretty much at capacity and none of us really wanted to brave the crowds... so.. We opted to stay at the resort. I am really glad we did. We missed out on some of the ground show that they would have done at the park but we had a Fabulous, Crowd-free view of the show. AND we could also see MGM's!! We wouldn't have been able to do that from Epcot!

So, we took a table, made ourselves comfortable, got drinks and watched the show from the comfort of the resort. What a way to ring in the new year! Happy New Year Everyone (and Happy Birthday Mom. We were thinking of you)

We leave the resort in the morning. I will blog again when I get the chance (not sure if the next hotel will have a connection)

....and the adventure continues.....