Friday, May 29, 2009

So You Think You Can.... Journal?

Hello Bloggers!
Just to keep the trend going... I did another layout yesterday :) hehe

This one: A Day in Banff.
Since you all know where my mind is lately (hehe) .. It shouldn't surprise you that the layout is about my dad. This "day in Banff" is one of my most cherished father/daughter days ever. Well... at least as an adult. We had the absolute best day and I have been meaning to scrap it ever since -- no time like the present!!

Characteristic of my scrapping style, I journaled on a large page at the back of this layout. Many times I hide my journaling on the front of the page or even write it right on the photos BUT I had a lot to say so I attached it to the back of this creation.

My scrappy note here -- always be sure to journal! Even if you don't think the composition warrants a lot of writing (that it will take away from the layout or the kit didn't leave enough room to say what you wanted to say...) write something on the back!! Don't be scared to do it!! You will never be sorry you did.

There are reasons you take the time to create each layout.
Most of the joy I get from this hobby isn't just in the creating (although those who know me know that I do like to get messy :) ), or even the documenting and reflecting on the events... The most joy I get is discovering and telling the emotion behind it: what drew me to that photo, why I wanted to do something special with it, what it means to me. Later in life you or your loved ones can look at your layouts and see not just the photos and the events... but a little piece of your soul -- by journaling your thoughts, your albums (no matter the subject) become the ultimate book of me.

Try it! I think you'll love it!

Wow.. that was deep. On another note -- did you catch SYTYCD last night?? OMG I think I saw my hubby "dueling" on stage. If you saw it, you will know what I mean. Are you getting a visual?? Welcome to my reality! Is there any wonder we don't get into dancing situations much? hehe

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

creation after creation!

I have been creating a storm at the studio!!!

For those of you who don't know, my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. My mind has been in so many different places lately that my outlet has been my art.... sorry, not blogging :) I will try harder I promise ;)

Anyway, I have lots to show you.... and I hope you join us for one of our Canvas Workshops next month where I can show you how to create using lots of mediums, including beeswax. Trust me, its fun and therapeutic! hehe.

Here are two (out of three planned canvas) that I created with photos of my pup. Ain't he cute? hehe

Stephen next door at Bark Avenue LOVES these!! So I think I might break out the paints and the wax to do one of his dogs. He has four... this could get interesting as they all have their own unique personalities!! I'll let you know what I do -- I need to get a few pictures first.

and here is another hopeful one I created too... I got over my fear of painting faces - I am so proud of myself -Yippee! I must be getting paint brave or something!

I even got in a layout or two :) Here's one that I did this week. I just have to add the photos I'll take this weekend. It's all good!

I had a great weekend here at the studio!!

I had two different groups of gals here Friday and Saturday. Such fun!
One of the girls did something special for her 5 year old niece's birthday using our chipboard sheets that I thought I'd pass on! It is such a GREAT IDEA!!

She rescued a stack of used paper that was let over from various print jobs at the office that had little or nothing printed across the bottom of them (so they couldn't be used for anything other than scratch paper). Well... she brought them to the studio where she bound them together using the Bind It All and a couple of 8.5x11 sheets of chipboard that we sell here. This created a FABULOUS steno book for her sketch crazy niece!!! She went on to personalized the book with the cutest patten paper and it made a FABULOUS gift Waste not, want not! I so wish I had a photo to share but I hope I have given you an idea or two!! It's amazing what you can create with a little ingenuity! Hope she liked it!!!!!! I'm sure you're her favourite Auntie now!! :)

Thanks for a great weekend Gals!!! Always great creating with you here in the studio.
Blessings all!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wax Collage Workshop

Yes, I have had so many people interested in working with wax it has been phenomenal!

So -- I decided to take it upon myself to offer a Saturday Workshop where I can give you an opportunity to create a Mixed Media Collage using Beeswax!!

We will create art in the same method as I used to create my last two creations (currently showcased in the studio)
Keep on Smelling the Roses
Community Ties


Date: Saturday June 13, 2009 OR Saturday June 20, 2009
Time: 10 - 3pm

Where: The Go Scrapping Studio
Cost: $40.00 - Includes studio time, tools, 8x8 canvas, wax, paints, mediums and a light lunch (taxes extra)

*please bring

  • various sizes of photocopied photo images (can be on cardstock) if you would like to use them (yes, this is optional)
  • a heat gun
  • inks and coordinating papers in the colour scheme of your choice (some will be available in the studio to use), an identipen or sharpie (black/brown - to fit your colour scheme)
  • a theme idea and any found objects that go with that theme!
  • Perfect Pearls.... metallic ones work fabulously, and bring any that go wth your colour scheme too. I will have some here but bring your own that match your colour scheme so that you are not disappointed.
  • and an open mind :)

Please contact the studio to register. A credit card number will be required to secure your reservation at time of booking - no cancellations within 24 hours of the workshop will be granted(food needs to be purchased :) )

Looking forward to playing in the wax with you!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids Summer Day Camps at the Studio...

I am THRILLED to be working with the KW YMCA this summer and offering 4 different summer camp options at the studio two different weeks in the summer (one week in July and one week in August)

The program is FANTASTIC so... pass it along to those who have kids and may be looking for something crafty to do this summer. Here's what is happening when the kids come to the studio:

DAY CAMP 1: Let your kids dive into the world of scrapbooking this summer at the Go Scrapping Studio. Campers will create their own personalized shaped album - a "Book of Me" to commemorate all their favorite things. Campers will be provided a list of topics that they can bring photos for to complete this creative project. There will be a fun card making day and we will create another mini album perfect for keeping their summer mementos.
  • July 6 - July 10, 2009 - Rim Park
  • August 17 - August 21, 2009 - Rim Park
    Members: $164.00 Non-members: $179.00
DAY CAMP 2: Does your child like to play with craft supplies? Well then this camp is for them! We will be creating 3 very different projects in the Go Scrapping Studio. The first will be a collaged canvas ready to frame, then we will be creating a fun acrylic mobile and we'll finish up the week by creating a fabulous tabletop "album" all about a week in your child's life. We ask that your child come prepared for the camp by bringing 7 photos (any size up to 4x6 - black and white preferred) with them. One photo representing what they did that day. It can be one photo for every day of a vacation, or just one photo representing what happened each day of an ordinary week. Be creative, have fun and see you in the studio!
  • July 6 - July 10, 2009 - Rim Park
  • August 17 - August 21, 2009 - Rim Park
    Members: $164.00 Non-members: $179.00
Here's the link for all the information : KW YMCA Day Camp Program
Hope your child can join us! It's always a good day at the studio!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy May 2-4

Just a quick reminder that the studio will be closed for the long weekend starting this afternoon at 3. Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend with friends and family!

Yippee!! Summer is almost here!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Creative CARD COOKOUT *New Date*

Okay -- I have caved with the pressure :) hehe
There will be a Creative Card Cookout next Saturday May 23rd from 11:30 until 2pm in the Studio.

For those of you who don't know - This is a super fun workshop that I host monthly in the studio. This is how it works -- I prepare 5 cards for you to create in the studio. All the "ingredients" to make these cards are pre-cut and placed in lunch bags that are stored in a pot on your work tables. You can create any number of any card offered at that cookout. Yes, you read that correctly!! If you like all the cards, start by making one of each... if you really like one or two - go ahead and only make those. You can create as many cards as you like in the 2.5 hour workshop. It's ALL GOOD!! :) ...and a lot of fun. The cost for this cookout is $20 -- that includes the studio fee and all the materials required to create the cards. Please bring your own adhesives)

We will be doing a lot of fun embossing techniques using the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders. If you are interested in joining us -- please contact the studio. Only 6 spaces remain open.


Coming to the card cookout and want to stay to crop after?? SURE! Bring your things. We will order in and crop the day away. Hourly fees are $2/hour to a $10 max on Saturday. Yes, do the math... we can stay open after close. Yippee!!

Hope to see you here next weekend!
Contact the studio to make your reservation - 519 954 6620

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Blog People!
If you are my friend on Facebook, you will know that I got creative in the studio today. :)

My father has been going through a lot of "testing" lately and my mind has been drawn to him a lot so... I decided to channel that into something creative. My mom always said that my dad (no matter what he got himself into) came up smelling roses (or smelling like them LOL) so I took that inspiration and created this canvas - Keep On Smelling the Roses. It is a mixed media piece using acrylics, pastel, paper, beeswax, stamps and even a little bling!

I figured you might want to see the process so -- here it goes:

I gave a canvas a wash using 3 different paint colours - pink, white and brown. I mixed the paint right on the canvas (yes, Sheri... I did! :) ) and I really liked how it turned out. Such a great base.

I then collaged some handmade pattern papers to the canvas using matte medium. I love using matte medium over decoupage paste -- not nearly as messy or cloudy. Dries faster too...

Once that was dry I took my black Identipen and hand wrote a "letter" to my Dad all over the face of the canvas making sure that I covered the entire piece. I love doing this as a background on my projects. This project was :easy: to write -- I have in the past written "I don't know what else to say" over and over again just to fill the space. We will be covering and layering the piece so the writing itself isn't all that important. If you do have a piece where you find you can write coherently :) I encourage you to re-write it on another piece of paper and attach it to the back of your work so that you have it for future reads. I will do this for my letter. Not sure if I will show anyone what I wrote though ...

Once I finished writing on it, I covered the canvas with a white wash to dull the printing.

I then took a pastel pencil and sketched a rose image on the piece and brushed a nice layer of white gesso over the image to prep it for painting (so you wont be able to see the papers and the writing underneath.)

Then came more fun with acrylic paints. Once the gesso was dry, I painted the rose image and then outlined it with the pastel crayon/pencil. This was a leap for me... I don't normally free-hand with paint. I think I did okay :) Phew!! Take my advise ... just do it!!

I sped up the drying process with my heat gun and then applied beeswax over the entire image with a paint brush. I did a few layers of this, fusing the wax with my heat gun between layers. Super cool.

I attached more pattern paper pieces to the wax and kept building the layers. -- Lay the paper on top of the wax and embed it in the wax using a hot Wax Stylus tool. It will give a nice smooth finish if you do it that way ;)

I stamped a butterfly image into the wax and created texture throughout the piece by embedding the wax into a screen (you know... the type of screen you will find on your screen door :) -- you can get some at you local hardware store :) ) and then removing the screen to show the pattern. Final steps? Get out your perfect pearls.... buff the wax with your pearls. I used copper and bronze ... and interference red and perfect green. lots of powders but WOW what an effect! I love it! :)

To finish the piece off... I cut up and adhered some Prima "Say it in Crystals" flourishes and then fused them into the wax using the stylus.
I wanted to highlight the picture to the left... Use a palette knife or a scraper and etch highlights into the wax to highlight your elements. I did it here on the flower and loved how it turned out... especially when augmented with pearls... ooooohhhh glimmery! :)
Well - that's it. Have fun.
The studio is open until 3pm on Friday this week ... We are closed for the long weekend.
Contact me in the studio if you would like to learn more about this style of canvas making... or -- if you want to try yourself -- come and use the melting pots and stylus in the studio or ask how you can rent them out on a nightly basis. It's all good!!!
Happy Creating everyone!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

G'day Blog people!
I had a great, creative day at the studio yesterday -- I waxed and made messes until about 10pm last night. All was right in my world :)

I was totally inspired by a project I saw on Suze Weinberg's blog the other day and thought.. oh yeah - I need to do that. So, out came the alcohol inks and the wax ... the rest as they say is history :)

This is what I started with -- a few drops of Alcohol Ink on Clayboard. oooohhh purdy.... and then I did a few layers of wax on it... fusing the wax with my heat gun between layers.
more collective ooooos and aaaahhhhhs please :) hehe

And then... came the fun layer stuff. I stamped on it, waxed strips of paper on the canvas and then pulled it off to create texture. .. I also waxed a photo of lots of doors on it and made it a house :)... I just had fun.
I'm not totally sure if I am perfectly happy with the outcome BUT that's one of the great things about using wax -- I can just melt it off and start again. No worries -- gotta love it!
I think I will keep it hanging in the studio and decide what it "needs" later. :) Perhaps a little more texture in the top left side of the canvas ... hummmmmmm.....

Michelle came in yesterday with the wax canvas she created. It looks STUNNING. Michelle rented the melting pot and stylus from me for one night so that she could finish her creation at home. I saw her eyeing up the pots and stylus when she brought it back ... is she hooked yet?? :)

YES!! You read that right. I do rent out my tools on a nightly basis. If you are interested in trying things out before making an investment in a new item, give me a call. I am sure we can help you out! That goes for our stamps too!!

I will be heading to our family trailer in a few minutes for the rest of the weekend so I will not be able to blog until at least Monday night. Have a GREAT weekend. I have some things to share on the blog when I get back.... Blog again soon!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother's Day UTEE Pendants and StickyBack Beads..

Okay.. I promised I would show you a picture of what I did in the studio yesterday (now that my mother doesn't have Internet access....).

I created a UTEE Pendant and hand-rolled beads for my mother's Mothers Day necklace and then I loved it so much, I created one for myself! :) I might just have to make a few more -- cause they were fun! Michelle and Sue were creating in the Studio yesterday too -- and Stephen from next door came by joking about when "Go Scrapping Jewelry" will be on the market ... hummmmm ?? hehe. Here are the two that I created [left image]. Not the best photo but you get the idea.

The second image is a closer shot of my guardian angel...
I had fun! :)
I am going to do some bookwork today .... BUT... I will put that away this afternoon to do some more creating. I have a few fun ideas that I want to try so (non-jewelry) so pop by the studio to see and say hi and/or check out the blog tomorrow. I will fill you in on my antics! :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Melt Art fun at the Dollar Store Club

Good morning blog people!

Last night was the first Wednesday night of the month which means it was the meeting of the dollar store club. We missed two people yesterday who were not able to join us ...but... we also welcomed two new members! Welcome Sue and Judy! We loved having you there.

Judy, Kelly, Leanne and I showed off our glasses case projects (and I showed off Rosanne's Coupon Case by proxy image [left]:) ). I wish I had a little more time to work on mine but I loved how the beeswax fused and "finished" the paper I embedded into it. Feels almost silky [right image] :)

I do have some pictures of us using melted UTEE to make fun pendents for necklaces and bracelets and or embellishments for our projects. Too cool.

We printed off some great clipart images from the Internet and cut them into squares to fit a silicone truffle tray I had in my "tickle truck" and then placed them face up in the bottom of the tray. I showed the girls how to pour melted UTEE into the tray and then embed some bling and beads into it to add a little pizazz. I got the girls to trim their piece before the UTEE hardened and add a "o" pin to it so it can be attached to a chain for a necklace. Here are a couple I played with:

I got out the Sticky-back Canvas and showed the ladies how to ink it, roll it, and "muck" it up with UTEE, beads, Perfect Pearls and even Angelina to create some fabulous hand-rolled canvas beads to accent our pendants. I love it! Here are a couple of pics of the girls attaching their beads to a necklace chain....
I am going to make something for my mother for mother's day. I will post it here tomorrow for you to see. My Mom is going to the trailer in the morning so I know she won't have Internet access to spoil the surprise. I'll let you know what I come up with.
It you are interested in the Melting Pots and UTEE... stop on in today.. The pots will be on and the UTEE melted!!!
Next month's Dollar Store Club item is this fun Watering Can. Looking forward to seeing what the girls do with this. I have some ideas in the making already and can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I followed the White Rabbit.... :)

Hey Blog People!

We are back from Go Scrapping's Stratford Retreat - the Mad Hatter "Scrap" Party! What a blast! Thank you to everyone who made it soooo special!

I (yes, the White Rabbit to the left of your screen :) ) put out the call for all Alice in Wonderland fans to participate -- and participate they did. Here's a sampling....

Alice and the Mad Hatter made an appearance.

As did the Rabbit's Very Important Date *wink wink*

And a whole lot of fun and festive hats could be seen -- like these stunners :)

The Studio Store made it's first appearance at the retreat. We did a layout make n take showcasing how to to create your own glimmer mist using Ranger Inks, Mini Misters and Perfect Pearls and then spritzing them over Crafter's Workshop stencils to create our own pattern paper. So fun! The ladies were spritzing fools!! Here's Firmina and Sue putting the layout together after spritzing their background paper!:

Those ladies that spent $20 at the Retreat Store were offered the opportunity to "Pin the Grin" on the Cheshire Cat for $20 off their store purchases. Congrats Dee-Ann! She was the closest!

In A Pinch Designs was there Friday and Saturday too! As was Sue Martin representing Creative Memories. They each had great make n takes too. Here's Karen hiding behind her In A Pinch M&T. (hehe)

Sheri East from In A Pinch Designs and I taught 4 fabulous classes at the retreat. I taught a Waxy House Canvas and a Mini Book. Sheri taught a fabulous layout and a card class. Here are some of the girls busy at work in Sheri's card class .... wondering what the heck Sheri wanted them to do with tissue paper next! hehe! The projects turned out beautifully ladies!!!

In true Go Scrapping form we had lots of door prizes and games at the retreat with prizes sponsored by Go Scrapping and our VERY GENEROUS retail sponsors (Simply Scrapping, The Scrapping Bug, Scrapping Turtle, A Scrapbookers Dream, Stamp Art, Memory Mill, The Learning Factory, In A Pinch Designs, Scrapbook and Cards Today, Sue from Creative Memories...) Thank you everyone... They were fabulous!

I was SUPER thrilled to see you all getting into the Games at the retreat. I will try my best to upload the speed layout game to youTube so I can post it here. The video is quite funny!! I am crossing my fingers. Here's the pic of the "finished products" hehe.

The food at the Festival Inn was MARVELOUS! And the Staff awesome!! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the food! There was so much of it... and all scrumptious!! I loved the omelet station at brunch Sunday morning!! mmm mmm...

I have one more picture for you here... it is of our Favourite Layout of the Weekend table. Every retreat I encourage everyone to submit one of their layouts for this honour so every can see what I see every table I visit during the weekend -- fabulous keepsakes!!!! Here's a taste of what we saw. Next time EVERYONE enters a layout!!! They are all special because YOU made them!! Congratulations to Ashley N .. her layout was chosen as the favourite by our guests. Check out her layout in the Go Scrapping Photo Gallery.

I hope you all had a fabulous National Scrapbooking Weekend with us at Go Scrapping! I absolutely loved sharing it with everyone there. You are such a fabulous group of women! Can't wait until next year!