Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still getting ready :)

for Mixed Minded this weekend! YAY!!!!

I've been getting everything organized and thought, "Hey, this would be the perfect venue to ask for help". YES -- I AM CALLING ALL PLASTIC BAG HOARDERS!!

I know you're out there with a drawer or cupboard dedicated to storing those plastic shopping and grocery bags. Well, I'd love to take them off you hands for our make n take this weekend. All sizes, and colours, any plastic wrapping and bags are welcome. CAN YOU HELP? hehehehe

I will be in the studio today and tomorrow - then at Mixed Minded. Come one come all.... we got to get our craft on!!

I received 12 copies of Tracie Lampe's book Upcycled Accessories yesterday...... wait until you see what you can create with those bags!!!!! Fabu!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mixed Minded..

I am neck deep in Mixed Minded Prep and enjoying every minute of it! I can't wait to host everyone this weekend at the Holiday Inn - 4 more sleeps!!!

Nancy Donaldson sent me a couple of pictures of some new beaded wire pendants that she created. Check these out! What a wonderful variation of the techniques that she is teaching on Sunday in her class. I'm in LOVE!!! This is going to be one Fabulous Class!!!

I posted another picture on a few more pendant variations on the Mixed Minded site too. CLICK HERE to check them out!!! Are you feeling crafty?? There's space available in the workshop - hint hint.... :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Know, I Know...

It's a long weekend BUT.... Yes, I am in the studio today!! :)
My trade off for my blissful week at Inspired *BIG SMILE* is a little long weekend working *wink*

If you are in town and like to drop by, love to see you. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Miss you Wendy!

Wendy is leaving us to move back to Alberta. We are going to miss her smiling face and oodles of hugs. A couple of the gals wanted to have a little send off for her at the studio. I was happy to offer up the place for the occassion. Even though we'll miss her I KNOW she'll still be a big part of this studio via Skype! *smile*

HUGS Wendy!! We'll miss ya! See you online and for visits too!! We'll hold you to it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Alisa Burke Cuteness!

Alisa Burke (who wrote one of my favourite books: Canvas Remix) has to be one of the cutest human beings out there. She is so sweet, super talented and more fun than I could have imagined! I loved her class. This style of painting, as you all know, puts me in my "happy place". eeeeeeek!!!

Here is a pic that Anina took of me creating my masterpiece ;)

ONE FABULOUS thing (that also was a little expensive since I HAD to order the full line for the studio when I got home) was playing with Jacquard's Dye-Na-flow inks. OMG You paint with them, blend with them, caress them.... okay, maybe not caress them, but you get the idea*wink*. I can't wait to show you all when they come in. I think I'll have to do a video. *smile*

That night, fully inspired, I had to create a bag with the canvas I made. SO... I hustled over to the Quilt Store and bought myself a couple of fat quarters and lined the bag to use (and added a fun handle too). LOVE my new bag! Drop by the studio to see for yourself!! I'd love to show it off to you!!

Hope you're having a creative day!!

I am neck deep in Mixed Minded prep now -- and loving that too!! If you haven't registered, there is still time but that clock is ticking!!! Let me know if you'd like to come!

Have a great one everyone!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

More from Inspired!

Yes, I had a fantastically inspiring time at "Inspired"!

This is Tracie Lampe-- Upcycler extraordinaire!!! Who taught the ladies (and Paolo) at Inspired how to create FABULOUS bags by fusing plastic materials together and sewing them into unique creations.

This is my new bag. Pretty Crazy, huh? *smile*

It was a little joint effort -- in so much as the ruffle that you see was inspired by a little something that Stephanie Ackerman said -- "I want to add a ruffle". Simple words that inspired so many (myself included). Since she sparked the ruffle idea -- I sewed in some labels see? Yes, I am the proud owner of a Stephanie Ackerman/Karen Ellis Designer Bag!! How fun is that?

Tracie is FABULOUS!!! -- Inspired by this class, I will be showcasing the technique at Mixed Minded AND.... Yes, at the TOMC too. Hope you are coming! It will be FREE to TRY for Mixed Minded participants at the end of the month. Tracie even sent some fun things along for the occasion. THANKS TRACIE! Can't wait to play and share your incredible vision! *hugs to ya*

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Encaustic with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Lots and lots of loving at Inspired I tell ya!!
Trisha is Fabulous! And I love her Encaustic Waxes -- We had so much fun playing with wax and transfers, incisors (sp?), pan pastels, stamps, etc. Gotta LOVE wax!!

And.... I'm so excited to have more wax classes in a couple of weeks when Nancy teaches at Mixed Minded too!! What a waxy month! ...but I digress *smile*

Here is the 8x8 canvas that I made in Trisha's class. Thanks Trisha!! You're awesome sweetie!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Suzi Blu

I love me some Suzi Blu!!
This is the little lady that I made yesterday in Suzi's Inspired Class. How fun is this!?! And yes, it's supposed to be me in my Tutu. *wink*

Suzi is a fabulous teacher -- and a LOT of FUN!
She taught us how to shade those faces gals -- how cool is that? We just might have to do some more Suzi Blu inspired art journaling nights so I can practice! *smile*

Hope you're having a creative weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG -- Blogger was DOWN!!!

and I couldn't post some of the fabulous things we have been doing here at Donna Downey's Inspired event. ....But is looks like I'm back on track and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

I have met so many WONDERFUL, CREATIVE people this weekend and my juices are flowing!!! My mind hasn't stopped just thinking of all the possibilities and all the things that I can bring back and share with you! Whoot!!! ....I digress :)

I have to show you a little something I made in my room the first night - a Zipper and Felt Necklace (that I just LOVE!!) The quilting store that is here as a vendor has liked that I did this!!.... they've sold a lot of fuzzy balls and zippers this week! LOL Can't wait to do this with you too -- I see class in the studio!!***there are a million pictures of me wearing this out there... if you are reading this and you have one taken at the event -- please send it to me :) ****
Also -- for those who were at Donna's Workshops in Kitchener that we hosted ... you might find this cute! Donna was facinated that Stampin Up has Bison stamps -- this spurred a rip roaring conversation that took many turns and more than a few giggles. Anyway ... Regan popped by the studio last week to give me something to give to Donna. Yep, you guessed it ... a felted Bison!! OMG... Let's just say everyone here has heard about the crazy Canadians and their Bisons! hehehehehhe REGAN - thank you she LOVED it!! These are for you!!

Off to lunch --- I'll post more soon!
Karen xoxo

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Resinating ...

Okay -- so I have been dying to play with resin some more and this week I took the opportunity to try something new.

I received my big Envirotex Light order for Mixed Minded and thought that NOW was the perfect time to attempt adding resin to paper and make - oddly enough.... resin paper! hehehe I saw an art journal created with resin papers at CHA and it looked STELLAR!!! But I thought I'd start smaller. *smile*

This month's issue of Cloth Paper Scissors had a how-to article entitled "Story Flowers" that showed you how to create a 3D armature wire flower on which you felt and stitch fabric to create something special. Although I have been in love with fabric lately -- I thought this would be the perfect "home" for some resin papers. So glad I did this! I love how it turned out.

Have you played with resin yet?
The is room in Carmi's resin Mixed Minded Classes if you need a little shove in the resin direction! :) We'd love to have you join us!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Stampotique is in too!

I had an order request for some Stampotique Stamps to I got some more in :)

Here they are!!! Have fun and Be Creative!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Crafter's Workshop Templates...

....have been re-stocked! Yippee!!

Tomorrow is the Technique of the Month Club meeting -- we will be doing a stamping technique. I have been going back a forth with what to share with you all and here is one of the options - Using stencils, paints and yes... stamps to stamp on fabric and make some pretty amazing creations. (completely and utterly inspired by Jennifer McGuire at although hers is on paper and uses ink, not fabric and paint get the idea)

You'll have to come out to tomorrow's "meeting" to see what I decide ... hummm... or maybe I'll post tomorrow *smile*. Don't forget to call and let me know if you will be attending.
Here is a little Video of what templates are currently in stock. I have 95% of them in both 6x6 and 12x12 sizes. And, as always, I ship *smile*
Have a creative day!