Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There be cookouts happening!!

...and not just here at the trailer!

Last Saturday, I hosted a Creative Card Cookout in the studio.
I created 4 cards and a cute little gift bag for the ladies to make -- and make they did!! On average the ladies left with 12 cards and bags EACH! Yep, that's how many they created in the 2.5 hour workshop. All that for $20!! WOW. Now that's a party! ;)

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: I will host another cookout on Saturday August 15 from 11:30 - 2. Five New Cards and two and a half hours of creating fun..... I hope you can join us. Please email me or leave a message on the studio phone (519 954 6620) to reserve your space with us. Looking forward to it!! I'll post more on this later... with images! I promise!

I really want to post Sheri's Dollar Store Item but we will have to wait until Saturday when Sheri is at the studio so she can take a picture of it for us. I don't have a photo of it here on my computer.... Sorry for the delay but I promise you it's worth the wait!! The kids from the Y Camp named her project. Yes, they thought it was "way cool" too. I will post the image as soon as I have it.

Speaking of images :)

Take a look at my spending spree. oooohhh aaahhhhh ... just think of the stamping possibilities we will have at the studio. These stamps, along with many others will be available to rent and use at the studio. Yep.. more to come. I think I am going a little nuts *wink*
Tomorrow Harry Potter opens at a theatre near you.... Any bets on whether or not I'll be at the Drive-In? I'll have to do something to celebrate!
Hope you're having a great week!


Sue said...

Such a look of concentration on Mindy's face...or is that a smirk??!! Hoping I can join you in August. I'll confirm soon. You didn't buy any creepy bird stamps did you??!!

Karen Ellis said...

lol... Nope, no creepy birds :)
its a smirk... just daring me to take and post that picture! LOL

Mindy said...

Definitely a smirk. A desperate plee to not have another picture of me posted on the blog.

No freaky birds? You're letting me down...

Karen Ellis said...

Okay... so there is one stamp with two birds "smooching" -- It's sooooo cute - hardly freaky! LOL

As for the plee -- nice try. Ain't going to work. hehe
All you have to do is ask "sweetly" ... and mean it :) Lurve ya!

Rosanne said...

Love the look of all those stamps! And the cookout looked like fun too!