Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a safe,  happy,  creative Christmas surrounded by the people you love.

See you back in the studio on Tuesday.
Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fun Fabric Ornaments with the Brother ScanNCut

I love making little gifts this time of year.  You'll often find me crafting away right before the holidays to create a little something extra to attach to presents, etc.   This year I made some FUN stuffed canvas ornaments.    Super fun and easy with the help of my Brother ScanNCut and Sewing Machine.

Here's what you'll need to create an ornament:

6"x12" piece of Canvas or Heavy Muslin
4"  scrap of a Pattern Material
Letter Stamps and Archival Ink (Jet Black)
Some Fusible Webbing and an Iron
Matching/Coordinating Thread

ScanNCut Machine and Sewing Machine

I chose to cut out one of the ornaments already programmed into the machine but you can also make your own with one of the pre-programmed shapes.

  • When you cut fabric, you need to make sure you iron a fusible webbing to the back of the fabric so it will cut cleanly.   If you're using a heavy interfacing, you can cut the fabric face side up -- if you're using a light weight interfacing, be sure to cut the material face side down.
  • Cut 2 canvas pieces the size you'd like for your ornament and then cut 1 shape re-sized 3/4 smaller than the original out of the patterned fabric.
  • Stamp a Christmas sentiment onto a scrap of the fused canvas with the Archival Ink and attach to the printed material.  Sew in place.
  • With wrong sides facing, stitch around the 2 ornament pieces (I love free-motion stitching these) leaving a space about an inch wide so you can stuff the ornament with the cotton batting. The ornament pictured above has a loop to attach a string to so I fused this together first and left the opening at the bottom.  If yours doesn't, be sure to attach a piece of ribbon to the wrong side of the fabric before sewing.
  • Stuff the ornament and then stitch it closed.
  • Embellish with a ribbon bow and you're done.  HO HO ... HO  (anyone get the reference? *wink*)
Have a Merry Christmas and hope to see you in the studio soon!!!  Happy Crafting!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Working the Leia Buns.....

I had some yarn left over from my little tacky sweater adventure with the Crochet Crowd so I thought I'd make myself some "Leia buns" to wear to Star Wars VII last night.    I've seen this done before but this video by Mark Montano gave me the kick in the pants to do it too....  Next time??   I'll be sure to have more yarn on hand to make BIGGER Buns -- BUT ...   there was just enough to make my little homage.  Giggles

Where are my buns now? The kid took them home with her to show them to her roommates.  Even the hubby wore them for a while - I'd say they were a hit!!  Perhaps next time I'll try the Wookie paws! *wink*

TIP - I used some of our Adhesive Backed Felt to stick to the plastic headband and to wrap the finished yarn braids on.   Worked perfectly and much less messy!!!   ...and I used the Brother ScanNCut to create perfectly sized cut circles.  The felt cut BEAUTIFULLY!!!   Yippee!

Have a creative weekend everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holy Smokeage!   I have been blog delinquent this month.   Many apologies!  
There has been a lot happening at the studio - people joining us to paint, stock coming in (and out) for the holidays and I even had some special guests - Mikey and Diva Dan from The Crochet Crowd - here for a Holiday Sweater Party.   Loved being their guest!   Thanks guys!

Hope you've been having a great month creating!   I'll be sure to post our antics more regularly!  
Here's a laugh-tastic snippet from our LIVE on Facebook broadcast.  Enjoy