Saturday, March 29, 2014

Stacked Birds - Gelli Print Collage with Brother's ScanNCut Machine

Okay - so here it is - my birds ;)

This looks soooo cute framed and on my wall. I can't tell you how much I love it! I just wish I had a better pic for you.

The video shows me making the Gelli Prints and how I cut them up in strips and collaged them to my "bird pieces" .  The strips were attached lengthwise and in weaves with Xyron's 500 Sticker Maker and then later (not recorded) they were stitched (straight and free motion stitched) with my Brother NX450Q sewing machine.  Those who watched me live saw the sewing step but I did not record it.  I still think I might add some "feet" to the birds BUT I'll take the night to sleep on it!  
UPDATE...  I slept on it and HAD to add feet....  here is a quick pic of that *wink*

THANK YOU for joining me tonight -- Enjoy the recording!

Want to see how I created the bird mat with Brother's ScanNCut Machine and ScanNCut Canvas program?   CLICK here to go to that post (or scroll down one entry)

Going to ScrapFest in Kitchener? Don't forget that Erin Bassett will be representing Brother at my booth and demoing the ScanNCut - Come try it for yourself at the show or drop by the studio.  I have them there too and I know you'll love it!!!

Have a creative weekend!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting the prep work done...

I sneaked the image of my "stacked birds" yesterday...  but here's a video on how I created them using Brother ScanNCut Canvas.  See you on ustream tonight!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busy Busy Busy....

Getting ready for ScrapFest making samples and signs with my Brother ScanNCut machine....

Got a class planned for the studio --  How's it looking?   Drop by my channel Friday night to see what I do with this.

Good start though, right???   Hey - There'll be birds *wink*

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The "impatient" Zombie Card - USTREAM

nom nom nom nom....
Well, here it is - the finished card from last night's broadcast.

Thanks to everyone who joined me last night LIVE on air.   And the lovely Janet and Jen for such lively commentary. Giggles   Loved it!

When I started creating last night I has NO IDEA where this would lead.   Watching this broadcast you certainly get a sense of my process ...  well. my something anyway.  LOL

Seriously -- played with some CitraSolv and National Geographics (still didn't get it to work the "normal" way last night - oh well, that's  okay!) and ended up adhering the used paper towel I was blotting the ink with to the magazine page to create this background.   Love it!  Completely appropriate!

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone...   and enjoy the recording.

Friday, March 21, 2014

At least it's a start *wink*

One of the most anticipated product lines coming for us here at the studio is Dina Wakely's new signature designer line with Ranger. We can't wait to get in her new Heavy Body Paints, Mediums, Brushes and yes, Stencils....  but until they are delivered ...  we are pleasantly "teased" with her new stamp collection! 
They are HERE and will go online later today.   So fun!

We've also had fun looking at the latest Stampington Magazines that arrived in the studio earlier this month....  more are on their way too!
Always filled with inspiration....

Hope to see you in the studio soon....   *wink*

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Neon Sharpie Infinite Scarf

True to my crafting "in real life" Ustream style ...   aka Karen made some ooopsies! giggles* - I created this fun infinite scarf to wear while I chaperoned my daughter's Glow in the Dark dance last night on

I used a faux tie dye effect that I did as a kid at camp and that has recently been seen on the Sharpie website by work done by some of their designers- Alisa Burke is one such Designer who used this effect with her signature style on some t-shirts for her and her daughter (here is a link to that blog post in case you're interested.)   My doodles here are not nearly as intricate and beautiful as Alisa's but I love this technique and have done it for other projects over the years at camps and even one for an upcoming article in the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine (Summer 2014).  The number of times I've done this makes my ooopsie all the more funny *wink*

I had so much fun with the girls watching live online last night - you'd be happy to know - IT WORKED!!  Check out this fluorescent pop!!   Yes, you could see me coming a mile away!  *wink*

See the Neon Colours??   They really do become fluorescent under black lights.   So COOL....  

Supply list for this project:

So, thanks for joining me!!    Here is a recording of last night's shenanigans!  Enjoy!

Have a creative day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Share your love of art...

I received and email from "Dee", a pretty awesome lady who gets some of her arting supplies from me at the Art House Studio. *smile*

She wanted to share a blog post written by her friend that she thought I'd get a kick out of.   Her friend home schools her children and Dee came over to play "visiting art teacher". She thought I'd get a kick out of since I also tried out the melting crayon art on USTREAM and...  well...  I think I may have enabled her Gelli Printing addiction (hum....  addiction? Is that the right word? *wink*)

LOVE THIS POST for so many reasons and I asked if I could share it with you.   So, with permission, here it is:

There's something about art and that look of pure joy when you discover something new.  So inspiring and so much fun.  Thanks Dee! ;)

Have a wonderful day - I hope you get to share your love of art with someone today!

Friday, March 07, 2014

Painting in the studio today......

Thinking I just might finish this on USTREAM this afternoon.   hummmm...... *wink*
Hope you can join me online today!   Love to see you!  

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Inspired by Modigliani

Inspired by "Soutine" by Modigliani

I love Modigliani -- always have. I had the great pleasure to view some of his work in person while traveling overseas. Such treasures.

This painting is quite a departure for me - it's not just a new colour palette for me or the fact that I painted a male face (first one ever) but it's also the first painting I have done in a while that didn't use a stencil to create texture!  *giggles*   Love my stencils but I really like the way this turned out!

Thanks to all those who watched me create this live on USTREAM last Friday night.   Here is the recorded video in case you missed it.  Hope to see you tomorrow night live on ustream for another broadcast.   hummmm....  what should I do tomorrow?? *wink*