Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wow... So much going on! Where to start??

I am thrilled to announce that Go Scrapping has its first Design Team in place! Yahoo! I had 30 very qualified submissions and had to "pear" it down to only 6. A tough decision for sure but I am really happy with the team that I have in place. The DTs are Sheri, Judy, Share, Erica, Lori and Nancy. Their work can be viewed in Go Scrapping's Layout Gallery. I hope you all take the time to drop by, chat and see some of the amazing work submitted by the Go Scrapping Community. I am in the process of posting the Design Team Bios, etc on the website. We had our first online meeting last night and I am really excited about the coming year. Thank you again to all who submitted work for this call. I really appreciate your interest in Go Scrapping and look forward to chatting with you more on the message board!! Congratulations team!

The first crop of the fall season is coming up fast! We are almost sold out and I can't wait to see everyone again -- and your summer pictures :) I have been busy getting the new project kits together for their launch at the crop. Sheri, Jenn and I are putting the finishing touches on them now and I am excited to offer them this year. New T-Shirts are coming too!! I just heard from the printers ... they will be ready on time! *another Yahoo!!*

Erica has been posting Blog challenges on the Messageboard. This week's challenge is to describe 5 weird Things about you... so here it goes:

  • I have a "Fake Face" LOL .. I had facial reconstructive surgery when I was 14. I don't have feeling in my chin (have to watch cause it can get pretty messy sometimes... Yuck!!)
  • I am incredibly organized about everything except.... my house :)
  • I truly believe the Irons are for Scrapbooking, not Clothes
  • I have to have some background noise on at all times -- usual source of sound? The TV. (in fact, back (eons ago) when I was in school I would literally take my work to pubs and cafes to write essays, complete assignments, etc..... Strange, I know
  • I have always had affinity for geeks (present husband included) LOL

I can't end this weeks blog without saying something about Sept 11.
I can 't believe 5 years have passed since terrorists attacked the US. My heart still goes out to the friends and family of everyone that lost someone that day. I was glued to the news yesterday (watched and listened to CNN in my car) All three memorials were very touching and inspired me to finally scrap the event. The layout is posted here. I created this LO so that it has a chipboard folder... the second image is what the layout looks like when opened. Stay safe, hug your family and cherish life..... and by all means, scrap it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy New Year!

Some of the ladies on my message board have been calling Back to School the True New Year.
New goals, new schedules, back to routines, new duds... Everything starts fresh! How true it is!! So.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Emily started grade 5 today! Wow...Can't believe it. I took some back to school pics and they are all ready to scrapbook. Thought I'd share one with you :)

The school has had a face lift over the summer. Some portables were removed, more open space was created and fresh paint touch ups all round. Looks awesome...... I'm so glad that she won't be in a portable anymore. Never really did like those things (she liked them though - Go Figure)

Kellie had her post OP appointment today in Rochester. The 12 staples in her abdomen were removed and she was allowed to go home -- 25 lbs lighter I might add. Holy Cow! That's a lot in a week. She was thrilled to learn that she can now have some pureed food. She was originally told it would be a couple more weeks before that happened. She's craving a little mashed potato at this point -- lets face it ... Any solid food would do. Anything with a little flavour!! She has been living off of water, jello, slimfast and blended yoghurt. I think its growing old really fast! I haven't received her one week photo yet. I'll share it with you once I get it.

I received more submissions for the Go Scrapping Design Team this week. There are so many wonderfully talented scrapbookers out there! The DT decisions I make in a couple of days will be really hard. Thank you to everyone who has submitted work for this. It's all really exciting!