Monday, July 20, 2009

Creativity is everywhere!

I always knew our puppy Mozart was inspiring... but I thought I was the only one he inspired. Turns out my little pup-ster inspires others as well.

Meet one of the campers at the park this week. She came up to me as I was walking Mo tonight to show me her creation.

The group that she is here with does fun camp skits and things around the campfire every night. She was going to be involved in a 60s themed skit later this week and decided she would attempt to make 3 poodle skirts for her and the other ladies in the skit. She came up to me to let me know that Mo was her inspiration-- every time she saw us walk by she quickly sketched Mo... she went to one of the resale places around here and found some fake fur and this is what she came up with! So fun.

See!! You can find creativity EVERYWHERE!
Way to go, little man. Keep inspiring! ....and thanks for showing me your creation today! Enjoy the skit!


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