Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 White Puffs

I got a little creative last night.

The 3 White Puffs are Mozart and his little friends Mini and Buttons :) The three of them play so well together and get so excited when the see and hear each other coming.. it's so cute.

I got some inspiration from the same Sommerset Studio mag (Gallery, Summer 2009) that I've been reading and got busy :) This is a canvas but it certainly can be looked at like a paper layout. That is how I approached it. Just insert pattern paper instead of painting.. It's all good.

I think I will keep adding to this -- I have it hanging on the wall in my trailer while I decide what to do next. I like to do that. I find that if you are not sure if you like something, or think that needs a little something more but aren't sure what that is.... its best to leave it, hang it and ponder for a while. You never know. It just may grow on ya.

Hope you're being creative this summer.....

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