Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Surgery Complete.....

Today was the day that my sister had Gastric Bypass Surgery. I thought I would take the time to blog now as I am not sure if I will be able to be at my computer much for the rest of the week. Kellie got through the surgery fine and is in hospital recovering right now. We'll know more about how she is doing tomorrow when she fully wakes up.

I snapped a couple of photos of her for her album. I am (with her help of course) doing a scrapbook for her of her surgery, her successes and her thoughts (that is where she comes in :) ) I thought I'd share a couple with you.

Now, before you gore junkies out there think that I am going to show you pics of her after surgery.... Sorry to disappoint you. I think she'd kill me if I posted those. I did select three
"shots" to share. The first is a picture of me kissing her on the forehead before she was wheeled into the OR ***a collective ahhhhhhhhhh....***. The second is an after surgery picture of the boot that they put on her feet to prevent blood clotting. I had never seen that before and thought it interesting. The third is a pic of Emily holding her hand after surgery. The look on her face says it all -- she was (and still is) worried about her "Aunts".

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Oh the joy....

Of shopping for Scrapbooking Supplies!! :)
Today Hannah (from the Scrapping Turtle, St Jacobs) and I went the a wholesalers open house. They just moved their warehouse and this weekend was their "new grand opening" (so to speak).

There was lots of stuff to see. Some of the new products from CHA came in and I did a little buying for Go Scrapping's Design Team. Very cool stuff! Can't wait to play :)

Speaking of playing, I was at the "Turtle" last night cropping with a couple of gals from their board (much to my "Scrubby's" dismay as it was our 11th Wedding Anniversary :) ). While there, I started my wedding album using the new Cosmo Cricket paper line. I figured if I wasn't spending the evening with my Scrubby, then I should at least scrapbook the event that we should have been celebrating :) Yes, he is very much a scrapbooking widow! Before you all shake your fingers at me, Kevin and I did go have a great anniversary lunch at the Keg. It was nice to Pick him up from work and take him out - especially since I have been at the trailer for the majority of the summer.

I am posting one of the layouts that I did last night for you all to enjoy. I have also posted this in the Go Scrapping Gallery.... Hope you like it as much as I liked creating it!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Eat. Sleep. Scrap!

Well, I am here at my summer home -- the Holiday Inn on wheels --and I am sans kid and hubby. How perfect is that?? Eat Sleep Scrap takes on whole new meaning :)

I have been having a relaxed time chatting on the Go Scrapping Message Board and Scrapping (of course). I am working on samples for the classes I will be teaching at Simply Scrapping, Layout Designs for the new Go scrapping Project Kits and my own stuff of course. How awesome is that?

I really love working at the trailer and the change of scenery. It is so quiet here during the week and I am scrapping to the sounds of the birds and the tree frogs (mixed in with the dull drone of the TV -- Hey, I love it at the trailer but you can't take me too far out of the city :) ) This is my last week here for the summer. My sister is having Gastric Bypass Surgery next week in Rochester. I am going to stay with her until labour day to help her out post-surgery. Should be an interesting week - to say the least. I will be able to enjoy the trailer weekends until Thanksgiving so I won't go into trailer withdrawal too much :) This will be the first labour day weekend that I have missed here since we became seasonal trailer goers. Oh well, there is always next year :) Besides, I'll still be able to scrap...just in a hotel room in another country -- talk about a change of scenery!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Design Team Call

Well, I have been busy planning the Fall Go Scrapping Season and I have a lot of things up my sleeve I can't wait to announce!! It is, however, no secret that I am excited about getting a design team together to help me implement all the new things I have planned and to promote the growing message board. (If you are interested in applying for a DT position with Go Scrapping, please visit

I received an email this morning from American Crafts! They will be sponsoring one of my classes at the CreativFestival this fall (they will be supplying the ribbon for the Growth Chart Project!) Thank you American Crafts!! I do love their ribbon. It's a great quality ribbon and they have such vibrant colours! I know many Scrapbooking Stores carry it either by the pack, the roll or by the yard. I hope you use it in your next project!

It is the August Long Weekend here in Canada. I am still here at my trailer enjoying the sun, the beach and friends! Sheri and her family were here Saturday/Sunday to spend the weekend with us and it was great to see them!! Emily and Jay had a great time - one up-ing each other the entire time.... Talk about two only children competing to be the best! :) ...But still loving it! Very fun to watch! Darren took lots of pictures at the beach so I will post some when I get them from him

This week I plan on designing and working on my own scrapbook. I will post some layouts for you soon here and on the message board.