Monday, August 03, 2009

Ranger, Tim Holtz, Ranger....

I am here at my trailer feeling "pooped" after a full week of excitement and product ogling :) I thought I would take stock of what's to come so you can get as excited as I am!! Yippee.
Why not start at Ranger and Tim Holtz. Seems like a logical place to start for me since we love them so much at the Go Studio. Check this out!! Ranger is releasing Tim's CLEAR Distress Crackle Paint.

This is not the Crackle Accents - it is a paint that can go in the line you may already be familiar with (shown in Peeled Paint here). It is different -- and not just because you can get it in fun colours... This crackle sits "on top" of your projects like a paint and dries in about 15 mins (not hours like most Accent applications) *of course, this depends on your application*. We used it in Tims class last week and let me tell you, the crackle is amazing. Totally cool stuff. We are getting the CLEAR "ROCK CANDY" Distress Crackle Paint in the Studio!

Guess what else is coming in CLEAR!?
Yep, Distress Stickles "ROCK CANDY" was also launched last week. OMG, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Shown here in Lavender - the clear Distress Stickles will be a MUST HAVE this fall ... oh the possibilities!!

A few of you might be wondering what the difference between Regular Stickles and Distress Stickles is. Well, I had this confirmed for me this week too. And no, it's not more expensive because it has Tim's name on it -- It has Mica Bits in it. Mica! -- I knew it was special. Regular Stickles has glitter, Distress Stickles has Mica bits and therefore looks different when it is dry and well, really should be applied differently too (best to thinly tap it on with your finger. Don't rub it and don't apply it thick as it will affect it's shine. Come into the studio for a tutorial when it comes in... I'll be sure to let you all know when it comes in so you can try it too! Can you see the difference?? YES!!!) The best way to describe these stickles when they dry is "sugary". Yes, sugary -- are you getting holiday crafting ideas when I say that?? I certainly am! Can't wait until it comes in!!! We used this in our Grunge Book Class last week and well.... I suppose I will Break the news officially.....

Tim's Distressing the Holidays Class will be taught at the November Retreat in London this Fall (November 6-8). I was able to order the product. Here's to hoping it all comes in on time! Yippee!! Thanks for letting us teach this great class Tim!!

But WAIT! I'm not done yet!!
The Go Studio is also getting in the new Alcohol Ink Colours. Yep -- the lights and brights. We will also be getting the New Alcohol Ink Pen Applicator. Collective oooohs and ahhhhh :) Yes, we are going to have fun at the studio this fall!

At looooooong last.... I re-ordered lots and lots of Distress Ink Re-inkers.! Re-inkers in fun colours for spritzing and doing some other cool ink effects with.

What else is coming?? For all my Mixed Media Junkies out there......
The Go Studio will be carrying the ENTIRE TIM HOLTZ IDEA-OLOGY LINE!

Yep... everything from decorative plates, to games spinners to fasteners, to chains... we will have it all. What can you do with a little "Idea-ology"?

Have I got you excited yet??
Can't WAIT to play with even more Ranger and Tim Holtz products in the studio!!

Keep your eyes out for when these come in (hopefully by September) -- there may be something fun coming down the pipe to celebrate!!

Happy Creating!! Blog soon..... more things seen and heard at CHA!


Kelly said...

It sounds like it's going to be a fun time at the studio in a few months!! I can't wait.

cottagerca said...

Distressing the holidays does sound very interesting