Monday, July 06, 2009

And so it begins :)

I had a FABULOUS morning with the kids from the YMCA Day Camp!! A really nice bunch of creative kids!!!

The bus dropped them off by 9:30 this morning and picked them up just after noon. We spritzed, punched, cut and created some pretty amazing Books of Me! We will be working on them tomorrow too... and possibly Wednesday as well. Gotta get out that glitter :)

Take a peek at the work... from a birds-eye-view -- after much of the clean up :) it was pretty creatively messy in here earlier. Can't wait for the glitter tomorrow :)
There are spaces available in the August camp. Contact the KW YMCA for details!! I'd love to be part of your kid's camp experience!
Now that the kids have left for the day, I am going to clean up and create my own work. I have to finish my DOLLAR STORE Project!
The Dollar Store Club meets Wednesday night and I have some fun things planned. We have two new members too!!! Maybe even three!!! Can't wait!! We will be doing the much anticipated image transferring!! ooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhhh! I'll fill you in more tomorrow and Wednesday.
Off to the dollar store to get some supplies :)

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