Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi ladies! this week is zooming past!
I had one of the stylists from next door come in to decorate a hand held mirror this week! He was inspired by the work the Dollar Store Club ladies did a couple of months ago. He isn't done-- I'll post his creation when he is!. WTG, Kevin!!

Staying with creativity as the focus...
I promised to upload the pics of the canvas created in the canvas workshop Saturday. I have three images here. The first is Mindy's: a gift for father's day. The second is Kelly's: totally inspired by greens and purples. This is for her new abode. The last is mine. I just had to create something with "freaky birds" on it just for Mindy's viewing pleasure :) Didn't they turn out GREAT!?! Fabulous girls! I know that Roz loves her creation too.. apparently she has already hung it in a place of honour in her new apartment. hehe -- gotta love that!

If you would like to create something on canvas, I will be in the studio July 6 - 10 and August 17-22 - but can come in other times if you have a minimum of four people participating... so, let me now if you are interested in creating something while I am in town or get a few friends together and let me know when you're available. I'd love to create with you all.

Keep checking the online calendar (link on right side bar) for posted days when someone will be in the studio -- or, if you are out driving by... a great rule of thumb is: if the blinds are open, so are we! :)

I mentioned in another post that I had a little canvas in the studio that I created last weekend that didn't get posted on here yet! No, it doesn't have wax on it... but it is texturized with heavy molding paste and is painted with acrylic paints and highlighted with pastel :) I love my mediums!! The paper is left over scraps of scrapbooking paper AND some fun tissue paper & napkins! Yep, napkins. They are fabulous to use! I hope you like! Drop by the studio sometime this summer to check it out in person. I had fun :)

I just said good night to my last Friday Night Cropper. I'm heading out now myself. :) Thanks for another great evening girls! I love hosting you here in the studio. It's a lot of fun, laughs and snorts! :) ....and some great scrapping too! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Nite All.... the next time I blog it will be from the comfy confines of my summer trailer... my Holiday Inn on Wheels! Chat soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

School is out!! Yippee!! Let the summer begin!

I have it under good authority *wink* that there are only a couple of spaces left in the Go Scrapping July 6-10 day camp that I am hosting in the studio as part of the KW YMCA Specialty Day Camp Program!

Looking for something creative for the kids to do this summer...? I have 2 great weeks of camp you might be interested in: July 6- 10 and August 17 - 22. Please contact the KW YMCA for details!

I promised pictures.... come back tomorrow. I will post them -- and one of a canvas that, unless you have been in the studio to see, you don't know about yet! ooooohhhh.. the anticipation!! ;)

I was at the wholesalers today ... I am all stocked up on perfect pearls, got in some great black UTEE for some jewelry making and picked up some fun new stuff for the studio too -I think I may demo some of the new stuff at the next Dollar Store Club meeting so stay tuned!!

I will be at the studio tomorrow and Saturday and then, with the exception of parties, crops and workshops that can be independently scheduled, the studio will only be open Saturdays from 11am - 3pm (later if there is a crop). Please check the online calendar for scheduled events.

If you would like to book time at the studio to create a canvas, have a private party or crop - please contact Karen by email Have a great summer!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Every Dad has his day....

...and this is it! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in our lives! Hope you had a special day!

My pops was at home having some R&R time today (and we will see him next weekend) so we went to lunch with my father-in-law. It was great to see him and my brother/sister -in-law and niece! We had a great lunch together.

I created a little something for my hubby for father's day...

I have been playing with image transferring and I saw this image of a couple in a magazine. It had a caption something along the lines of - "Not now dear, I'm stamping" :) My eyes went right to it! It made me chuckle... probably because I have said something similar to my hubby a few times over the years *wink*

Anyway, I decided to create something just for him with our little saying on it "later, dear".

When I gave it to him he just stared at it and thinks he liked it :)

I transferred the image using Matte Medium that I have in the studio. It was transferred onto a piece of painted chipboard and then stamped around the edges using various stamps I had lying around :) I covered the the entire piece with melted beewax for texture and then buffed it with Perfect Pearls to give it some luster. I liked how it turned out :)

We had a great day creating in the studio this weekend. I had a few gals in scrapping and painting Friday night and then had some more girls in on Saturday for our waxy canvas workshop. I'll post pictures for that soon. I will take an image of mine and the girls are sending me photos of theirs since I neglected to take photos. sheesh!! Gotta remember to do that!! :) So more on this later!

I am in the studio all week this week. Friday Night Cropping... Saturday too! Hope to see you there!

Here's a pic of my hubby (left) and his dad and brother I did take today. Happy Father's Day hun!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Joy"ful canvas making

I had a great day in the studio with Joy. :)

She couldn't make our canvas workshop this weekend so she asked if she could come into the studio today to do it with me instead -- Of course!!! What a pleasure it was to have her there!

This was Joy's first time using wax as a medium on canvas.

I showed her how to create the base and "embellish" from there -- Look at the fabulous piece she created!! ...and this was her first time! Way to go Joy! It looks marvelous!
I dabbled in the wax today too. Couldn't let her do it on her own :)

I created this canvas and I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I was able to complete most of it when Joy was with me... but after she left I continued adding elements - including a little cheesecloth background. I fused cheesecloth into the wax on the background of the piece with Kandi's Hot Wax Stylus. I just loved how it
created a textured, matte finish. I see me doing more of this for sure!
I still have a space (maybe 2) in Saturday's canvas workshop. If you would like to make an 8x8 canvas of your own in waxy style.... we'd love to create with you!
Contact the studio 519 954 6620 and let me know that you are interested. Cost is $40 and includes the canvas, wax, tools and some lunch. Hope you can join us!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We have our winners!!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 5th Anniversary Win A Retreat Contest.

Your layouts are gorgeous and oh so much fun! :)

We can only have two winners....

I told the random integer generator ( to pick two numbers for me. The first number represents the winning post that will win a weekend retreat for two to our Peterborough Retreat in October. The second number represents the post that will win the weekend retreat for two to our London Retreat in November. This is what came back...
Are you ready.....

Drum Roll Please......

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-06-15 15:59:44 UTC

So that means:

Tracey wins the trip to Peterborough

This is such a fabulous contest Karen! Keeping my fingers crossed! :)


Amber wins the trip to London

Here's my layout - thanks for running a great contest, Karen - Congrats on 5 years!!

BIG congratulations ladies!! I am so excited for you both!!

Thank you again to everyone who entered. Thanks for helping me celebrate five great years of retreats! See you at one soon!!!

For those who are interested.... The Early Bird Rate for the Peterborough Retreat ends July 2. The Early Bird Rate for the London Retreat ends August 6. Mark your calendars. Your online registration and a $100 deposit is all you need to secure your early bird rate. The Balance is due one month prior to your chosen retreat. Hope to see you soon!!!!

Congratulations again girls!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... sometimes creative expression requires sitting in the middle of the floor pounding little pieces of tin with an itty bitty hammer!

Meet Jeannie... one of the 5 fabulous ladies that came to the studio yesterday for a little "crop" session. ...I told her I'd post this! *giggle giggle* She and the girls spotted the Coke Frame I created on Earth Day and wanted to give it a go -- so out came the recycling bin (that I was really glad I didn't put out this week), the Tim Holtz snips and distress hammer and a whole lot of fun! Looking good Jeannie!

I had a great evening with you ladies! Can't wait to do it again soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dollar Store Club..... spritzin' and resistin'

I promised I would share the Dollar Store Club's projects with you all.... and, as a woman of my word, here they are!!
There was a common theme this month -- we all used our watering cans as flower pots of some type.

Mindy and Rosanne broke out their scrapping supplies and played with chipboard and prima flowers, etc to create these really fun projects!

Rosanne decorated her flowers with buttons and stickles..

Mindy got out the paints and made some sticky-back canvas flowers too. Both girls "skewered" their flowers in floral foam to keep them in place. Fabulous job girls! Bright and cheery and fun!!

Kelly got creative with wire!! Check this out:

She took a chipboard butterfly and wrapped floral wire around its wings (attaching beads to it along the way) to get this fabulous ornament!! Check out the Sticky-Back Canvas bead!! Way to go girl!! I just might have to snag that idea! *wink*

My pot had flowers too ...but a real plant inside.

I pounded the can with a little hammer and then painted the tin with matte medium followed by gesso and acrylic paints to get this shabby look. Because this will be an outdoor wind chime, I varnished it with a spray varnish to protect it.

I removed the chimes from another dollar store item and attached it to the bottom of my watering can (I punched holes in the bottom of the can with a nail for drainage purposes... the chimes are attached with wire through one of those holes). I made a UTEE charm and dangled it from the chimes for an extra little touch a la Karen :) Can't wait to hang it at the trailer this weekend!

The meeting date changed this month so a few girls were not able to join us but I know we will see their watering cans at next month's meeting (Wednesday July 8). :)
They did miss a fun project!
I posted the project in an earlier post... but I wanted to share the pics of the girls spritzing and resisting! So many possibilities with this technique!! Can't wait to experiment with it some more!!

Thanks for joining me this month ladies -- Next month's project: EYE GLASSES!! They can be wearable ...or not :) It's up to you! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Well... 12 really is my favourite number.

My baby was born at 3:12 on the 12/12 - weighed in at 9 12 -- We bought our first home on the 12th of the month, our trailer on the 12th of the month, adopted our puppy this past January 12 and now, thanks to the wonders of Facebook I see that there are 3 FABULOUS birthdays today - June 12.

Are you ready ... oh they are going to hate me...

Today is Darren's birthday (Sheri's hubby, and my good friend) Some of you might remember him looking like this at the Stratford 2008 Retreat when he came to help out "diva style" in the In A Pinch Booth.

Happy Birthday Darren!

Today is also Mindy's birthday -- Go Scrapping Groupie, one of the Dollar Store club gals -- all round great person who has been singing "Happy Birthday to me" on Facebook today -- gotta Love that! hehe She'll love her picture here *sarcastic grin* ... so I am posting it :)

Happy Birthday Mindy!


wait for it......

it's someone else's birthday today too......

Someone who has come into my life fairly recently....

Who is extremely kind and caring (just like the other people he shares his birthday with)....

who is sweet...


and pees outside!

You guessed it! It's Mo's First Birthday Today!!! Hurray MOZART!

An extra walk and chew treat for you today... maybe I will even rub your belly when I get home (I just hope the other birthday people don't ask for the same thing! hehe)

Happy birthday guys!! Hope it's a good one!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey ladies.
Just popping in here to let you know that the studio will be closed today (Thursday) but will open tomorrow afternoon around 2pm. Sorry for the short notice and any inconvenience.

I have pictures from last night's dollar store club! I will post the
MASTERPIECES later today to show you all. We had fun sprtizin' and resistin' :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Look what we are doing!

The dollar store club meets tonight (thanks for letting me change the date ladies :) ) and I am so thrilled. I love this group! Their creativity astounds me -- yes Mindy, even when your tray remains a tray! hehe

As you know, I always do a "little class" as part of the club. We've used UTEE, alcohol inks, learned inking techniques... this month I took my inspiration from a video by Heidi Swapp that she did for Ali Edwards Blog. She demoed her new Invisible Chipboard and embellished with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. Here is the link to see the video.

Anyway.. This sparked my creative imagination :)
I thought -- wow, that chipboard is cool - white chipboard with a resist pattern on it. hummmmmm..... I wonder......... Off to the studio shelves:
  • white chipboard - check
  • clear embossing powder - check (I know this makes a great resist)
  • a good embossing ink (can we say perfect medium?) *smile* - check
  • Archival Ink - check
  • some fun stamps - check
  • mini misters - check
  • reinkers - check
  • perfect pearls - check check check
....I wonder.....

So I set off to see if I can create something as fun and wowsers!!! It works!! :) Gotta love those moments! So... I went a little further and created this cute little note book:

Can't wait to do this with the girls tonight! See you soon!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Only 1 Kit Left.....

From time to time I get some Basic Grey Card Kits in the Studio.
I fell in love with the last two releases (Wisteria and Lime Ricky) I just had to pick some up to have in the studio (and to take in to the last retreat).

Anyway... as the title suggests, I only have one Lime Ricky Card Kit left. - it's so cute :) hehe

Our Price $20.25 -- It's here if you'd like it :)

Speaking of Kits!
You all know how proud I am of my friends Judy Beeksma and Sheri East .. the two owner/designers of In A Pinch Designs. Their kits are FABULOUS!! Pre-cut and ready to assemble -- many, many kits have been purchased and created at my retreats and crops and through their online store too ... all with rave reviews! I am proud to say there are a few In A Pinch creations in my albums too!

Well.... I just wanted to let you know that In A Pinch is having a Summer Sale on their site AND at the Go Scrapping Studio *smile* (Yep.. I will honour their sale)

The special?
Buy Two In A Pinch Kits and receive the third one FREE
The sale runs from June 1 - August 31 and is valid on their regular priced kits. The third kit is free (equal or lesser value). WOW!! That's a deal.

BIG NEWS: It's official! Sheri East will be in the Studio most Saturday's this summer!! She will be minding the place for me while I am away and I couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks Sheri! She will be hosting studio guests, creating, crafting and I am sure "kitting" her In A Pinch Kits. I hope you plan on taking the time to drop into the studio on Saturday's to crop, learn and say hi!

See you in the Studio soon!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

One Week Left!!!


I know there are a lot of you who were waiting until the end to post their images... this is it!

The Contest closes June 15 -- that is next Monday... and I will announce the winners at 1pm that afternoon.

Good Luck to all!!

Happy posting!! If you have any questions -- please email me. I am happy to help.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Just a quick HELLO :)
The studio will re-open on Friday and get back to regular hours once again!! Yippie!!
See you soon.....
Hey bloggers!
Just a quick note to say that the Studio will be CLOSED Wednesday June 3 for a day or two. I will be sure to let you know when regular Studio hours will resume. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I will be receiving emails. If you would like to contact Go Scrapping, please email Karen at

Thanks ladies... blog soon.