Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inspiration comes alive...

Morning Campers! :)

Remember I said I was getting my paInts out Thursday night. Well, this is what I created. I think I may still add a subtle sentiment on the left side and maybe a butterfly image too... but overall. I am thrilled with this.

Inspired by an article by Sharon Tomlinson in the current issue of Sommerset Studio Gallery, I decided to go out of my box a little and actually paint a face. Wow. I am getting mighty daring in my old age *wink*

Sharon's Mini Sister Wood Paintings looked so stunning in the mag that even my daughter took up the call and did a sketch. She even gave me a little lesson in proportion that she learned in school -gotta love that bonding moment! Emily loved the stylized paints of girls faces. At first she was shocked that they weren't more realisitic -- but then again, I think she was just trying to impress me with her portrait sketching knowledge (haha) but after the lecture she got busy sketching this while in the car at the drive-in waiting for the Harry Potter movie to start. Yep -- that's my kid :)

So, here we are at the trailer... I have some cards to create for the next cookout and a little "assignment" I received (more on that later) and next week is CHA! Wow, that's coming up fast! Looking forward to it! Oooooo... the possibilities!

Oh!! Oh!!.. I also have a little pair of flip flops to create something with for the Dollar Store Club and a few things to do for the next Y camp....this is going to be a fun week :)


Tracey said...

This is fabulous Karen! You rock the canvas girl!

Kelly said...

Wow. Your daughter is a great sketcher!
Yours is great too!!