Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some more Plastered Luminescence Inspiration

I have said it before and I will say it again....
Out of all the classes I have taught over the years, "Plastered Luminescence" has to been one of my favourites.  Why?   Because I am continually blown away by the work and enthusiasm of the people who have taken this class, brought the techniques home with them and did more art above and beyond all my expectations from the class.  Truly Inspiring

Earlier this summer, I showed you a picture painted in the Plastered Luminescence style by Stephanie that took a photo, enlarged it, carved it and painted it into a showstopping masterpiece.  This week Judy came in with this absolutely FABULOUS face doodle that she sketched, carved and painted in the same way - the way she learned in my class. STUNNING and sooooo Judy's fun quirky style (a doodle style that she's loved and learned from Teesha Moore's books)

She came in to have me help her coat her piece with resin.  The Resin is to protect the fragile plaster (we don't want it chipping) but it also makes the work look like glass!!!!   I've tried to capture that for you to see by taking a photo with glare but you really have to see it in person.

I teach this class in my studio and on the road.  If you are in Edmonton next month, I invite you to come to the Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival and take this class with me.   We'll be working on an 8x8 mdf board  and completing the same techniques you see in these photos.   Just bring a photo, sketch or template that you would like to carve and make your own masterpiece.   I know you'll love it!

Next example I hope to show you soon, Patricia's school crest on a 16x20 board!!  Wowsers!   I'm so inspired!!   Hope you are too!

Have a creative day!!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Silhouette Lady - Painting with Stencils USTREAM

That's some crazy hair!! :)
When Jen showed me a pic of a journal page created by Jane Davenport that she thought I'd like, and that reminded her of what I do,  I was incredibly inspired to use my stencil painted backgrounds and one of Julie Fei Fan Balzer's new stencils with The Crafter's Workshop (that I just got into the shop) to create my own version on a canvas tonight on USTREAM.  SO much fun.  Thanks to all who joined me.

I love how she turned out -- I do have visions of her with dimensional things in her hair so....   stayed tuned...  that may happen yet! *wink*

Here's the recording of tonight's broadcast.  I hope you become inspired too!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My first Nudie :)

I've been thinking about trying to paint a "nudie" lately- A painting in my own "Picasso-ish style" - so I took the opportunity in today's Release Class to paint one. I'm so happy with it....   wish the pic would do it justice - I guess you'll just have to come in and see!  *smile*

Hope you're having a creative day!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Floral Whirlpools of Colour - USTREAM

Yes, Floral Whirlpools of Colour -- you may insert eyeroll here.  Apparently I was having a hard time naming this piece and got a little silly.   Kathy's here....  I'll blame her!  *smile*

Had another wonderful evening painting with the peeps on USTREAM.   Thank you to all who joined me.

Off for a fabulous long weekend.   Jen will be in on Saturday (Aug 3) from at least 10 - 2.   Looks like I have to keep this painting here in the studio for a bit anyway -- since it's raining.  SO -- if you're interested in coming to see it in person  you have a chance! (Yes, I'm talking to you Nancy! hehe)  *update - it stopped raining so I took it home :)  )

Here's the recording .  Have a great weekend!!