Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, it's been a great weekend.... The rain Gods (although working overtime) decided to cooperate with the Highland Games in Uxbridge this weekend -- the Heavy Events at least. The rains came when we took lunch breaks and right AFTER the games ended. Phew... what a relief! Thank you rain people. Now go away already!! ;)

It was a good weekend working with my dad (right in photo). I always enjoy working with the Heavy Events. My dad has been involved with different games since he was 19 ... yep, over 40 years - so I grew up with them as part of my life. Always good to be a part of something!

I am tired though...
I went straight from the games field to the airport and caught a "delayed" flight to Orlando for CHA. Let's just say when I opened the door to my hotel room and saw these pillows I started to drool :) I gotta get some sleep now. A big day tomorrow (today). I have a class with Tim Holtz, a couple of seminars, a dinner and a launch party hosted by SEI later in the evening. It's gonna be good.

Keep checking my blog. I will blog my CHA experience as often as I can. SO exciting!!!!!!
Night all! :)


Rosanne said...

I'm glad the weather worked out! And those pillows could inspire a page or card!

Tracey said...

I hope you have an incredible time at CHA Karen!!