Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow.. time flies on the show floor

Day 1 on the CHA Summer Show floor.

Things are quiet here this year. The show itself is a lot smaller. Some of your favourite larger companies like Fiskars, EK Success, etc are not here and the people who are here have cut down their booth space but, let's be honest - there are not as many retailers here either. What does that mean for me ... I'm thrilled because everyone has time to chat and get to know each other. Its fabulous and I am having a GREAT time.

I spent most of my day today chatting with designers and vendors. Mylene from Mill Lane Studio in Australia and her wonderful husband, Michelle Zimmerman and Helen - A wonderful funky artist who I have seen and been in awe over her creations in my mixed media mags for a while now.. they are great. Bonnie from Ranger personally took my order and spent an hour with me during that time asking questions out the studio and what we do. I love talking about what we do and I was honoured that people were interested and I love hearing about what they are up to as well. Its lovely.

Lara Brooks is here. We ran into each other quite a bit on the show floor. So is Katharina Doyle and Leica Forrest from The Canadian Scrapbooker (Lara, as you may know, does lots for them too...). I was thrilled when I got a text to join them for a Disney run after the show. What a blast! Thanks girls. Kelly urich just called.. looks like I may be in a Making Memories infomercial :) hehe.... I am to film that later Wednesday morning.... hehe All is good here :) Bring it!!

Lucy from Simply Scrapping is here. So are Hannah and Lori form the Turtle. We've been bumping into each other.... and Lucy and I are tag teaming a couple of things -- so exciting!! I can't wait to reveal!! Which I will when I have more time... PROMISE

I did the make n take at Ranger when I was at their booth. We made this necklace with Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Paints and Sticky Back Canvas which I have in the studio! So sweet. And yes, this is Suze Weinberg doing some Melt Art demoing.... you know how much I love that! *wink*

I have a busy busy Wednesday ahead of me so I'd better go.
Blog soon --- Be crafty!

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