Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sewing AND Painting!

*Image Removed for Publication*
YES YES YES!! Look at me go!!
I am painting up a storm and now sewing too!! YAY!!!!!

I created this journal cover yesterday in the studio. I MADE MY OWN STAMP out of styrofoam plates and stamped with paint and highlighted with ink and THEN felted too!!!

If that weren't enough..... I sewed it all together on a journal cover (made for those dollar store composition books) Yippie i o ki yay!!!!

I hope you're being creative this weekend!!!!
See you back in the studio on Tuesday morning -- Don't forget the Pan Pastel and Crafter's Workshop sale! toodles! :)


Wendy Gilbertson said...

Yippie i o ki yay!!!! ??????? Did you say you were from red neck Alberta? ROFL!!!! Love the journal cover! You are so incredibly talented!

AninaSmiles said...

I want to know how you knew how to spell Yippie i o ki yay? The journal cover is beaoootiful and I am totally impressed on the number of techniques used. Go Karen Go.

Karen Ellis said...

LOL... who knew Yippie i o ki yay would cause a stir! heheheheheh

Beaner - it's called google search :)