Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Colour Much?

Yes, today was a day dedicated to colour ... and staying in the air conditioning *smile*

This piece was inspired by (although I think you can totally tell I did this ....) by a piece that Tracy Verdugo (one of my Facebook Friends) created, I love how she uses colour and I am determined to add a little more colour whimsy to my creations. hummmmm... I wonder where I will start taking this?

Products used:
Claudine Hellmuth Matte Medium and Studio Paints
Golden Light Molding Paste
Colorwash Sprays
Crafter's Workshop Template
Charcoal Pencil


Paulette Brenner said...

Beautiful Karen! I especially like the house!

Wendy Gilbertson said...

Ditto Paulette....... did you notice the hearts coming out of the chimney? LOVE :)

Janine said...

I would SO come to Kitchener if you were teaching a class on this!!!


Karen Ellis said...

lol Janine.. sure thing! I will show you how I create texture on a canvas with paints and mediums. happy to! Soooooo... when you coming? :)

penny said...

i love it, what a beautiful colourful card - it is like one of those posh handmade birthday cards you can buy.