Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PanPastel and Graphic 45 Goodness!

Okay -- today was the day! I can now say that my PanPastel virginity is GONE and oh my - what have I been waiting for? *smile* Lots of Pigmenty goodness! So smooth, so lush... I heart PanPastel!! You should have heard me squeal with delight! *hehe*
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they blend!! AND -- Check out how Fabulous three of the colours go with the NEW MAGIC OF OZ paper line from Graphic 45

Gotta love my new Journal Page :) hehe

So - what did we learn from this today (other than Karen has completely lost it! hehe) PanPastels ROCK, and the New Graphic 45 is IN and, well, it's Fabulous!

Have a creative day everyone!
BUT -- before I go -- Just had to show you that Ms. Bonnie loved it too (and so did Deanna and Judy who also made a Magic of Oz journal page - not shown here)


Tolegranny said...

Do you have to seal the pan pastels before adding other elements?I love the Oz.

Karen Ellis said...

I would -- especially if you are going to add moisture to it (ie spritz, paints, mediums). Just use a little "workable fixatif" and you're golden :)

Rosanne said...

Very cool! And isn't that the sewing nazi?!

Karen Ellis said...

lol... yes, aka Bonnie :)

Wendy Gilbertson said...

looks like fun!