Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Technique of the Month - Resin!

Okay -- I'm here at the studio today getting ready for tomorrow night's Technique of the Month "Meeting" and I can happily verify that we will be creating Resin Embellies for card making or other paper crafts.

We are doing this as I have been asked many times about resin and, although I am no expert, I am happy to share my knowledge of mixing and the ins and outs of the medium.... perhaps that can be better said as "my trials and errors" LOL

Anyway - if you are interested in a basic crash course on how to mix and use resin -- come on by. This is not something for people who have worked with it before. It's meant as a little kick in the pants class to get you to use and experiment with this stuff .... CAUSE I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT!

If you are interested in joining us tomorrow night at 7pm in the studio -- just let me know AND if you've used it before and would like some more ideas from the experts ... I highly recommend Carmi's blog for EnviroTex Lite - the Resin Craft's Blog

The Art House Studio Carries:
EnviroTex Lite (8 and 16 fluid ounce boxes)
ICE Resin Plungers
Deep Flex Molds
CraftnCast Mold Release
Susan Lenart Klazmer Pewter Bezels
Assorted open stock brass Bezels and jewelry forms.

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