Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some "Creative Layers"

Hellloooo all!
Last night was our re-scheduled Technique of the Month Club (thanks again girls for being so generous and allowing me to move this month's date - much appreciated).

I showed the girls how to use Claudine Hellmuth's Creative Layers Stamp Sets and WOW!! ... did they play! So much fun! Take a look at some of the girls in action!!

For those who don't know -- Claudine's stamps are designed to use together and inspired by offset colour printing popular in catalogues in the 50s (Click here to see on the Ranger Blog). Use the Foam and Acrylic Stamps on their own or combine them to create the offset look.
As you know, I LOVE to mix colours to add dimension when I'm using inks and paints. The same holds true when using paint and foam stamps. Last night I showed the girls to dab out some paint on the Ranger Craft Sheet and tap the Creative Layers foam stamps in it to create a gorgeous (and even) colour blend. You can see the varying colour in the girl's work above. Easy to do - Fun to create!!
Thanks girls for a wonderful evening. See you again in a couple of weeks when we're back to our "First Wednesday of the Month" time slot.
Have fun, PLAY, and be creative everyone!! See you in the studio!


Jeannie said...

Oh for gosh darn sakes! I'm writing these dates right now on my calendar ... geesh, if I only had a brain! j

Karen Ellis said...

You have me singing "if I only had a brain"... I have a feeling that will be in a loop in my head all day -- oh well, it could be worse! *big smiles*. See you in a couple of weeks? hehe