Friday, October 22, 2010

1 2 3... New Canvases for me!

YES!! I got creative today. OH My!! I had a few girls come in to play and one, the lovely Leanne, brought a torch to play with. She had told me about a glue burning technique that she tried and thought I'd like. Well.... 4 Canvas pieces later -- hummm... yes... me thinky me likey!~ hehe!! (I did say 4 canvas - one is a gift..... I'll show you when you're in the studio if you'd like)

I went leaf collecting outside the studio to gather enough leaves for my pieces and embedded them into beeswax that I coated the burnt glue with. Some stamping, some postage stamps and a little dusting of Perfect Pearls and zippity doo da... we have some art!! I had so much fun! Thanks for bringing the torch Leanne. I know what I'm purchasing tomorrow morning!!

I also had a couple of people in for classes today too. THANKS GIRLS. LOVE HAVING PEOPLE IN THE STUDIO! You're all so inspiring!

Have a creative weekend everyone!!


aprilrhyno said...

So amazing Karen!!! They are gorgeous!!! I'd love to learn to make those- they'd look awesome on my wall!!

Kelly Holdaway said...

and I was afraid of you and the you are going to have a torch too!?
I can't wait to see these ones in person :) Glue burning sounds fun (and dangerous), LOL.

Karen Ellis said...

@Amanda... you can! Super fun. Worth the drive? :)

and Kelly ..hehehehehehehehehe. or should I say muahaha. It's all good. Didn't burn the place down :)

christie said...

love 'em...they are fantastic!

AninaSmiles said...

As a guest last night, I must say it was an Amazing/Amusing time! Can't wait to get a do-over. Thanks for always being the ultimate Hostess Karen - Anina.

aprilrhyno said...

I may just have to plan a visit, but you gotta promise I can make those! ;)

It will probably be a weekday tho... (Ill get up early and come spend the day)

Karen Ellis said...

@amanda ... you got it girl. Give me a shout and we'll arrange it!

@Anina, I'm so glad you girls came. It was MY pleasure!!! Hope to see you again soon.

@Christie -- THANK YOU :)