Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hellllloooooo from Scrapfest

Yep. that's silly ol' me in front of our ScrapFest booth in Oshawa. We had a GREAT evening chatting with people and demoing product. LOVE ScrapFest. I hope you take the time to come to Oshawa and see us -- its supposed to be a great day!! Perfect for driving!!

After the marketplace closed I went into the crop area to do one of my group make n takes with the croppers. Just over 100 people were in the crop and they did a great job group make n taking with me. Thanks for participating everyone!
BUT... how come I always get these goofy pictures taken of me?
I think Jen (my photographer here) likes taking my picture in mid-talk --
just to get the "priceless' expressions. hehehe..... Anyway.. off to bed. It will be a busy day tomorrow. I hope to see you!!


Sue said...

Hope it's a great weekend, Karen!! Your booth looks awesome!

aprilrhyno said...

It was so great to see you again! You definately know how to liven up a room! You should have spent more time in the crop room with us tho :)
The make and take you did with us was awesome and I love the prize I won donated by the art house! Thanks!!
Hope to see you again soon!
I will post the pic on fb and tag u in it :)