Sunday, October 03, 2010

Scratch and Sniff Anyone?

I hope you all had a wonderful National Card Making Day!
We had a fabulous day in the studio creating cards and other pieces of art. Thank you to all the girls who joined me - what a wonderful group of women to spend the day with. I can't wait to show you all that I created but that will be for future posts.

As you know, our card making day theme was "For the Sweet Love of Card Making". I chose this theme after deciding to teach the girls a fun little "Scratch and Sniff" technique as a make n take. Yes, Scratch and Sniff -- what will they think of next? Right?

The above card is the cute little cupcake card that the girls made. This one smells like Cherry. How do you do it? Just add some Koolaid to your clear fine embossing powder, shake it up well and emboss away. The 'flavour crystals" embedded in the powder can be sniffed once scratched :) hehe. Very fun! Hope you try it too.

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for a lovely day girls. I love witnessing your creativity!!


Rosanne said...

Great technique! Thanks for sharing!

Laura Haviland said...

Karen I love this lovely creative card and I bet you had such a fun day yesterday.
Oh I wish to live closer. LOL
I just posted my store visit with you on my blog,what a great day meeting wonderful you.I am forever changed in my ar journey...
Please save aside the Graphic45 Steampunk Debutante,just confirming. LOL
Have a great day and thank you again. Biggest Hugs Laura. xoxx

Kelly said...

Seriously! Scratch and sniff!!!??? I must try this out sometime :)