Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One mask finished!

Emily came by the studio again today (as I thought she would) to finish her Halloween Mask. Here it is... a little different than first planned but she's very happy with it!

We stopped by Value Village and waited in the Halloween Crazed check out line to get the rest of her costume (45 mins to pay! Wowsers!!). She's all set for tomorrow's festivities in school-- my little Mardi Gras Child. She asked me this evening if we could make this a new tradition: the making masks thing. I'll take it as a raving review and astounding success! Fabu!

Mine needs a little more tweaking. I hope to get it finished tomorrow -- we shall see... tomorrow is a busy day at the studio. Card makers are coming in!! Last chance if you'd like to join us at 5:30. Just contact me at the studio.

Have a creative day everyone!!


Tolegranny said...

That is a great little mask. Glad she had fun. Pretty girl just like her mom. 5:30 is a bit early for me to show up...hahahha

Karen Ellis said...

lol.... :)