Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting up a Storm ....

of circle flowers? *smile*  Nothing like a little paint on the hands to start the week off right!

E came into the studio yesterday for a canvas class and I was thrilled to have her.  Love teaching canvas making.  So fun!  Especially when you get to paint with your fingers!!! *wink*

Here's what we did...
The "In Progress"
E's final creation -- LOVE IT!!  Makes me want to make one with Orange fleurs!!  ... love the "Art Is" template added with Light Molding Paste too! (Size 12x16)
Here's Mine....   in all it's "purply" goodness *smile*  (Size 12x24)
If you'd like to come in to do one too....  let me know!  Love to create some more and share the fun with you all!!  Classes are booking now.  519 954 6620

Have a creative day everyone!
T minus 2 days until Mixed Minded at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre and me having to pick up Donna Downey... ! Can you tell I'm excited? *smile*

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