Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A little "resist"

Had a wonderful evening with the girls tonight (technique of the month class) ...  resisting! *smile*
Loved how the girl's things turned out -- should've snaped a pic.  But here's my example:
Love stencils, paints, sprays and Vaseline...  Vaseline?  Why yes...  it's all good.  hummm...  it's giving me ideas!

I'm off to the Coast to Coast show Thursday afternoon.   PLEASE REMEMBER the studio will be closed while we are there and will re-open on Tuesday at 11am.  If you are in Mississauga -- pop by the Delta Meadowvale (Mississauga Rd and 401) to check out the show.  Here's the show site for more information.

I will be broadcasting live from the show this weekend so watch for notices and click on our channel site to see if I'm on or have recorded a video.

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