Sunday, December 13, 2009

tag 11 and the Miami Vice theme song?

Hi there bloggers!

I am in Miami getting ready to board the Liberty of the Seas for a fabulicious vaca with the family. Many thanks to my friend Darren (scrubbie for those who read is blog) who put the wearing of pastels and the Miami Vice theme song in my head this morning during a little Facebook chat. GREAT! Now I will be humming that darn tune all day! -- at least until we board the ship and I look for Issac to pour me "my pleasure" :) haha. yes, chillin's I'm in a good and spunky mood this morning. How could I not? I'm in Miami - the temp is already 10x warmer than when I left and there is no snow -- just palm trees and sunny skies. Yes, it sure is "a Wonderful Life"!

Before I left the Studio Friday night I completed Tim's Day 11 Tag -- so I thought I would share it with you today... :)

I LOVE Sticky Back Canvas! Those who know me and the studio do know this. I was thrilled when I saw it make an appearance on Tim's Tags. Here is Tim's Day 11 Tag.

Again, I am using a smaller tag than Tim -- so I didn't add the Reindeer and I don't have fun Christmas Rubs -- so you get my lovely handwriting instead :) I think these buttons are really cute! The ladies in the studio Friday night were amazed when they realized that the canvas just whips through the printer like regular paper. I know they'll be trying the canvas soon too! It's good stuff!!

Well, I'm outta here for now -- I will blog again in a day or so... with pictures :) I promise. Have a great week Land Lovers!


Artyjen said...

Bon Voyage!

Rosanne said...

Gorgeous tag Karen! Love the sticky back canvas accents on!

Have a great cruise!

Carmi said...

Have a great trip!! I just linked to you from my blog finally...I kept forgetting to...but now I can keep track of your comings and goings!

Jennie said...

Have a great trip, and enjoy! Fab tag btw