Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm back from holidays (which were GREAT btw) and opened the studio door this morning to some eager husbands/sons armed with Christmas Wish lists and a couple of gals ready to craft and create! How wonderful!
So now the day is ending, I am blissfully happy with fingers covered in ink (as they should be) and ready for the rest of week crafting for the holidays! Hark the Herald Angels sing.......
This crafty day gave me the opportunity to complete the 12 Tags of Christmas. YES YES YES... how much do we love the Roses!? I love these things and have now created them with lots of different mediums. I think I like it! The GrungePaper came in right before I left (with the filmstrip ribbon) so I am in my glory! ...but then again you already knew that, right? :)
I'm in the studio tomorrow from 11 am on.... until I decide to leave or my Christmas Gifts are done whichever comes first :) ....for sure until 5:30. And I will be open 11:30 - 4 on Christmas Eve for you last minute crafters like me. Hope to see you!
The Countdown is officially on!! Ho Ho Ho!


motocrossgirlsrule said...

There is only one thing that comes to mind when looking at that delicious tag....

"TO KIM!!!"

Thank you for all of your help!
You RAWK girlie!

Karen Ellis said...

lol.... you're too funny!
Great to see you today! Always a pleasure! You do fabulous work lady! and so glad I got to see the "unveiling" -- thank you :)Merry Christmas!

Mindy said...

Welcome back Karen! Can't wait to hear about your trip.. me thinks a Sushi Saturday is in order soon!

Kelly said...

I thought of you as soon as I saw that tag on his blog :)

See you soon!

jenn said...

LOVE your tags and by the way...thanks for the cool tag from Mindy's crop... xo