Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rain, Rain go away....

Yep -- it POURED in Belize yesterday while we were there. Oh well -- it's better than snow!

It did put a little damper on our planned exploring. We did book a covered trolley tour -- and we're so glad we did -- we certainly saw more of the city doing that cause we weren't going to walk it -- as it was we were soaked on the train! LOL Again, no complaints -- it wasn't snow :)

The rain did make the tender tricky though. If you are at all sea sick -- DON'T tender in the rain. We sat in front of the tender and pretended we were on a 25 minute Flume Ride at Disney! LOL... too funny! Didn't risk getting out the camera for that.
Rain go away today -- the kid and I are going to SNUBA in Cozumel!


Artyjen said...

Sounds exciting....even if it is raining.

Mindy said...

We'll save some snow for you... don't worry.