Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ahoy Mateys!

Greetings from Sea!

We are on our way to Belize this evening after spending the day docked in Costa Maya Mexico – or as my hubby and I call it: the pink fortress. It is a port created by the cruise lines (no village “really” existed before that) ... a true “if you build it, they will come” scenario that only opened a few years ago. It was quaint, typical and only spent an hour there... but it was fun. The kid did a little shopping :) Can't wait to arrive in Belize. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I've heard great things.

We've met some great people on board. I have a beading/crafting buddy named Melody, we have a fabulous Quebecois couple we eat with every night (and practise our French) and Em has all her “new friends” she's been “hanging out with” - she's having a blast! The ship is amazing – but I knew that.... So much to do – and quite literally something for everyone. If you're my Facebook friend you would have seen what I've been beading.. and what I didn't scrapbook! LOL. Yes, they have a scrapbooking “class” on-board that is kind of funny – pretty basic and meant for people who don't know what scrapbooking is – I showed up with some of my supplies and freaked out the instructor. LOL It's all good. I shared :) All in all it's been great.

Looking forward to more tomorrow. Blog again soon...