Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 9

Day 9... Can't Believe it!
Since we had a late night at MGM, we decided to sleep in and have a quiet day.
We had lunch reservations at Whispering Canyon Cafe in Wilderness Lodge. This restaurant was recommended to me by the Disney Dining Staff and am so glad I took their advise.

Since the restaurant was at Wilderness Lodge, we had to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then Jump on the Boat to take us to the resort! Very fun!! The restaurant is located off the lobby of the hotel and is loud, bold, and a lot of fun! The servers toss your napkins and straws at you saying, "If you want one, catch!", they get on your case, get you to stand up and make fools of yourselves doing the hokie pokie and other strange and wonderful things! :) Lots of fun and a great place for kids and adults who are into a good laugh! -- Great BBQ!! :)

After lunch we went back to the hotel for a little R&R. DD wanted to try out her sketching skills again and work from a character how-to book that she bought. She also wanted to "glam" up a pair of jeans with the "Gemagic" she got from Santa -- that sort of thing.

We left for the Magic Kingdom around 8PM. DD really wanted to go back to Tomorrowland before we left. She loved that area of the park. DH and I wanted to go see the midnight fireworks - The Magic Kingdom showed their New Years Fireworks show Saturday and Sunday which is perfect (we can now see New Years celebrations in two parks!!) I did Video the Fireworks and once I figure out how to upload it I will. What a Fabulous Show -- Like no other!!

....and the adventure continues...

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