Sunday, December 24, 2006

Days 2 &3

Day 2 - Well.... Back on the road Saturday morning. As mentioned in the last post, we planned to stop in Chattanooga TN for a couple of hours to "see the sites". Plans did change as there was no "real life" reenactment happening. Big Bummer!! I did take the "troops" (pun intended) to see some old Battlefield Sites up on Lookout Mountain. Unbelievable sites.... If you can one day, I suggest you go, get out of the car and walk around the mountain. There are monuments and plaques everywhere (some in places you wouldn't expect) -- no guide needed. The stop was good for me -- the history buff. Loved it!!

We did do a touristy thing on Lookout Mountain while we were there... No, it wasn't the cable car... :) We went into the mountain to see Ruby Falls (on DD's request) She wanted to see the caves and this waterfall 256 feet UNDERground. So... off we went :) It was worth the trip into the caves!! Stunning!! Unfortunately, the pics I took of the actual waterfall didn't turn out but I did manage to snap the pic below (and a few others).

After "the detour" :)we got back into the car and drove to our second overnight stop right near the Georgia-Florida boarder - one more day closer to Disney!!! Not sure if any of you have driven through Georgia before but.. Let me tell you , there are LOTS of billboards advertising everything from Hotels, Adult Only Entertainment... And SCRAPBOOKING!!! LOL So, I had to pull over (Sheri - is this the place you were telling me about???) and here's the proof (see pic below)!!

Day 3 - The final few hours of the trip were hard as DDs excitement was kicking into high gear. I know she was resisting the urge to ask the dreaded "Are we there yet?"... Instead she put on the Disney movie High School Musical... And proceeded to watch it twice!! LOL Go Figure. At least she was in the mood!! :)

The Resort we are staying at is STUNNING!! We were so pleased when we arrived and checked in!! What a fabulous place! The people are friendly and the rooms are lovely. Our hotel room is on a corner with windows looking out two directions - 1) to the private beach and 2) to the building's private pool (there is a larger complex one a little further up the lake...) Can't beat Disney!! They certainly go all out for their guests!!

As we are here for 8 Days and have 7 Park Pass Days, we opted to not go to any park today. We went to Downtown Disney instead. Last time I was here it wasn't built. It was great -- Lots of shopping, buskers, even pictures with Santa if you like!! DD insisted on making a princess crown with some of her money... and buying a lanyard and trading pin set as well. She can't wait to trade her pins for ones she sees the staff wearing. She seems to have no problem spending her Christmas Money -- she is budgeting herself though :)

We ate at Capt Jacks... We are on the meal plan here and since DD is 10 years old, she is considered an adult (something she is getting a big kick out of!!). So, she ordered from the main menu - Clam Chowder to start, twin lobster tails and key lime pie for dessert... Talk about in her glory. We did take the pie back to the room with us and Dad did help her out with a little bit of the lobster but wow!! Talk about getting you money's worth. The bill before tip and WITHOUT alcohol was $177!! LOL... DH and I both added lobster to our meals -- guess that didn't help!! Hey, the way I look at it, that meal alone paid for the plan. The rest is just a bonus!! Gotta Love Disney!!

Enjoy the pics!!

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