Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 10 - New Years Eve

It is New Years Eve and our last full day at Disney. It certainly has been a fun filled trip so far!!

DD asked to have a down day hanging out at the resort. We had seen what we wanted to see at the parks and it was a gorgeous day to hang out at the "beach"!! The sun was out and the temp was approximate 85 degrees!! Fabulous!

The Resort had some kids activities this afternoon. Some Pool and Beach Games that DD wanted to participate in. They played pool tag, Marco Polo Disney Style: Finding Nemo, had Cannon Ball competitions (DD won for best style) then went to the beach for water balloons and beach volleyball!! Very fun. DD and I also had fun in the pool while DH watched on. They have a water slide here too and as DD says, "It's not big, Mama. But it sure is fast!"

The big dilemma: Go to Epcot as planned for Fireworks or watch them from the resort. Our resort (the Caribbean Beach Resort) is situated with great views to watch not only the Epcot Fireworks but also MGM's. We heard the parks were all pretty much at capacity and none of us really wanted to brave the crowds... so.. We opted to stay at the resort. I am really glad we did. We missed out on some of the ground show that they would have done at the park but we had a Fabulous, Crowd-free view of the show. AND we could also see MGM's!! We wouldn't have been able to do that from Epcot!

So, we took a table, made ourselves comfortable, got drinks and watched the show from the comfort of the resort. What a way to ring in the new year! Happy New Year Everyone (and Happy Birthday Mom. We were thinking of you)

We leave the resort in the morning. I will blog again when I get the chance (not sure if the next hotel will have a connection)

....and the adventure continues.....

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Holly said...

What a fun way to spend Christmas. I want to go back to Disney SO BAD and your trip blog has brought back so many fun memories from our family trip in Oct. 2005. Devin asks almost weekly if we can go back! I can see that there are so many things we missed.... I guess that's why every trip to Disney is like your first!