Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 7

Day 7 - Epcot Continued :)
Yes, we were back at Epcot today! Love this park! We had the master plan of getting to the park by 10 AM, leaving after our planned lunch, return around 8PM for the Fireworks and Extra Magic Hours. Things being as they were -- we did arrive at 10AM but ended up staying the entire day.. BIG MISTAKE!!! :) LOL.. We had fun though.

The reason we wanted to get to the park by 10AM was so we could get Fast Passes to Soarin' - A ride in the "Land Area" of Epcot that simulates flight. You actually feel like you are handgliding over the state of California. Awesome experience. We did get there on time b ut the passes were for hours later (right around our scheduled 2:30 lunch). So, we went to the Water Exhibit and saw Nemo, talked to Crush - DUDE!!, Played with Bruce, etc. Then went over to the Innovations area and made Molecules, played computer games, stretched RNA, played with carbon fiber (yes... The geek building! -- Both DH and DD Loved it) Also in this building was something DH drooled over - The Segway!! He insisted on trying out this new fangled motor scooter. Go Figure!! That's my Geek!! :)

Lunch was in Morocco at the Restaurant Marrakesh. Great meal - lots of Couscous :) DH and I had the Lamb and DD had the Lemon Chicken. Yummo!! Two very talented musicians played traditional music during the meal and a Belly Dancer also came out to entertain us!! So Cool!!

From Lunch we went and did the Soarin' ride, DH finally got a chance to go on the Segway and low and behold it was 5 o'clock... By the time we got back to the hotel we would have had to return so we opted to stay BUT by this time the 4 days of Disney walking on my one ankle and knee were swollen to the point of painful hobbling. So.. As DD wanted to stay, I opted to get the ECV. Yes, I whimped out. But let me tell you that DD had a ball getting that scooter through traffic and she certainly didn't mind that we got through the lines quicker too!! Well worth the $35 to stay that extra 7 hours... Yes, DD and I closed the park at 1AM. DH decided to go back to the hotel early as he was suffering too. He went back after the fireworks at 10PM -ish.

DD and I did get on Test Track but... Her favourite Ride of the all (so far) was Mission Space!! It simulates Space Flight. Take off, Lunar Spin, etc. She so loved it and I am so glad we stayed!

Here are the pictures from the day -- Hope you enjoy some of our photo merging skills :) Yes, Nan -- DH even smiled in a picture for the occasion!! Enjoy! More to post tonight :)
...The adventure continues....

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