Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 4 (Continued) & 5

Well, we are so glad the we went back to the Hotel for a nap (and to get dry) and set out for the Magic Kingdom again for round 2 :) We got there about 8PM and the crowds were still there but manageable (and in better moods :) ). We did take the opportunity to use the Extra Magic Hours and stayed in the park until 2AM. DD still wanted more but -- funny -- was nodding off on the bus ride back to the Hotel. Funny how that happens :)

The Extra Magic Hours are the best! We had no hope on getting on some of the rides earlier in the day but after hours... no problem. For example, we just walked into Stitches Great Escape (awesome "ride" BTW) and earlier in the day there was a 2 hour wait (without the fast pass).

Speaking of the Fast Pass!! I am a TRUE believer in it!! It saves so much time standing around in line!! Best invention in the park-- in my opinion :)

Anyway, DD did all the ride she wanted... Thunder Mountain (twice), Pirates, Jungle Tour (great Bad Jokes!!)and we even dragged her on Its a Small World -- Classic!! :)

Day 5 MORE RAIN!! and Cold! Welcome to Sunny Florida!! The rain didn't last all day... just came in spurts -- but it certainly has made the $7 Rain Poncho a very valuable asset.

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. What a place!! We went on Safari, took the train ride to the Conservation place, saw a few characters... We got there around noon and stayed until 6 and didn't even get a chance to ride Expedition Everest!! Next time!! We did See The Bugs Life 3D Movie. What a GREAT Show. Watch out for the Spraying Acid and the other creepy crawlies that come to find you in your seat!!

After 6 we went to the Luau at the Polynesian Village. What a fantastic show. I think it might even be better than the one at Sea World that I saw last time I was here. They truly make it interactive -- of course!!-- DD learned how to Hula -- but they also added some good ol' Disney touches: some themes to Lilo and Stitch, etc. The meal was a little "Americanized" (No fish, etc) but it was good. Very tasty!!

....and the adventure continues....


sheri said...

Hey Karen, loving the updates. It looks like you're having a lot of fun! But, I haven't seen any pics of you?

Karen said...

I was in the pic with the family on Day 3 (First Day at Disney).... I will upload some tonight with the next post! :)